Unintentionally Funny, Must-Watch Bollywood Movies: Rowdy Rathore

Before we begin, a big thanks to all you beautiful people for continuing to read & comment on The Vigil Idiot, even though, at this point, every single comic here uses pretty much the same gags that the first comic did. But here we are, exactly 3 years later, still doing our thing and making this the most worldfamous webcomic in all of India (Not corroborated. Totally made that shit up)! So big ups to you all! WOOT WOOT! \m/

Speaking of using the same gags, another weekend, another Southie movie remade into Hindi. Let’s just dig in, shall we?



Rating 4.64 out of 5

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109 Responses to “Unintentionally Funny, Must-Watch Bollywood Movies: Rowdy Rathore”

  1. Shruthi says:


    Dat Chinki girl done got spunk! πŸ™‚

  2. Shiva says:

    The first time I am reading the review as soon as the comic was posted! Major hilarious. But of course this being a pot-boiler-kitsch masala fare, guess we have to leave our brains at home πŸ˜€

    Dont Angry Me……Dont Puke Us was epic!!! Laughed a lot at that. Classic review again.

  3. Nyahahaa. Sohail, that hourglass belly, man. Well played.

  4. Raj says:

    “Talk to the plus-sized hand”.. that was hilarious! could kiss your brain for that.

  5. Lalit says:


  6. eliza bennet says:

    This shit doesn’t get old. Awesomesauce!

  7. Kartikay says:

    Thank you for telling me to NOT watch this movie!

  8. BefuddledIdiot says:

    ‘Talk to the plus sized hand’ Hahahahaha.

  9. Kumar says:

    ‘holy fucknuts’?? gotta remember that one..

    and of course, insane review as always.. keep up the kickass work dude..

  10. pradeep says:

    i loved the word MUTHAFUCKAS

  11. Straight Cut says:

    Sahil, dont angry Akki fans……

    A fultoo paisa-vasool masala entertainer, which does not take itself seriously, and Sahil, you spend several hours in watching, drawing and sledging such a movie?? “Holy fucknuts”, you are seriously jobless, man!!
    As always, love your sense of humour, and Happy 3rd birthday, but looking at your recent posts, it looks like most of your lampooned movies are BO Superhits/ Average hits (Rowdy Rathore, Ishaqzaade, Don 2, Rockstar, Desi Boyz). Obviously as a reviewer you are entitled to your opinions but losing touch with reality (i.e. Box office) might not be very ideal, right??
    And finally, a word for the Khiladi….. WELCOME BACK!! We missed you Akki, and with back-to-back blockbusters, the dark days of 2009-2011 are FORGOTTEN. All the best, keep on entertaining. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    • Karan says:

      Dude u suck ass.. Akshay Kumar has been making dipshit movies all this time after Tees Maar Khan…his standard has’nt gone any higher…. I agree he was a good actor once but he’s totally lost it now.

    • Anu says:

      Haven’t seen Rowdy Rathore (And sure as hell don’t intend to) .. but reality is not equal to the box office.. by that logic, all the crap Rohit Shetty churns out is good cinema. Akshay Kumar may be a ‘khiladi’ or whatever, but his movies are utter brain-dead drivel. Fact.

    • SG says:

      The fact that people actually go to watch all these movies shows how shitty the Indian audience is. Especially, when it romantises being sexually molested and stalked. I’d rather watch 80s and 90s era soaps on SONY television, considering they had much more depth even if it was ‘comedies that didn’t take themselves too seriously’.

  12. seldon says:

    Straight Cut…
    Simply because a film is a box office hit in India doesn’t make it a masterpiece, only a profitable investment.
    The fact that we go in droves to see such brainless garbage speaks something about us Indians πŸ™‚

  13. sameer says:

    not ur best work man..maybe becoz the movie was not meant to be taken seriously..
    anyways..vikram rathore’s muche should point upwards πŸ˜€

  14. sameer says:

    Agneepath had far more violence n bloodier hangings..it was also U/A

  15. Rowdy says:

    Loved “Talk to the plus sized hand” …awesome MothaFuckas!!!

  16. freida says:

    Not one of ur best works..could have done a better job

  17. kundunium says:

    Need to put some boobs on paro!!

