Unintentionally Funny, Must-Watch Bollywood Movies: Rockstar

First off, The Vigil Idiot hit 10,000 Likes onΒ FacebookΒ some time between the last post and this one, say whaaaaaaa! That, despite there being nothing of real value on that page and me barely ever taking the time to reply to any comments. Thank you for the ego massage, dear readers! Unlike this movie, you guys totally do raack!

OK, major props to Ranbir Kapoor also. I think we can all agree that for someone in a truly shit movie, he did pretty not bad. Having said that, good acting does not a Rockstar make! Now, heartbreak (but not *really*) and a little paparazzi rage, however… apparently… yea! Director Imtiaz Ali would have you believe you’re good to go.

Take it from me. You aren’t.



Rating 4.35 out of 5

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186 Responses to “Unintentionally Funny, Must-Watch Bollywood Movies: Rockstar”

  1. puneet says:

    Haha.. Really funny and apt.. as always.. Though I think his last performance is at Rome.. that place looked like the colosseum..

  2. Rudra says:

    Dude, nailed it. Loved the movie but loved this review even more πŸ˜€


    • Sosha says:

      Rudra, are you saying you loved the film? Are you mad? How can you like the film and this review?

      Anyway, Sahil, I couldn’t agree with you more about the film. You seem to be one of the three other people who I know hated the film. How others, like this Rudra here, enjoyed the film is beyond me.

      • Troll says:

        You are so right!
        As a matter of fact, in the entire world, it’s only you who is correct, always!
        And only you have the divine right to have an opinion, and no matter what it is, your opinion is THE one that matters and everyone else is just a piece of S&^%

        World would be a much better place if people respected others’ opinions even if they disagreed with them.
        Must suck being ya.

        • Jazzu says:

          @Troll: @Sosha is just wanting to add a good opinion not any crap opinion. Yes if one’s choice is so bad people would comment… Imagine keeping quite and appreciating people’s opinion even if they say SHIT is great… So whatever opinion it might be it should not be a crap opinion..

          • Jazzu says:

            @Troll: Morever, just scroll a little and see this..

            Sosha says:
            November 14, 2011 at 17:30
            This spoof could be better. Especially, given that the film is so pathetic…

            This guy himself does not know if he liked the movie or the movie was pathetic.. Just wanna show off…

  3. Karthik says:

    The plotholes and the pout were spot-on! But I think his final performance was in Verona, Italy. So he didn’t go back to Prague.

  4. Sosha says:

    This spoof could be better. Especially, given that the film is so pathetic.

  5. maniak says:

    good spoof!!really hated the film.didn’t expect this from Imtiyaz Ali..
    good point about free Tibet banner being morphed in the song!!!

  6. gultrage says:

    J. Morrison *turn*… best punchline ever!

  7. shreeya says:

    haha hilarious dude!

  8. Siddharth says:

    I was wondering if I was the only person who thought the JJ – PoutingGirl meeting in Prague was like so totally easy. Then I thought, oh! may be this is an excerpts from those visions she’s having of JJ (Jordan for short) since she’s visiting the psychiatrist. Then, I realized, Oh! NOT.

    This is closure πŸ™‚

  9. shreeya says:

    how bad was this movie? Everybody seems to have repressed their memories. where was the last performance anyways???

  10. ankit says:

    pouter extraordinaire…duckface….rofl!!!

  11. Vamsee says:

    I would have preferred J. Morrison 1943-1971 *SPIN*.

  12. PrayagRaj says:

    ‘Rabble Rabble’ reference just made me laugh my guts out. The greatest spoofers – SouthPark!

  13. Padma says:

    Loved the review! One minor correction though…the final concert was not in Prague but in the Verona Arena in Verona, Rome!

  14. Straight Cut says:

    Italy, Prague Whatever!! But seeing Billions of Europians going ga-ga over Hindi songs??? That was Priceless!!!

  15. Sounak says:

    Amazing Movie. It just cudnt be Vigil Idiot’ed! Complete #Fail of a review.

    • Erica says:

      Very true! I agree, I like! πŸ™‚

    • Srikanth says:

      Agree.I loved the movie.But was still curious as to what Vigil Idiot had to offer.Turned out to be pretty mediocre.Because its funny when you pick on logical plot holes of the unintentional kind or latch onto non sequiters and make fun of them.This movie has none of them or rather very few of them.So this time the oke is on Vigil Idiot,sadly.

  16. Jitesh says:

    Not funny at all! Vigil Idiot losing it’s charm??

    • Erica says:

      I second that, Jitesh!

    • Anon says:

      Anyways, I would say that movie was good, compared to Indian movie standards.
      Just days ago I saw dumbheads gigolos graduating from oxford (utter kill of sensibilities), so my expectations were already very low.

