Unintentionally Funny, Must-Watch Bollywood Movies: Ra.One

This comic is actually very redundant, ‘coz if you haven’t heard all about this movie already, you’ve either been living under a rock or are the luckiest person on the planet. Quite possibly both. But hey, the movie’s been seen and the comic’s been made. And you’re on this page already, so might as well give it a read, no? Okgo. Read!




Rating 4.89 out of 5
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285 Responses to “Unintentionally Funny, Must-Watch Bollywood Movies: Ra.One”

  1. Prasanna says:

    Awesome dude. You are the besht!! πŸ™‚ Now I am getting tempted to watch the movie πŸ˜€ But I wont!

    • Sanjay from mumbai says:

      .Watch Tom Cruz’s ,MI4 Now don’t make mistake again ,Don’t go to watch DON 2 Why to watch DON 2 ,inferior quality over hyped ,(high marketing like Ra-one).
      fooling people , low quality special effects of DON 2(didn’t got lesson.
      from RA-one? ) better to? watch Mission Impossible 4 which is 1000.
      time better quality , action , Budget (850 crore plus ).which will be releasing a.
      week before or at same day.better watch on television as it will be aired on TV without any cuts as it is not Adult film like THE DIRTY PICTURE, DON 2 has Childish dialog, THE DIRTY PICTURE have some of the Best dialog s and is one of the best made movie , Hats off for Vidya Balan.


  2. Sharath says:

    Awesome xD

    • Sanjay from mumbai says:

      Watch Tom Cruz’s ,MI4 Now don’t make mistake again , Don’t go to watch DON 2 Why to watch DON 2 , inferior quality over hyped ,(high marketing like Ra-one).
      fooling people , low quality special effects of DON 2(didn’t got lesson.
      from RA-one? )better to? watch Mission Impossible 4 which is 1000.
      time better quality , action , Budget (850 crore plus ).which will be releasing a
      week before or at same day.better watch on television as it will be aired on TV without any cuts as it is not Adult film like THE DIRTY PICTURE, DON 2 has Childish dialog, THE DIRTY PICTURE have some of the Best dialog s and is one of the best made movie , Hats off for Vidya Balan.


  3. Causticsarky says:

    Awesome.. This is the best review I have read for this Crapfest.
    Good Work as usual, Sahil..

  4. DuDo says:

    Worst movie ever made with such a big budget.

  5. A.V says:

    Lovely lovely.. ROFL aftera few strips i say.. loved the “MUMMY CHEATERCOCK” line.. 10 Thumbs Up…

  6. Liz says:

    This comic totally R.O.C.K.S :))…I had the misfortune of watching a camrip of this movie and it wasnt worth the bandwidth :(…oh BTW, u missed the fact that Lucifer’s mommy is doing a thesis on gaalis based on insulting the baap bhais rather than the maa behans LOL…my 5 yr old kid called this the worst movie he’s seen ever…and said ‘the only scene I like is when Chitti comes’..his words not mine :))

  7. shyam says:

    HAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA i was expecting this one to be SUPER HILARIOUS!

    and IT IS!!

    AWESOME work!

  8. Genesis says:

    Been waiting for a while for this one. BTW bro I got yelled at on twitter for hurting the sensitivities of some dreamy-eyed Shahid Kapoor fan after i posted some of my own observations about Mausam on Twitter . What Kinda Monster have you turned me into ? πŸ™‚

  9. Narendra Shenoy says:

    I’m scheduled to watch this in 2 hrs from now, but thanks to you I IS PREPARED! The Vigil Idiot saves the day again!


    • Sosha says:

      Why, in the name of God, are you even scheduled to watch the film? It’s because of audience like you that these crapass films get made.

      I bet you enjoyed Golmaal too.

      • Sounak says:

        It is a must watch to be honest, the kind of hard work that has gone behind the scene to come up this movie is exceptional and needs to be appreciated.

        Like this movie, we can come up with 100 mistakes in every hindi movie which defies logic and such.
        Having said that, Sahil is just brilliant with nit-picking, that’s how he can come up with this kinda stuff again and again.

        Great work man, I loved the movie, but I totally enjoyed your review too! πŸ˜€

        • JoaquinPhoenix says:

          Are you SRK in disguise by any chance…?

        • SpandexMan says:

          Sahil is most certainly not nit picking. In fact there were a bazillion things he could have added. But in which case the comic would have been so long even Google would need to buy a new data centre to hold it.

        • Rahul says:


          Please man so what there was hard word behind the scenes its still the quality of the movie, direction, originality thats what we pay for. Also if you watch international movies they don’t need technology to make it a great movie, the only reason i’m comparing it to international movies is because SRK thinks this one is!!

          Please hard work doesn’t mean it has to be good!

          • sona says:

            You review was very boring , i did not read fully.and i will never visit your site.Love you SRK.Ra one was wonderful.

  10. Prasanna Kumar says:

    Thanks for the review !!!! I guess I shall watch this movie once it makes it to TV for this X-MAS release πŸ™‚

  11. Dibyojyoti says:

    Gaaahahahhaahaha! AWESOME SAUCE! Wait till SRKa.One hears of this batshit insane comic!