  18. Harshi says:

    your reviews are much more entertaining than these mindless movies!

  19. PS says:

    I like Sonakshi’s figure that you drew !! Keep going !!

  20. Dileep says:

    Amazing review about Randy Rathore as usual. Thanks for making me feel good after wasting 200 bucks after reading an Indian Paper review. Goes to show how lame even paper reviewers are…
    Anyhow I am hooked on to your MonkeyPhonics for many moons now.
    Amazing depth and insight into Bollywood douchebaggery.
    Request you to review Kahaani and Zindagi Na Milegi Dubara. I can loan you a pencil too…

    Movies like Kahaani and ZNMD look brilliant on the outside, but people tend to rub it in your face stating…Wow how brilliant Kahaani was or how refreshing ZNMD is. While Kahaani milks Pointy nosed Vidya Ball-end’s newfound womanery, it is a movie with just one twist. Psst Vidya Ballman is wearing a pillow on her tummy and she is a cop. Now how does that 2 hours of sepia drag feel like now?

    ZNMD was a preposterous roadfest/coming of age/Hangover sort of movie. Hate that Senorita song just because Squeaky voiced Critic Roshan also sang it, plus my wife keeps humming that tune even after bloody 25 years. Worse than BodyDog TeriMeri..

    You Raack! as usual

  21. Happy birthday, Vigil Idiot! πŸ™‚ Good work making fun of movies, keep ’em coming! You are kind of the Bollywood equivalent of ‘The Editing Room’: http://www.the-editing-room.com

  22. Vaibhav says:

    Rowdy Rathore was shit!, totally void of logic, the director tried thinking that charisma and dialogues of the main lead (Akshay, who sucks even at delivering powerful dialogues, much less charm ) wud lead to success like wat happens in shitty Rajnikanth’s movies.
    Although u did a gud job, u cud hv done much much better given the scope and level of shit this movie provides, like trying to fit in “empowerment of women” in the last just to make it emotional or socially relevant, or be it the lameness of the main villain who was so shit scared of the so called rowdy rathore despite being the biggest goon of the village with ministers licking his ass, or the shit trickery like looting baapji (such is da major source of shit in Rajnikanth’s movies), sonakshi was shit as usual, except her cute face and over sized yet sexy belly she had nothing to contribute to this movie.

    Also, the scene where one person was almost killed running after shiva, while the mere goal of that person was to tel this to other vikram rathore’s supporters or shiva going to kill baap ji despite having no training or experience before and even managing to pull it off with such ease. And the love angle was totally emotionless ( logic is of course never found in any love story πŸ™‚ , so no cribbing about not finding it here )

    All in all, this movie was a failed attempt in trying to duplicate the Rajnikanth’s kind of aura and cash on it based on a flawless (:P) assumption that bollywood junta is as mindless as south indian junta who can digest every shit and loves no-brainers.

    • Sanju says:

      Dude, by digesting such no-brainer fare, we southies have accustomed ourselves to digest the white paper weights you serve in the name of idlis πŸ™‚ Cheap thiefs. cheaper mindsets. Don’t angry me Vaibhav πŸ™‚

      • Vaibhav says:

        Can u tell me a single Rajnikanth’s movie which is sensible (read non-shitty) as well πŸ˜›

        • A says:


          • A' says:

            Well played Bro..wait wasn’t it 20 years back..! πŸ˜‰

          • !A' says:

            Just an answer to the question .. Besides, my turn to ask a question no?
            Let’s answer this “Name one Karan Johar movie which didn’t make a straigt man’s large intestine want to pop out of his brain and wring his neck”

  23. Vidooshak says:

    Odd that your readers seem to miss the point, Sahil. The talent of a spoof comic is in destroying classic and really good movies. The better the movie, the funnier the spoof. That’s why my favorite comic is the one you did for “3 Idiots”. Running down an inane, lazily made film (like Tezz) isn’t as much fun coz even the lay audience could see the gaping plot holes. I hope you continue to skewer great films, and we celebrate 30 years of Vigil Idiot (drawn by your son, of course, who happens to look and draw like you in 2039)

    Love your work. Good to see you back more frequently!