      Anyway, I discounted senselessness in script because of awesome work by Rehman and awesomeness of Prague just took me away. Though, many people would like it, but it’s an insult to Jim Morrison, Jim Morrison fans won’t like it, they could have used.. let’s say Enrique, it wouldn’t have really mattered to anyone, but taking Morrison into picture was a sin on their part which Morrision fans will never forgive.

      This review definitely rocks though.

  17. Schumi says:

    @Sahil: the final concert was in Rome not Prague with the Polizia chasing him and all. Stick-figure cartoon of how the cartoonist got *his* facts wrong? πŸ˜›

  18. Aarti says:

    Super-like!!! πŸ™‚

  19. Erica says:

    Mr. Rizwan: This is for you _|_

    For insulting a soulful film!

  20. Shruthi says:

    So, I need to watch this film and then come back and guffaw summore. Just joyous this review ees πŸ˜€

  21. Aravind says:

    Clearly, some bad mothafuckers like the movie, which is very very surprising! =D

    • puneet says:

      Boss, be watchful. If you don’t like anything, doesn’t mean everyone else should think like you. Just by adding motherfucka will not make you a cool dude.
      By the way, check out if your mother is pleasing herself by fantasizing Jordan.. Lol.. don’t reply back now like a frustrated dog as I will not turn back to check your stinking comments. Instead, do think of this phrase before commenting unnecessarily in future that “Kabhi Udati Balli Gaand mein nahi lete”.
      Chill dude, you are a rockstar.. rather rocky in short..

  22. Nabeel says:

    worst movie in a long time! a total waste of time. stupid love and more stupid script!

  23. Anwesh says:

    Epic Funny this is ! I have not seen the movie and now I don’t want to either πŸ˜› πŸ˜›

  24. Vidya says:

    Heard scary things about the movie so gave it a miss. So glad I did!

    ps: keep the spoofs and chuckles coming

  25. Sammy says:

    The last performance was in Verona.

  26. Junglebellows says:

    I usually read your reviews via GReader, but “Jim Morrison *TURN*” made me want to come here and say, “BRAVO”! That really hit the spot.

    P.S. The first panel with duckface also made me ROTFL.

  27. AD says:

    Nice review, but I noticed one issue.
    Well, the Prague visit is not a co-incidence. When JJ hears about the concerts, he goes to the records guy and tells him he is willing to sign any contract if he gets him on the list.

  28. Sunny Jindal says:

    Ranbir, I am such a bad boy that
    1. I do free performances for prostitutes/bystanders/Tibetians/anyone
    2. I do not drink, only pretend
    3. No smoking
    4. Drugs, anyone’s guess
    Only thing bad about me is that I have not shaved in a week.

  29. Shradha says:

    Spot on! Except that he had an Epiphone guitar πŸ˜‰

  30. Saumya says:

    This cringe-inducing movie annoyed me more than anything. The Hindu-Stephens stereotype perpetuation was cheap. The jagrata sequence right after the dargah bit was in terrible taste. And seriously, what decade is this, the 70s?! As in, nobody likes an ill-behaved musician anymore. Well at least I didn’t pay to watch it.

    Super funny review as usual.

  31. Ricardo says:

    I couldn’t understand the β€œJim Morrison *TURN*” thing. Anyone cares to explain, please?

  32. karishma says:

    @ricardo-Jim Morrison ‘turning in his grave’

  33. Ravi Kaushik says:

    @Duck face and Jim Morrison *Turn* totally hit the spot…..to be honest…apart from Duckface, this movie was not that bad..yeah logical errors et al…

  34. GB says:

    ZOMG the last panel! Awesome sauce!

  35. Vidooshak says:

    Considering how much we all love Imtiaz Ali, this was especially more poignant. Hopefully you just being funny, like you did with 3 Idiots, and the film is actually a good watch (plotholes and all). In any case, one of your better strips of late. Good work!

  36. ashish says:

    actually the music of the film was quite good .anyways who has a seen a bollywood movie which makes any sense.jim morrison turning in his grave was quite awesome .maybe if they could have said kurt cobain…..iam just saying it wouldnt have hurt somuch .well you forget the scene where he is in his bathtub ,reminds me of doors by oliver stone

  37. Rohini says:

    I dont agree with your spoof but its hilarious! Movie has lot of plotholes…but its not abt a rockstar totally its only abt love! And you really dint do justice to the music of the film!

    @ricardo: either you dint follow the strip or you totally dont know what the movie is about so turn;s in the grave is an idiom. pls look up your dictionary

  38. Pravardhan says:

    Well, this strip mocks the plot of the movie, without considering acting performances or music or the soul of the movie as such ! And ya I do agree, the plot gets messed up at times.

