Unintentionally Funny, Must-Watch Bollywood Movies: Don 2

Iss movie ko logically analyze karna mushkil hi nahi, naamumkin hai… Like seriously! I could have actually spent the whole of last month trying to list out all the flaws in this film, and still be going right now. But done my best, I have! So read on, fellow earthlings and share away!

ALSO! ALSO! Go vote for the worst of Bollywood 2011 at THE GHANTA AWARDS! Do your bit and honor our most worthy nominees, yes? FOR SCIENCE!

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Rating 4.33 out of 5

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No Responses to “Unintentionally Funny, Must-Watch Bollywood Movies: Don 2”

  1. Sumandeep says:

    Oh Thank God. Ever since i Vigil-Watched this movie, i realised that i had inherited tumours the size of Tennis-balls in the part of my brain which dealt with Logic.
    I was desperately waiting for this review to complete my DON 2 experience and now it is.
    Kudos, SR…..when you decide to watch the next Sallu/SRK movie, the popcorn’s on me. (Provided the review isnt short)

  2. machbio says:

    Awesome.. It is.. I havent Seen this Movie.. But its much more funnier this way… 🙂

  3. VAN says:

    Another masterpiece! It’s Kuala LUmpur, BTW 🙂

  4. Bipasha says:

    A 3 star after the detailed review? Really? After reading it I wouldn’t even give it 1 start 🙂

  5. Mohini says:

    I think the ‘chal, chutiye’ bit would’ve added tremendously to the movie.

  6. Shashaank says:

    I agree with Mohini above. I totally pictured Boman Irani saying it in the movie.

  7. Tejaswini says:

    louved it… 🙂 totally worth the wait! the last frame, million dollar question is awesome sauce!!! 🙂

  8. tejas says:

    What!! No Sholay re-union after this? But! But, Player also released, na?

  9. Aditia says:

    Seriously…I have like read more than a dozen scripts of yours. This one’s not even close to them.

  10. Abhinava S.N says:

    Maybe that should be – Such was the enema… 😛

  11. Prakash says:

    Chal chutiye was awesome…
    Btw waiting for ur Players review as well

  12. Shaneem says:

    Ha Ha…the last part was awesome “Is it atleast better than Ra.one?”

  13. AJ says:

    In plain words, oh I soo bloody HATE you! Ha ha ha!
    LOVED your observations and cartooning skills, yet again!
    Keep KILLING mate.

  14. sadaf rizvi says:

    after every 3 frames there was the legendary SILENT frame … is that how awe(?) inducing the movie was…???? n loved the ”..that or maybe constipated such is the enigma” bwahahahhahahahahahahahhaha .

  15. Aditya Sharma says:

    Brilliant ! I really didnt much like the Rockstar spoof you did, and even Desi Boyz didnt seem as good as some of your older work. But this is solid gold !

  16. SpecialK says:

    What about the paper needed to print notes.. I am sure the producers thought normal A4 xerox paper was enough…

  17. Kapil says:

    Hahahahaha……. I.M.The.KING….. Chal chutiye…..

  18. Sankha Ghose says:

    You guys are awesome ! Love seeing you beat the crap out of Bollywood movies 😀

  19. SkinnnyHitler says:

    Amazing review 🙂 … Please please please review PLAYERS….. 😛

    • Chinbaj says:

      Watch the movie –> Read Vigil Review –> Max Laughter Extraction
      (–> being the indicator of next step)

  20. SkinnnyHitler says:

    Amazing review 🙂 … Please please please review PLAYERS….. 😛
    I am dying to read a review of PLAYERS… I think PLAYERS had the maximum amount of stupidity and IDIOCY stuffed into one ver NON-COMPACT package….

  21. Keth says:

    lol Dude awesome! The last panel was simply mind-blashting! After the logical clusterfuck that was Ra.One i cant watch another SRK film!

  22. Madhurima says:

    Unable to open it!!! 🙁

  23. aarkayne says:

    LOL….”chal chutiye…” would have been the most spectacular comeback line implemented in all of hindi filmdom if F.Uckthar had the goonads…..oh well, some things are best left for the Vigil Idiot i assume…nice one bro!

  24. Vandana says:

    loved it..! was waitin for it.. havn’t seen d movie yet..
    last part abt ra.one was awesm.. 😛

  25. ronnie says:

    Awesome dude….Waiting for Ghost & players review

  26. bharadwaj says:

    YAY!! SAHIL to the rescue !! taking down one AWFUL movie at a time 🙂 😛 (was bout to watch a pirated version , now lost interest in that too, and I am so thankful 🙂 )

  27. Bharat says:

    amazing man….mindblowing….how can SRK make such shit….i liked him in Chak de, Swades, etc…..but he is just insulting us and himself by doing such movies….