    • Ranjith says:

      3 idiots is your idea of a better movie ? I guess I havent been watching the s*** that is being served these days in movie halls

  24. minnie says:

    hahahahhhaa!! This is epic!!!

    I do wish you would use a little less cuss words, that way I can get my kids to read the lovely work you put out. It’s truly brilliant!

  25. sadaf says:

    lmao :D.. i just feel blessed we have an honest reviwer who saves me time money and aspirin

  26. RDX says:

    Watched the movie … looking for a cheap lobotomy joint … DAFUQINDEED

  27. Arushi says:

    I thought you were also going to review Dangerous Ishq at some point.

  28. Subha says:

    Brilliant! Finding new ideas for every review is not easy. Love your work.
    Can never forget the (Indian)toilet-shaped Kareena’s face you drew some time back πŸ™‚

  29. Akshaya says:

    I’m usually a fan, but this review seemed like a waste of your time. Wasn’t this movie meant to be a spoof in the first place? A spoof of a spoof is just… oof.

  30. SwaRon911 says:

    who the hell watches this crap anyway … cheap stuff. UFF

  31. aditi nair says:

    when south indian films are get remaked to hindi it becomes disappointing to someone who had seen the original

    • Vaibhav says:

      South Indian movies are always disappointing and no-brainers. It’s just a question of whether their remake is shittier or better πŸ˜›

      • A says:

        Completely agree! South should learn a little from the finesse of ram gopal varma ki aag.

        • dabbs says:

          I’d say doing a comparison of robot and bollywood’s not at all pathetic attempt to emulate its success – read ra.one would put our case to rest..

  32. Abhaya says:

    I love the digs at the censor board! Bunch of crazies

  33. Sunny says:

    holy Cow! I just couldnt stop laughing! this is actually one of your best works since Desi Boyz. You Raack!!
    And also you did say, you would review on Dangerous Ishq, I heard its mind bogglingly stupid, hope you do that in your free time.
    And thank you again!

  34. vidhya says:

    You are really a peice of work sahil , rofl after reading your review , keep it flowing man . And right they are muthafuckas! !!!!

  35. Bunty says:

    4.66/5 was for the pictography, narration but HELL NO for the movie .. The movie was a worthless piece of shit…

  36. Lakshminarayan says:

    Bitch please…. How can you forget the epic line

    Paro: Aaaj bahut shopping kar li na
    sister girl: sach me…

    HTF is it even possible!!!

  37. rhea says:

    Yep true muthafuckas!!!!!

  38. nikhil says:

    fucking best review for this shit……totally crap movie …. bollywood is becoming crap by these kinda movies…… still man dabangg was a way lot better coz it was alteast original……akshay kumar copying all the style of salman n makin silly mindless movie with full of shit songs just to rob ppl and make money shame on this bastard !!

  39. Anupam says:

    Not one of your best …. Every thing that the movie showed was completely “intentional” that is how a south Indian movie differs from a Bollywood movie. I am big fan of the south Indian movies and believe Bollywood has a long way to go before they come anything close to that amount of entertainment.

  40. Razib says:

    No surprise people outside india see our movies as funny jokes….proud to be an indian!!!

  41. Raman says:

    But how does it wrk?do i watch the mov first,come here and *rofl* or read the review and obviously, save my hard earned mohney πŸ˜€ confused πŸ˜‰ Awesomesauce btw!!

  42. Prakash says:

    Lets face the truth , south indian movies are mindless shitty and the heroes are black ugly uncles, and the one thing that I never figured out is why they bring 15-17 year old miss punjab teen quin/ miss teen natherlands punjabi / miss jaipur teen etc. who are (needless to mention) white as they come and fair and beautiful and sexy and amke them act againsg these southie bastards. Lame caulture and lamer people. These people have lost any kind of self respect or shame. See, i am not racist , I am gujrati born and brought up as bihari in Bihar and worked in Chennai/Chandigarh and now in Bangalore and I dont see things in a negetive light unless they are really negetive and I feel there are lots of negtive thoughts in mind of south indians. I mentioned only one. moreover, they are racist towards northies they have an inferiority complex and they are angry towards northies for no reason. They think the IT boom in Bangalore/chennai/hyderabad is a big achievement but they dont know that it is just a single thing, all other industries are dominated by Northies and yes these people never fought aginst british. they want to lick white peoles foot si thst they can get h1b or do maintance work, but how much do u think u can progress that way? anyway I would not have said these things , but the racism i am facing in bangalore is causing my heart to ache. evryone is racist towards north indians, but when it comes to north girls they have salivas coming out of mouth on the other hand they keep their women as cows why so?