    But all in all a good movie, and she nevers calls him Jordan for “short”.

  39. Blue says:

    Was the guitar Gibson? The acoustic one was an Epiphone as far as I noticed. Would it have fetched him a year’s rent?

    • Anon says:

      Like other things made lot of sense in the movie that this is so important fact to verify?
      But… if you still insist… let’s just do it!

      What about the food, and clothes, and laundry, and regular shaves and moisturizers to maintain such lively look in chilling Delhi winters?
      The guitar costs around 5-10k, is that enough(after basic expenses) to survive in Delhi in winters where cold wave which can easily cause pneumonia to anyone unaccustomed to sleep with just a thin blanket on floor? And what about mosquitos, no Dargah offer free mortien!

      In real life, such homeless hippies die in Dilli ki Sardi… so our Raakstar was damn tough you bet!

  40. someone says:

    Dude, you almost skipped the part about RK banging NF who is married. I was hoping to see more meat in your comic from that (pun unintended)

    • Lady_not_Gaga says:

      And I still din get the film. Wat was the problem? The girl being married/sick/nympho, pain/no pain, sex/not enough sex/a lot of sex?
      And Janardan Jakhar= Morrison-Che Guevara mish mash! seriously!

  41. Hey Sahil!

    I think the last concert was in Rome. NF never called RK Jordan for short. She just forgets his name. πŸ˜›

  42. Vishnu Viswanath says:

    A desperate attempt to attract attention through a new release. This is your lamest review till now I guess.
    maybe ‘Bill the Butcher’ should see this review

  43. Jigyasa Sharma says:

    Hi Sahil,

    I have got to tell you, that a LOT of your spoofs and strips are super duper funny, but this one, NAH DUDE! you can’t just spoof something because you have to.
    I am a regular reader of your site, and have enjoyed you bashing many a films, some that I have even worked on. But they deserved it.

    Many a people above my comment are also bashing rockstar. But really guys, its a good film and Ranbir has performed par excellence in this one.


    People read what you write, and at some level endorse it, give good cinema a good chance to be appreciated instead of condemning it and make a joke out of it.

    Anyways, cheers on all the other funny stuff you write.
    Just think about it, before you fuck a film over so bad!


    • BubbleBurst says:


      Every movie that is made fun of is LOVED by someone. Just because you loved this movie that doesn’t mean it should not be made fun of. This is really crap movie IN MY OPINION. But at least you know what you like. Unlike many people here who claim to enjoy the movie and this comic strip too. That means they either didn’t notice the plotholes while watching the movie or they liked the movie and when they visited this site they are agreeing with popular opinion or they are happily dumb as ignorance is bliss.

    • agyaat says:

      Hello aunty,

      You may kindly keep quiet.

      Just, in your support of ‘making fun for the purpose of it without actual content’, the only strip here fitting it is of Rann.

      agyaat. πŸ˜‰

  44. shilpa says:

    Haha! Loved this!!!! absolutely hillarious! Sooo truee….
    and the last scene was in Rome!!!!

    The movie is an absolute fail!

    p.s: yepp….Nargis pouts, looks like a duck and can’t act!

    Ranbir’s character is one psycho idiot!

  45. Pratik says:

    Wanted to give this movie a miss…this hilarious comic strip has convinced me that my decision was correct.. πŸ˜€

  46. Priyank says:

    While its hilarious that you give reviews in a unique way, your arguments are as if you were reading a novel than watching a film. I mean, “randomly meeting in Prague”…so you wanted the director and the editor to show you that he goes to Prague, goes through some yellow pages stuff, finds out the address through some source(net or whatever), approaches any common contact that they might have had (since he knew her mom from her marriage), instead of going to her home waits for her till she is alone to meet her(as he thinks its better to talk rather than direcly approach her home…and “overnight rockstar”…so u wanted to see that he picks up his guitar…goes through lesson no 1, then through lesson no 2, then he joins some musical school, then he is signed by the company, then he takes part in a reality show and becomes popular”…dude he was making a 3 hr film not writing a 600 page novel that he ll give u all details which he assumes that people will understand while watching the film…the film has set new benchmarks as far as music(by Rehman) and acting(Ranbir) are concerned…and it made it a fabulous movie even if it was flawed…and according to the flaws you pointed out I dont think there is any logical movie that has been made in this world…

    • BubbleBurst says:

      ‘Hindi cinema’ is the key word in your dumb reply. Do you have different sensibiities in judging cinemas made in different industries? A cinema is a cinema no matter where you make it and if you are going to dish out senseless BS one after another, then be ready face the flak coz people spend money to watch these films. Prague???Who goes to Prague man for singing in Hindi? Do bollywood movies even release in prague? but no..since teh hot actress is in prague ,the label has to send this artist to prague. I can go on and on but its useless just like putting sense in you. truth is you have liked a crap movie and you are feeling dumb after reading this comic and you are angry coz you are made to feel dumb. And FYI: Even in novels they won’t have chapters dedicated to lesson no. 1 of guitar to lesson no. N. Clearly your lack of reading and intelligence has lead you to believe that this movie is too good to be madfe spoof of. Tera haq tu hi rakh.

