About Me

‘Me’ is the nominative singular pronoun- used by a speaker in referring to himself or herself.

‘Me’ is also Sahil Rizwan. A 22 year old freelance writer who’s always between unemployments. So if you want to pay me to get stuff written… or stick figurised… or are just looking for a general insight into the evolution of man boobs in modern comic culture… That’s why we have a ‘Mail Me’ button handy.

Also, feel free to mail me for:

  • Feedback (Constructive or otherwise)
  • Hate Mail & Threat Issuance
  • Fraandship requests. You know, because everybody loves those.

About The Vigil Idiot

The Vigil Idiot is a very badly illustrated webcomic.

There is no philosophy behind the name.

No, seriously.

It was supposed to be ‘The Village Idiot’ but the domain wasn’t available. This was the next closest pull-offable match.

Each comic tries to exploit a new movie release for cheap laughs.

Not very well.

And even though the author has absolutely no experience or training in any form of film critiquing or graphic design.

How did I tailor this site then, you ask?

I didn’t. It was the brilliant people over at Teemac Ideas.

They offered to kickassify everything because they saw potential in my ridiculously mind-numbing genius.

The fact that the founders were my roommates might’ve had something to do with it.


Coming back – These are not meant to be serious reviews. Refer reasons given 6 lines prior.

But chances are that if there’s a comic about it, it’s not a very good watch.


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