    • Tabal says:

      ya you black ugly southies! Stop being rude to Prakash. He calls you black only because of your colour, not for any racist reasons. Stop applying copious amounts of your “salivas” on our girls!!

    • goutham says:

      dude did some southie molested u?? u fucking idiot.. southern india is closer to equator u dumb ass…
      and so most of us r darker than u…i don have anything against north or any other part…
      u knw y many people hate northies down the south?? because northies try to show their superiority over others…some ego isnt it!! do u really think only southern people show saliva to hot women??
      u mean to say u people doesnt have feelings?? i am sure u will lick the floor for a good looking woman
      u say wat?? u fought for independence? u only knw shit abt our history…..y in the world u are dividing india?? so u r the walstreet lickers……wat eva company u name…it cant run without work force…
      and pls show some dignity for labour……u don want answers for ur stupid comment….u r pathetic…yet u work at south….y don u resign ur fucking job loser…….get a life…its simple to complain abt others
      try to show them racialists some meaning of life….since u r trying to be one do us a favour, dont ever come to this wonderful site and put up ur shit

      • prakash says:

        hei shithole, I work in my motherland , India, ye tere baap k nhi hei and I work in Nokia Siemens which is not your sisters brothel. So shut the fuck up, you southies have been licking out boots for years , and I said those comments bcoz in North indian there is no discrimination but it is in south that shows your fucking cheap mentality. U motherfuckers work quietly in north india and when north indians come here to work you do nasty things and show your ugly coors u bastrds. shame on you. even your women dont prefer you they all go for northies. girls in south open themselves to me like whores, I am sure your sister will also do the same like Sreedevi , jaya, hema, vyjntimla, rekha, suma ranganathan etc. did. have u thought why is it so? bcoz u bastards dont evn treat them with respect , my mind saddens when i see the way south women are kept like kettles but when it comes to movies u want northie girls acting against u uglies? you ppl dont have respect for your own sister/mother wat respect u expect to gain from others?

        • goutham says:

          so u do knw those woman u mentioned….must have been so much of masturbation!!! do u have a problem with women?? i don get u retard….u say we shud respect women yet u swear at them……RACIAL HYPOCRITE …… i don talk shit like that about women. i am raised wer women r given utmost respect. because that u meet some assholes doesnt mean all r like that. i wonder wat is the size of ur brain?? peanut at max..so stop complaining about u getting raped and do something worthwhile…..STOP SHITTING ALL OVER VIGILIDIOT PLS

          SAHIL: how come u don delete these useless posts??

          • aryan the hero says:

            respect for women!! haha, yes your movies and your culture proves that. go and buy your pack of fair and lovely, bcoz thats wat u southies can do, but coal will be black no matter how much u wash it with milk. and yes i would not even piss on your ugly stinky dirty black southie ass.

          • Rakhi says:

            Yeah .. piss on you!
            Our Himesh and Altaf can offer way way more than ur Rahman!

        • Jane2u says:

          Once again your crazy comments are forcing me to write. Do you know how many gang rapes take place in North India? DO you know how much of women’s sexual harassment takes place there -every single day a woman who goes outside her house to work or study has to be alert to avoid such people. I have grown up for most of my teen years in Bangalore and did not experience such behavior except on Brigade road (those guys are from J $K -their language and features makes it clear). Do you know how free the women feel -at least in Karnataka ?

          Girls and guys from South India are as good looking as North Indians.

          When an Army office lays down his life to protect his country, he does not do it for North Indians or for South Indians but for Indians…if only these people knew that there are brainless people like you dividing the country, they would not waste their lives away….

    • Jane2u says:

      Prakash ,wtf? I am a North Indian who lived for 12 years in Bangalore and am now living in US. With stupid and close minded people like you, we don’t need any Pakistani dumbasses to write comments on Indian websites to divide people and then laugh themselves hoarse to see people being so silly and fighting among themselves. There are good and bad people everywhere -that is the nature of human race. STOP being an idiot -while you call yourself non racist, you are being exactly that.