      • Tee says:

        Amen! I abs agree with you here

      • well said bubble burst muaaah!!

      • Ashish says:

        @bubbleBurst : Khade khade le li! the loopholes were ditch size in the movie n like every run of the mill bolly movie the stuff was senseless aimless emo stuff.Nu age bolly movies are more about style maroing and pointless attitude over any hint of realism,only if people understood that.Though Ranbir performance was quite impressive yet the movie sucked big time in other departments.Had better expectations from imtiaz ali.Plus wtf is the new trend of bringing foreign skins just for filling the desi fix for phoren skin,as if Katrina kaif was not enuf(acting prowess can eat the humble pie) and making hindi movies in english and dubbing them in hindi later ala delhi belly n speedy singh?

        @Sahil Rizwan: New to your strip and have gone through about 15 of your work,i ma mighty impressed!there was not a single dull review i read and all were top notch includig this.someone had to nail the logic loopholes in our movies and you do em wonderfully,
        please please dont pay any attention to haters!you rock!

      • Swati says:

        Completely agree with you.
        I never understood why people like this shitty movie. Glad, I am not the only one who didn’t!

  47. Ayush says:

    Well 1st of alll i really dnt knw how many of u watch movies for fun or for ur value of money tats up to viewrs choice bt every movie has different taste,theam,mood,equity as for rockstar well its compeletly a dark side of a rockstar were i dnt think tat imtihaz sir had done something wrong to potrait d story and ranbir he also killed n nailed it from his acting he is complete actor,nargis had also done really good job as i like now more than katrina kaif atleast nargus was good as her debut in the bollyood as compare to katrina where her 1st apperance was damm bad and also rehman sir respect for u.so ppl please dnt dislike d movie tat it dint entrain u always so always look for d theam

  48. Sonia says:

    hmmmm, this certainly sounds like its way worse than KITES! Watttay review I sayyyyyyyyyy!!

  49. Aditya Joshi says:

    The last frame NAILED it!

  50. rudra says:

    Kamino kutton koione tell me how does on make such comic strips..i have no life and totally jobless i wanna do this for the sake of ze world

  51. Anon says:

    unable to see the strip…link in my subscribed mail leads to this page but without the strip….the ‘downloading’ link takes me to some 4shared.com site where it downloads in unreadable tiny size…

  52. tonymontana says:

    While I do agree that the film isnt about blemishes, I am upset with some of the unnecessary backlash the film has received from some viewers, including you Sahil. The film did have its share of positives, and above all it carried soul, which is missing from a lot of films Imtiaz’s peers keep churning on a regular basis.

    But if you really want to nitpick and come up with aspects that didnt spoonfeed you to show what’s obvious, you can come up with more tasteless jokes like your comic strip contained. Its cool to bash up someone’s hard work that he’s spent months on, right?

    Clearly you do not understand Hindi cinema, nor have any respect for desi cinema, but quite easily turned on by Tarantino / Scorsese / Eastwood stuff. If you’re looking for Pulp Fiction sensibilities, I suggest you stick to independent World Cinema.

    • Sreejit says:

      That’s rich,especially coming from someone who’s named himself Tony Montana.

    • Siddarth says:

      The fact that you come to this website and read the comics means that you know movies will be spoofed. If you have liked a movie, y bother to come here and read the comic and then criticize?

      Also, if you liked other comics in this site, you should know that even they took months to make. By your argument here, you should find any spoof/criticism distasteful.

      Moreover, just because something took months to make doesn’t mean people have to like it. That too when people spend money to watch it!

    • Lady_not_Gaga says:

      From your response it is pretty clear that ‘desi cinema’ is inferior. Well, there are people who simply appreciate cinema without any desi/pardesi bifurcations and there are some very talented ‘desi’ film makers in this nation. And naming Scorsese, Eastwood and Tarantino in the same breath is quite dumb if you ask me. πŸ˜€

  53. Dolly Bindra says:

    Haha.. Couldn’t find much to slam this movie with .. couldja??
    That.. more than any other review.. should tell us how awesome this movie was!

    Loved it! Please go watch it everyone!

  54. Shweta says:

    absolutely loved the pout! loved the last panel, loved the ranbir beard getting longer. Dude you are brilliant with your line drawings and amazing humour, did I add humour?