  28. kelvin says:


    i would also like to read your Reviews on Silly Mindless movies from the silly mindless indians..

    give your reviews for Players, 3 Idiots, Dhobi Ghat, Dhoom 2 , Bodyguard, Ra.One, Ready.

  29. Smita says:

    highly accurate, enjoyable and hilarious review. Look forward to more from you. The film was unbearable. Will never watch SRK again. had successfully avoided RA.

  30. Karan says:

    I must say I was disappointed. This was marginally funny. If you start picking faults like this, you’ll end up tearing apart every goddamn action movie. The Ra.One toon was hilarious though 😀
    Why don’t you pick up Ready or Bodyguard for that matter. Both were piece of trash movies and ended up being better hits. Would you take a snipe at them? Just curious 😛

  31. Nimish says:

    holy mother of kaiser soze !! holy mother of manoj night shyamalan !! whatever happened to the guy who gave us such timeless classics as dch and lakshya 🙁

    • Prajval says:

      dude.. DCh was a gem. Lakshya was a lot downhill. Like RR graph during initial few overs in ODI game.

  32. Anon15 says:

    i thought Ra.one strip was the best one… but i was proved so wrong in after i read this.

    You know when me and my friends came out of this movie, we were happy we saw a terrible movie.. coz we could now appreciate the VI stip more !!! 🙂 🙂

    the funniest part in the movie was when he ties a chain around sm1’s neck and puts it on a windmill or something.. the guy didnt bother to unwind the chain and casually died! also somehow the villain ppl in that bank thing kept multiplying!!

  33. Ashin says:

    You judgeth movies? I judgeth you. I thus be-eth God. Just judging a few of the above comments.

    You are brilliant. Still can’t believe Don 2 came from the guy who made Dil Chahta Hai though.

  34. karen says:

    i cant find the download link!!!

  35. MT says:

    Awesome sauce!! I am missing the piggy pouts on piggy chops..you could have considered them here!! The only thing that ‘stood’ out of the movie..

  36. k says:

    nice one 🙂
    difficult to actually think so much abt a movie lyk Don 2 coz the movie was actually fun….but u stil did find flaws in the movie…hats off!! 🙂

  37. addsmiles says:

    Dude..you look rusty..far from your best!
    Keep posting more often..it was a long wait 🙂

  38. Jenny says:

    hehe after we came out from this mindboggling movie.. first thing my roomie commented was .. imagine what fun would the VI strip be this time!! and you lived upto our expectations.. aweseom stuff!!

    BTW, I loveee SRK.. but his movies , by god!!

  39. Urchin says:

    Great review Sahil. However, i felt that this one had more blunt dialogues than your earlier ones where the humor was subtle. Waiting for ur review on Players. Would love to read that.

  40. tanya says:

    I know the movie was painful..but you could have done the review after the ibuprofen effects wore off..
    So much materiel gone to waste…

  41. Ajo Paul says:

    True Story:

    I waited for this review to come up before deciding to go ahead and watch, because I thought Sahil thinks the movie is NOT unintentionally funny and went ahead and watched it. I did watch the last 20 minutes, because my 1 year old son walked out.

  42. eliza bennet says:

    That is hillarious Ajo Paul.

    I liked this review but am also waiting for Sahil’s PLAYERS review. There is something about Abhishek’s duds and Sahil’s humour together 🙂

  43. Milan says:

    Have you pulled down the strip? I am able to see everything in place here (text,comments) but not ht actual comic. 🙁

  44. VVK says:

    I had wanted to see this movie….

    Not Anymore!

  45. vijay says:

    I cannot see the comic… Can you reload this please?

  46. shubha says:

    farhan seriously was just a 2 movie wonder…DCH and lakshya…

    good job this comic ! the movie was so damn silly…that windmill scene copied form blood n bones i think…of all the movies comin in they r copyin posters and even stunt sequences from hollywood…cmon u spend crores of Rs so y not on some originality..?

    i was half hopin u wud also add the hairstyle of SRK on his toon 😀 the scoobie hair …and watz wid srk and his odd facial expressions…yuck ! he forces shut his teeth so much..they will fall off one day as he tries one of his stooopid expressions….

    y dont u review MI ghost protocol..it was an equally shit movie….it wud b awesome fun ZOMG !

  47. Peeyush says:

    Awesome…..i actually liked the movie, but dude, you brutally raped it….:D Good going…:)

  48. Rupa says:

    I cant see the strip 🙁 The link to download is not hyperlinked either. Wnaaaaaaah what to do now ?

  49. Angel says:


    And Download Comic here! IS NOT CLICKABLE !!!

  50. anu says:

    just awesome……….