      If you go abroad, people will not identify you as a North Indian or South Indian but as an Indian and treat you with the same prejudice or lack of it based on their education and experience.

  43. Prakash says:

    And yes, north indians are north indians , be it looks, brain or smartness , they will rule u. Wall street is ruled by Nirthies , who gives a shit to infosys (only comoany that has majority of its 6 founders as southies). name any other company (big one) that is founded by southies? so dont give me that IT shit. And DLF, Reliance, TATA, BIRLA, BHARTI, VIDEOCON list is endless. How many southies are Fotune 500 CEOs or equivqlent? none , northies ? many, Vikram Pandit, Nikesh arora, Anshu jain, warrent buffets next in line (some jian, forgot name), Shabeer bhatia.
    So dont try to put some shitty answr here, peace.

    • Rakhi says:

      Wow, after all that .. it ends with “peace”. How appropriate.

      • Southie says:

        Hei Rakhi, Prakash is correct. South Indians are created to be slaves. North indians are their masters. southies are bblack an dugly and dirty and smelly lets accept this.

  44. Prakash says:

    And yes plz check out the list of IIT toppers, maximum were from bihar , 95% from north india, same applies for CAT. In Harvard, wharton etc, 90% MBAs are northies. yes u can go to do MS in third rate colleges, best of luck

    • S says:

      Why cant you just go and get some life dude?
      apna English tho check karlo..Harvard,Wharton baad mein jaayenge.

      • Southie says:

        Prakash is correct. South Indians are created to be slaves. North indians are their masters. southies are bblack an dugly and dirty and smelly lets accept this.

    • Jen says:

      Prakash you are funny man.. But you see this is not where you belong. They have a site dedicated to people like you and its called Rediff.com

      Poor Shail.. now he has to host this shit on his blog?

      • aryan the hero says:

        lets not bash a guy just because he spoke the truth. south india sucks big time , probably tahts the reason why south indian women only go for north indian men? sridevi , jaya, hema, rekha , asisharya, vyjyantimala, madhu , divya bharti and how many more names do u want me to take ? any good looking girl among u ugly south indian bastards , and she goes straightaway for north indian men. In chennai, south indian women stalk me for my fair and hndsome north indian looks.

        • Reema says:

          Jen, please, they have a point. Listen to aryan the hero who is a hero to so many ugly southie girls.
          All southie girls are going for northie guys. But soon because of this the northie race will become southie once again … hmm .. is that a plot you think? an attack on the north gene pool from the south?

  45. Harsh says:

    You should be awarded for your bravery.. taking on Rowdy Rathore is beyond imagination. How the hell does one spot a loophole in this movie? Volumes could be written about what’s wrong with it. Must be painful to leave stuff out.

  46. Nyain says:

    Your reviews are all so hilarious. LOVE your style. Awesome sauce!
    Favourite part: “Don’t angry me”

  47. […] A kickass movie review of Rowdy Rathore (TheVigilIdiot) […]

  48. Vishwas says:

    Awesome! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  49. pg says:

    HAHAHA!!! one spoof of cocktail, please???

  50. Tarzan Sex says:

    South Indian movies are the stinkiest mindless shit ever can be. Fugly (Fucking ugly) heroes who wont get beggers role in bollywood. and when they shoot those stupid things with those stupid heroes in foreign countries they end up making fools of all Indians. No wonder the bad things happened in Australia , these south indian beggers dont know how to behave , shove ur stinky idli dosa in ur ugly pussies u madrasis.

    • Zzzzzzzzzzzzz says:

      You should moderate assholes like this now that your website is growing – what does tarzan sex mean anyway – tarzan fuckiing you every night ?

    • goutham says:

      i love india more than anything. since u brought up this stupid immature topic i am replying.
      its funny u even brought up the topic of behavior. lets see the so called bollywood hits for the past 2 years. ohh crap u guys even forgot how to make films. all ur hits are remakes from south. and u keep doing this since all those of ur stupid come of age open minded movies are all but nothing short of a xx film. u guys depend only on actresses structures. shame on u…..racial people like u r the real dirt of inida. please fuck off from here and please that stupid fuck prakash with u

      • Tarzan Sex says:

        dont open ur fugly mouth you kallu madrasi. you people are ugly black and ur movies are shit. saale kaale bandar ki aulad.