  55. Anirban says:

    You’ve lost your touch dude..and how! perhaps your choice of movies..I haven’t seen Rockstar, but you probably need to understand that every bad movie is not funny when spoofed (assuming Rockstar is a bad movie, which it may not be)..you completely nailed it with Raavan and even more so with Sex and the city…and the one on Prince was pure genius….but u have been constantly failing with the latest ones..mere brother ki dulhan, kajrare etc etc….or maybe I have just got too used to your style…either way, I need to find a reason to be as regular with this site as I was before..:-)

  56. Whirlwind says:

    Hilarious as usual. You pointed out a lot of the loopholes I found, and many many more thatnks to your usual great insight. πŸ™‚ Good job, and with all due respect, am glad someone makes use of their crative liscence and not just rants in the internet space. Dont bother about the critique. the reason people come hetre is because you have fun things to say, regardless of whether we agree or not. keep entertaining us!

  57. Whirlwind says:

    Hilarious as usual. You pointed out a lot of the loopholes I found, and many many more thatnks to your usual great insight. πŸ™‚ Good job, and with all due respect, am glad someone makes use of their crative liscence and not just rants in the internet space. Dont bother about the critique. the reason people come here is because you have fun things to say, regardless of whether we agree or not. keep entertaining us!

  58. Sonia P.N. says:

    I went through ur funny review..and all these guys bashing ROCKSTAR further…But I liked the movie alot..I am Ranbir FAN…He has put in lot of hard work in this film… His depiction of wonder, agony,loniless ,self realization,frustration…much more was absolutely great. The second half story was bad… i am a Medico and her condition is treatable especiaally since she is hailing frm affluent family..Nargis is absolutely goregeous.
    The music is soulful…many parts of the movie is implied which one has to realize..by this Imtiaz has raised the level of hindi cinema… So all those who like romance should watch it…. Go for it…

    • Vanillasky says:

      Ofcourse Ranbir is awesome in the movie! how else could he portray “loniless”..an emotion as yet unheard of!

  59. Suraj says:

    Dude…i thot u wud hav pointed out wht an un-original dipshit imtiaz ali is… If u compare the characters in Rockstar nd Jab we met u ll realize the bastard just remade his own movie:
    1.Shy out of place male…check
    2.Brash,bindaas badass female…check
    3.Gal bringing out the guys wildside….check
    4.Both nt realizing the love between them…super-cliche…..check
    5.Guy leavin gal wid..no wait….helping her settle wid another guy…..check
    6.Guy rocking his world after split…check
    7.Gal goin into depression aftr split….check
    8.Guy cmin bak to return the favor by remindin her abt her badass nature….check
    9.Guy nd gal finally realizin dey were made fr each othr all along…FUCKIN-OBVIOUSLY-check
    In short….
    JJ=aditya or whtevr the fuck he was cald
    Jab we met=Rockstar
    Imtiaz Ali=I-Ought-To-Break-ur-balls-u-fuckin-unoriginal-monotonous-chickflick makin-bastard

  60. Suranjeeta says:

    Eh the movie wasn’t that bad….!

  61. CHITRA says:


  62. Ajay says:

    I don’t know what the director was trying to say when showing Punjabis, Kasmiris and Tibetians in the Sada Haq song. Does he understand the sensitivities of these issues, I’m not sure. For people who liked the movie i’m really really really curious to know what is that they liked in the movie, apart from some good music by Rehman i did not find anything worthwhile in the movie.

  63. Rajess says:

    Bhaiya hame to bada motivate kiya is philm ne, aur ab hume patachal gaya hai Raak Music kya hota hai. Jim Mahro son ke gaane bhi download kar liye hai, hum ab gitaar sikhenge aur raakstar banenge!

    Pss: Rajess = Raakstar

  64. Eshwar says:

    Hahahaha… Good one. I’m sharing this… πŸ™‚

  65. Satyajit says:

    Dude, did you just give the entire story away? Needless to say, brilliant writing and illustration. The rate at which this post is spreading on social media, half of people would know the story before entering the hall. So put the ‘Spoiler alert’ in big bold letter there.

  66. Jean Paul says:

    This movie is good.

    Not becoz of the movie.