  51. anu says:

    hey , when r we goin to get those for PLAYERS

  52. Rohit says:

    I like your strips a lot, and in my opinion Ra.One strip was the best one! This strip, however, was hugely disappoiting because
    1. The movie was actually very enjoyable (& not at all a trash one like Ra.One, Bodyguard, Player etc.)
    2. I am having second thoughts if you watched the movie properly. Every flaw that you pointed out ain’t a flaw. For example, why did he trick his mates in the first Don? Because Don, wanted to kill Singhania and take over his empire. Why did he steal currency plates? Because notes already printed from the plates cannot be deemed fake, Currency bills need to be phased out over a period of time, by which time anyone in posession of the plates could print thousands more!
    3. The dialogues arent craptacular at all. In fact, they are really good! The only crappy scene was the little love story in the end. But, I think Farhan handled it really well with some ‘spectacular’ dialogues from Vardhan like “Aaj maine zindagi mein sab kuch dekh liya”! Great way to handle melodramtic stuff in an action movie!
    4. The movie doesn’t have typical Indian stereotypes. When VP of a German bank turns out an Indian, Don throws another good dialogue “Kya karein, Sweetheart? Hum hindustani har jagah hain!”

    If you start knit-picking you’ll end up bashing every movie! First disappointment 🙁 Hope for better, next time

  53. Madherindia says:

    nice. but too long?

  54. N i X says:

    Hey, just read ur interview on today’s The Hindu, bangalore edition! Nice!!! Keep entertaining us!!! 🙂

  55. Gautam says:

    The best “what the behen!” of Don 2

  56. Quest says:

    He escaped… He escaped… He escaped, yet again! Does the Don think he’s Jack Sparrow?! No wait, there should be a Captain in there somewhere.

  57. Paso says:

    most of them movies out in the market are i think B class Hollywood movies which make them the “Bollywood” movies !! and your reviews makes them an A class entertainers.

  58. Raja says:

    wow.. this is very very funny. Superb man.. Enjoyed it. 🙂

  59. Zaphod says:

    I would’ve watched this movie if I hadn’t seen SRK in a ponytail in the trailer.

    The memory of that trailer makes me retch everytime.

    Thanks for reinforcing my decision with the review!

  60. rajat says:

    Seriously meh review man… though i haven’t seen the movie and seeing SRK’s latest efforts i agree with you that it would have been idiotic, but making fun of logic holes based on not widely known facts is lame. Though since this is the first time me posting on your blog, i must say that i enjoyed almost all of your previous reviews which cheered me up after suffering through some of those films.

  61. Stuart says:

    Thanks for another great laugh! Even when you tear apart films I like, I laugh, but when you deconstruct films like this, I’m VERY glad that I didn’t have to sit through them! It’s a noble work you do, suffering for us so that we don’t have to. If I found even your wonderful review labyrinthine, I hate to think what my reaction to the film itself would have been.

  62. Shalu Sharma says:

    Sir Don 2 is not a movie but almost a comedy. Please are laughing at how a great actor like SRK can do this type movie. But I must congratulate at your humour and your description. Very enjoyable.

  63. Wastemale says:


    Dude! agreed that the Don2 strip is bloody brilliant … but we are bored of reading it over and over again!!

  64. Juhi says:

    Its nice, but not great and exceptionally long by your standards.

  65. Krish says:

    So glad i watched Don 2.. else i would not have enjoyed ur comic so much.. 😀 great work..

  66. raghav says:

    hilarious… please do a review on the “players” 😀

  67. Harsh says:

    Must do one on Kahaani as well. I’m sure your vigil would have spotted a huge potential

  68. GB says:

    Pliss to do new one now. Been ages, man.

  69. Archie says:

    But but but….what about the full on recap that is given during the last 30 minutes of the movie…that makes you go…”oh like that kya??” and then you bang your head against the wall for the watching the first hour and 30 minutes at all…what only Vigil…

  70. karan says:

    ha ha good one.. “i’m the king ” “fu” haa haaaa… out of control

  71. Anil says:

    Late to the party..Are there any other reviews of B movies, like yours? You are ‘out of control’ .love your strips.Keep it coming. I will always be your fan. Why are you not active on ‘twitter’?!

  72. N says:

    Spot on, man. Spot. On.

    I had myself in splits!
    And yeah, he does look like he’s constipated for a large percentage of the movie. xD

  73. Addy says:

    Hahahaha…ROFL literally……havent seen the movie ….but u made my evening…….”I am the King……chal chuti#e”…hahahah

  74. Anand says:

    I hope you do this for English movies also!

  75. nikhil says:

    srk rocks!!

  76. Neharika says:

    I actually love you. LOL. Yu are awesome.

  77. Hena says:


  78. Natasha says:


  79. Vandana says:

    boy!i ruined my breath laughing over the last twist…i could almost hear it, with all the intesity of a fruastrate yet smug and sarcastic viewer…epic!