        • Reema says:

          Fugly … again … hahahahahaha

          • goutham says:

            well from equator to poles skin colour of people will only become more fair.if u doesn’t know small geographical details like this u r nothing but useless racist tarzan’s bitch

        • ABCD says:

          Abusive language use kana sirf tujhe hi nahi sabhi ko atta hai! abey chutiye! South India= Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu! Being an Indian get your facts right you ahole! oye unpad gawar kahike, sab South Indians kale nahi hotte hai! kale logo me melanin zyada hotti hai means UV rays se better protection hotta hai! toh apna jo ye gawar panti aur abusive language hai apne gand me bharlena! Yaha pe South Indian ya North Indian movies ke bare me argument nahi ho rahi hai. Indian Cinemas (especially South Indian) ke wajh se hi bahar ke desho me tourism badh raha hai. Tujh jaise bhosidike ke wajh se hi India badnam ho raha hai. Not because of movies. Kabhi apne gaow se baha gaya kya tu? jo itni bakchodi kar raha hai? Indian aur Indians ke bare ye sab bolna aur likna band kar be laude ke baal! So just chill and have fun either fucking Tarzan or being fucked by Tarzan! Oh BTW! I am a FAIR, well educated girl and not forget a proud from South India! so apna gand mara jake!

  51. TaKaDiGG says:

    U shud review the dark knight rises…i havent seen u do hollywood after Avatar..this one sure is worth takin..such expectations such hype ..and from the genius of christopher nolan came a illogical flop..cant wait for more cheers!

  52. CT says:

    Hey Sahil,
    Try reviewing Billa2 , Ajith’s film.

  53. Kaustubh says:

    hey Sahil,

    have been an ardent follower & a fan of your work here!!

    long time you posted anything!

    there have been a lot of movies to screw for sure: what about Cocktail? Super Kool?

  54. WAR says:

    LMAO….. Keep up the good work dude….

  55. shikha says:

    you are a genius!!

  56. Ibu Hatela says:

    I just scanned through your site and was utterly butterly disappointed not to find comic strips dedicated to Gunda. And Deshdrohi. And Jaani Dushman – Ek Anokhi Kahaani. And Dunno Y Na Jaane Kyun. Bother remedying that? πŸ™‚

  57. mad.madrasi says:

    LMAO. Good work. It did drive away the Monday morning blues – on Tuesday πŸ˜‰ ‘Plus sized hand’ – just luv it.

  58. muttherchutt says:

    mar gaya kya boss adde kay

  59. muttherchutt says:

    ya balli wood ne peechu kela daal diya hai tere?

  60. muttherchutt says:

    bud ve.. ek baap ka hoga to yeh teeno comment delete mat karna boss adde kay.

  61. Jane2u says:

    Usually I have a good laugh watching these idiotic movies on laptop AFTER having read your reviews on them (no ways can I tolerate such stuff before reading your review). But this one is seriously F*ed up –don’t think I can bear it at all!

  62. Gugle says:

    Man – you didnt even mention his hilarious outfits that even my 4 year old was laughing hard at. HAHA I couldnt watch more than 20 minutes of this dumb movie….

  63. bilal says:

    epic dude..

  64. mehul desai says:

    chintata chita chita chintata ta !!

    that was my favorite song. πŸ˜€

  65. akash patel says:

    ohh yess…..BOSS is back…

  66. vs patel says:

    rowdy rathore … really superb movie..

  67. nd sheth says:

    sonakshi sinha rocks…

  68. aakash says:

    akki baba in a new form in boss….maanta haii ki naiii

  69. Max Madrasi says:

    Really miss your blog. Other places are not so easy to catch ur comix πŸ˜‰

  70. Badumtissh says:

    Pliss to post more awesome reviews here.

  71. Ram Malhotra says:

    Hilarious!! I absolutely loved this comic review, first of its kind. keep going. All the best πŸ™‚