    But because it influenced this writing. loved it. cheers

  67. Anusha says:

    Sahil, are you kidding me?? You posted Rockstar, but not Himesh’s blockbuster Diwali release Damadamm?! I keep checking the site every other day for it but…. you’re just being cruel! Please review it ASAP… Lots of love! xoxo

  68. Dev Chand says:

    Hi Sahil Rizwan,
    I think I need to point out a few things..
    J Janardhan is an immature person. So, he would believe in the theory of having a broken heart to get success. Also, he didn’t mind Heer going away, as he was just trying to love her superficially to get a “heartbreak”. Basically, if you would want to date a girl just to break up later on, you wouldn’t take the relationship seriously. Same is the case.
    Also, it’s her wish to give any name she wants. I think she wanted to give a Western cool sort of name to him, so she named him that. It’s not a flaw.
    Any rock musician would be attached to his guitar, so he wouldn’t sell it for rent regardless of the guitar’s cost. The dargah also gives him free food and shelter, without forbidding his guitar play. He also likes hearing God’s name and the music there. So obviously, he would stay there instead of selling his guitar and moving to a rented flat/ hotel room/ home.
    I think that his popularity might have come from breaking into a politician’s house, as that would have raised a lot of tensions and would have got extensive media coverage. Though there could have been a more plausible reason for his rise in popularity.
    In short, this isn’t really that good a strip, and lacks as far as portraying flaws is concerned. Though it picks up in the final parts, which is where the movie lost grip I guess.
    Anyway, the ending is bad, I agree. Still, could have made this strip better.
    Please reply this time. I’ve been waiting for long. Do it, soon!

    • Nona says:

      Hey Dev Chand, get a life, man (and a sense of humour while you’re at it)

      • Dev Chand says:

        I know I would get this sort of response :D. Anyway, I was just saying that this comic strip had flaws, and could have been better. Just like how he got the flaws in the movie out, I also pointed a certain number of flaws in this strip.
        Yes, I do have a sense of humor. I liked Sahil Rizwan’s Ra One strip, and also his Kurbaan strip. But this had flaws, and wasn’t that funny, atleast not for me.
        Also, I don’t need to like every strip he makes. There are going to be a few strips I like, and a few that I don’t like that much. But we can leave everyone to their own opinion. That’d be the best and most sensible thing to do.
        I do have a life, if you ask. I study at a college. Not liking a comic strip is not the same as having no life.
        Anyway, this strip was liked by many, and the same applies for the movie. So, each to their own. More than enough.
        If you want to reply, here’s my email ID: dev221117@gmail.com
        Have a good day!
        PS: Ask Sahil Rizwan why he doesn’t reply as often as before. I would want to talk a bit with him..

        • Anon says:

          What sin he committed to be slave to your sense of humor?

          Let’s say I like ShahRuk (Which I don’t) and I loved RA.One (which I didn’t watched), so I hated RA One strip… well, good enough, no issues. And let’s say some Gay boy who loves RK will hate this strip too.

          Why does all his strips have to confirm to “your” perception, If you didn’t liked it… who cares, in fact who cares about what you liked.

          And why does he has to reply to you man? who are you? or better ques.. “what” are you? Like you would reply to everyone who wants to talk, if 10k people start following you… are you in KG still?

          • Dev Chand says:

            I was just replying to a senseless reply. I had noticed that Sahil didn’t reply that much anymore, so I was curious. I just thought that this strip could be better. What’s wrong in pointing out flaws? That’s what critics are for. That’s not forcing him to actually do that, just a hint.
            Have a good day! πŸ™‚

  69. Yasodhara says:

    J.Morrison. And then some. Much appreciated all this. Whee!

  70. Rupi MK says:

    I agree… the movie was yuck… and the review is spot on!!!!

  71. Manu says:

    Spot on πŸ˜€

  72. Isha says:

    This is outstandingly hilarious! πŸ˜€
    Although I personally liked this movie quite a fair bit, I can’t help but agree with the hiccups this movie has & have been very rightly pointed out in this spoof! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€
    But then again,it ain’t no Bollywood movie if it ain’t got no clichΓ©s & dramatics! πŸ˜€
    That’s what makes it fun to watch!

    p.s : I love the music. The best part about the movie! A.R.Rahman F.T.W! \m/

  73. Saad says:

    Rockstar should be named Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. Imtiaz Ali was more focused on a love story that he forgets the plot, so, should be named TTLS instead RS. After the Jab we met, he has shown that he looses plot in the end, like “luv aaj kal”. But even worse he changed the plot of the whole movie that started on a very good note. Its only RK who stands out but not as a Rockstar. So many loopholes Nargis Fakhri was pathetic, should be given lesser role and script not needed to bring them back at the end. All n all a big disappointment…. Rock On was much better movie on the same theme.

  74. black2thgrin says:

    fukin’ love this shiiite!!! the versions of the vigil idiot that is.
    the movie really sucked ass. REALLY.

  75. black2thgrin says:

    Please do one on MOD.
    I Doubt the stick figure will sign up to do that one though.
    unless we show a pre-cursor with a bazooka pointed at the stick figures head.
    yeah.. that’ll convince the prick for turning down Rannvijay’s breakthrough role and performance.

  76. Rimmi says:

    This is so awesome.. i liked the movie but your comic strip is better then that…
    Super duper fuper entertaining stuff . πŸ™‚

  77. imtiaz ali says:

    guys – very insightful, very funny. had fun. thanks.

  78. Riku Sayuj says:

    You were too lenient on the movie!

  79. AB says:

    The comments are like W00T!
    Review is of course lovely and correct only. Nonsense movie.

  80. thissinglelife says:

    Dude lovely strip …btw your Jim Morrison grave stone drawing looks like a penis was that un/intentional??

  81. Hardik says:

    loved the “pouty” beauty you’ve created :D… Rockstar is in essence a Thokstar

  82. […] Once again, The Vigil Idiot does a fabulous job of expressing my sentiments about this […]

  83. Prashanth Krishnan says:

    I’m a regular reader of your blog although this is the first time I’m actually making a comment.

    Your previous review RaOne was one of your very best but this one is too bland and/or too short. Maybe if you had slowed down the pace of the review (it’s too episodic as such) it may have been more enjoyable.

    Why don’t you review “Inside Man”
    It has so many moments that you can exploit with your typical “punches” – I am so looking forward to the day someone spoofs that film.

  84. Ashish Kataria says:

    Dude..awesome stuff! You just read out my heart!
    But did you not forget to add the *middle finger* part..?

  85. Juna says:

    > Jim Morrison – Turn!

    OMFG! That was hilarious. I am a huge huge Jim fan, and when this movie started out wit his name, i was very excited to watch it. even though i had to watch a pirated version of it because Hindi movies do not come to this country! But boy! Did that movie suck or what? I hate them for smearing Jim’s name!

  86. Suzy says:

    This was really funny and so right on. I know there is no point in rehashing this but….here it goes. The last concert was not a last concert at all. It was a flashback of the old Prague concert. That is why they show a repeat of him going to her house and duck face fainting at the end of the sequence. After she dies and he is bundled off by the police, JJ aka Jordan dies too…! I know it is stupid but that is what the intent of the movie seems to be, in the tradition of all star crossed lovers.

  87. JK says:

    Not your best work, but picked up well on finer nitty-gritties like meeting in Prague, unjustified rockstar status in India etc. always good to read your comics.

  88. Girlfireice says:

    DUCK FACE. Ha ha ha ha…the best comparison EVER!

  89. kunal says:

    too much of logic suffocates the soul. It is a remarkably genuine film….simple…unspectacular….soulful….flawed in bits, but honest. Great humor if one were to judge everything by logic….but seriously…everyone…..stop searching for parallels to Jim Morrison’s life or his pants in the film just because it showed his poster.

  90. Priya says:

    Me too, Suvro.

    Sahil, maybe Imtiaz Ali didn’t spoon-fed enough because you got the premise entirely wrong. It isn’t that only pained artist can create great art. That’s what the canteen guy says and Jordan immaturely follows. The film isn’t about Jordan finding pain. It is about Jordan getting exactly what he wished for and finding it more than he can handle. It is intended to be ironical that the very pain he (in his Jim Morrison obsession) goes after finishes him up in the end. Compri?

    The movie ends pretty darkly and bravely so. He causes the death of the very woman he loves more than life. I do agree that the montage at the end was unrequired. I know that a lot of things could have been improved. A LOT. But no way is this a bad film. Didn’t deserve to be featured here.

    Few other disagreements:
    1. Theirs is a slow-building love. She’s in love with him when she’s getting married. He’s slow on the uptake. It nags the two of them till they must give in. He isn’t ‘fine’ with her getting married. He is shown to be lonely and unable to figure out why. It is when he hears about the Prague trip does the penny drop.
    2. Jordan wasn’t displaying magical skills when he made her blood count go up. If you are ill AND depressed things worsen. Haven’t you experienced that? Or known of someone whose sickness (even if it be a cold) felt worse coz they sad? Heer’s recovery is just her being happy and in a better place to fight her disease.
    3. Heer’s sister has every right to be mad, since Heer’s in coma thanks to him. It is not being ungrateful.

    This was a hard film to make. Perhaps the all-consuming, forbidden love didn’t strike a cord because of Nargis. But the film had some awesomely put together scenes. Wish you hadn’t reviewed it.

    • Thayub says:

      And I wish you had not replied.
      This is a just a place where Sahil does his bit for his pleasure.

      If you think so good about the movie, start a website for yourself and praise Rockstar and lets see how many people do like it..

  91. yrumad says:

    That was totally kick ass review.
    Much thanks.

  92. ash says:

    Mate, That was one good review. I am a Ranbir fan and loved the movie. Yet your reviews always focus on the weak points of a movie and you did it brilliantly this time as well. I loved the duck-face part and the way you drew her. Her lips are a huge distraction…I hope she would stop plumping them up πŸ™

  93. Barkha says:

    Hey i just managed to watch the first 20 mins and had to sleep… at least this review has told me how lucky i was in not missing my sleep!

  94. bharmoriat says:

    awesome man. it was just awesome. “duckface”. i thought that only i was the one who felt it? how could people not see it, the movie directors and all.
    and the forced sympathy, the story was all messed up and useless. u did an awesome job.

  95. Bunty says:

    Was never a big fan of Imtiaz Ali, but the promos of this movie did look promising. Sadly Mr. Ali decided to stick with his reputation of smoking weed wrapped in the pages he writes his script on 😐

  96. eliza bennet says:

    I have not seen the film (but I want to since I like Ranbir and Imtiaz both) but this review was hillarious. Thank you Sahil.

  97. Is shit film par mainey bhi ek ribhu likha hai. My review is not as kickass as this one but chay ke saath biscuit chalta hi hai. Enzoy guys


  98. Dani says:

    Love this.. the last frame is epic. To everyone that’s butthurt because Sahil chose to spoof your new favourite movie, get over yourselves.

  99. Steve says:

    Hilarious, to say the least!!
    Been reading all your old reviews which I had missed out on, Sahil… had me in splits, all of them πŸ˜€
    Keep up the good work.

    And thought I’d poke you… been a while since you updated the page!! We’re waiting!!

  100. lotrix says:

    nice… the movie definitely killed jimmy morisson…

  101. Amyth says:

    Seriously RIP Jim Morrison .. Imtiaz Ali could have done better than this for sure !!

  102. AU says:

    haven’t watched the movie but was laughing incessantly. glad i skipped it! please do one on Dirtypicture! pretty please!

  103. A.T. says:

    Thanks for these. They are hilarious. Can you do one for DDLJ? Last week, I saw the movie for the first time because my wife insisted. I have 2 regrets. (1) That I only managed to resist watching that movie for 15 years. (2) That I didn’t die half way through the movie. Would love to see your creative take on it. Thanks.

  104. Madhu says:

    Good one!! how come u ignored the point that the duck mouthed heroine watches porn films, drinks cheap liquor, goes to strip clubs, has an extra marital affair cheats on her husband and our hero can’t get over someone like her 😐 I know there is a scarcity of girls but still….

  105. Dipti says:

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  106. Deepa says:

    Waiting for the Don2 stripdown. Even Farhan Akhtar can be unintentionally funny.

  107. Sujit says:

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  116. Abhishek says:

    I was getting bored, hence started watching it. I had no idea what was in store for me. The movie is so bad that it’s good. It’s hard to turn away from such awesome retardedness!!! Managed to watch 1/2 of it.

    Some movies are lessons to other directors how a movie should not be made. This is one of those movies.

    I know I’m doomed for post-traumatic stress disorder for the rest of my life.

    I wouldn’t want my worst enemies to watch this movie. This movie is a shame to bollywood and India. Duck face Nargis Fu*k-ri is the most epic mornoic actress ever. Nargis, I’m doing you a favor. Given your performance, this is more of a positive criticism and also I hate you for ruining my life for ever :'(

    Worst movie ever. Period. End of discussion.

  117. shraddha says:

    sahil i want to the one movie you really liked.

  118. AKLG says:

    I actually really enjoyed the film and think that there are far worse films out there. A bit to harsh, funny nevertheless.
    The emotional tangent that described a rockstars evolution along with fine edits and amazing music was enough to work for me. But hey, thats just me πŸ™‚

  119. Simran says:

    Seriously epic stuff man! Though I loved the film, this was as good!! πŸ™‚

  120. Nevermind says:

    actually ROFLing!! duckface!! too good… maaaan…

  121. Mayank S says:

    To those who think that this was a great movie, it looks like they are either too young or they just haven’t seen enough good films. Compared to the trash that shahrukh khan has given to us in the last 15 years or so, it is better but compared to quality films that Aamir Khan, Naseeruddin Shah, Amitabh Bacchan, etc have done, it is still a failed BS attempt.

    While Rock On excelled at telling the story of a rock band by showing them as ordinary people with normal lives, careers and struggles that we can relate to, rockstar fails by showing him only in a negative image of an always-high idiot and is nothing short of an insult plus a slap-in-the-face to rockstars. THAT IS NOT HOW ROCKSTARS ARE! Period.

    The logic in the film is completely skewed as this post correctly points out in all the goofs, the acting is good only in the first half and it is pathetic and mad in the second half with no proper conclusion or end to the story. It is not a story at all, it is a failed attempt.

  122. dhiman says:

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  123. Aastha says:

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