  12. Abhinava S.N says:

    Sooper aaaaawsum i say…! perfect Friday masala reading…. πŸ™‚

  13. nikhil says:

    as usual, srk suks………….. with this kind of plot. he has no guts to make a movie like TZP..

  14. Vishal says:

    Awesome review…I have read a lot of hilarious takes on Ra.One but this one is the best…continue the good work…:)

  15. Susana says:

    Great review… Now i can’t wait to catch this movie, i love comedies!! πŸ˜›

  16. Vids says:

    Sahil… dude u have got ur ZING back… awesomest review!!!

  17. Vatsal Chintalalati says:

    hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah JUST MADE MY DAY πŸ™‚

  18. Apeksha says:

    that was damn hilarious… seriously, one of the best spoofs i’ve ever come across… πŸ™‚

  19. Subhash says:

    That was freakin insane!! πŸ˜€ Loved it!!!!!!!!

  20. Tejaswini says:

    Sahil, you made my day πŸ™‚ Was waiting for this and boy I laughed so hard in office..my manager came running out of his office…awesome sauce dude!!!!

  21. […] in: A better and free version of the movie: http://www.thevigilidiot.com/2011/10/28/ra-one/ Give us your love:Like this:LikeBe the first to like this post. ▶ No Responses /* 0) { […]

  22. Indian says:

    It is totally Rajni’s movie with 2.5hrs of guest appearance by SRK!!!

  23. Sourav says:

    You worked really hard, but with movie as crap as this.one, nothing works!

  24. D says:

    Hilarious as always. Thank you πŸ™‚

  25. AJ says:

    BwwaaaHahahahaha Madrasi Dad getting a christian funeral. Way to go bollywood!

  26. Utsav Garg says:

    awesome !! =))))) ra-one deserved this .. =))

  27. Deepthi says:

    Awesome bit….infact I was awaiting the movie’s release just to read ur blog πŸ˜›
    Well looks like now-a-days bollywood is making many movies which can make ur blog more interesting than the movie itself.

    Awaiting Damadamm!! I am sure you will have a riot out of it πŸ˜€

  28. aarkayne says:

    lol…the review’s great….picks out the gaping holes in the script with his broad brush ;-)…maybe you would’ve done better in Level 1 without Lucifer or G.One πŸ˜€

    the movie’s not SOOOOOOOoooooo bad….it does expect you to leave behind all disbelief mechanisms….the christian funeral being one really terrible gaffe i must say, which i managed to leave behind as well πŸ˜‰

    welcome back Sahil, the true vigil idiot….you are resurrecting after a rather longish hiatus….

    many thanks and cheers to your brush….peace out.

  29. jj says:

    Spoof of the year wonly! Nicely done..

  30. bazinga says:

    *Shakes head at sad state of Bollywood. Also wonders why the profanity in your comics has gone up exponentially since you’ve become more popular. High correlation?*

  31. Anandloki says:

    I wish somebody had invested 150 crores into this comic instead πŸ™‚

  32. jonam says:

    Best movie review ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. Chiranjeevi says:

    Hey dude… this is wonderful! You keep getting better with each comic! Having said that, please try to refrain from using expletives next time onwards so that I can being referring your site to my parents, little cousins, etc. πŸ™‚

  34. Nitin says:

    Very Nice.
    Thanks for saving my 150 bucks. πŸ™‚

  35. Ketan says:


  36. DJ says:

    Hilarious. Thanks a lot for ridiculing Ra.One promotions! They were so irritating. I laughed!
    Ra.One got kicked in its nuts!

    SRK you fuck-fart-scarface-retard-head dont even dare to become a superhero, ever again. You suck at it.
    Be it Asoka, the Incredibles or G.One.

  37. Dee says:

    Brilliant. Spot on.

    You tore apart what is an essentially tearable apartable movie being marketed to us as India’s biggest block buster. Your take absolutely made up for my sitting through this bad bad bad film.

  38. Aditya Kuber says:

    Thank you. Thank you. You saved me at least 500 bucks! I will now go and watch Mujhse Fraandship Karoge. (Facepalm!)

  39. Rakshith says:

    Awesome!!! I had the same expectation from this movie πŸ˜€

  40. Pramod says:

    Serioslu dude,

    your are f***ing awesome …. Gaylord khan sucks in evry movie …

  41. Pramod says:

    Seriously dude,

    your are f***ing awesome …. Gaylord khan sucks in evry movie …

  42. AJ says:

    Oh, I could KILL you for this. ROCKSTAR stuff, bro. Ha ha ha ha ha haaaa

  43. Rohan says:

    had been kinda worried seeing no comics after mausam πŸ˜€ this is among your best! you are what a soldier is to a country of bollywood fans, you save us our hard-earned money, like a soldier saves lives πŸ˜€

  44. Danesh says:

    MAN OH MAN!! Haven’t laughed that hard in while.. Awesome work!! XDDD

  45. Shruti says:

    And they thought they were being subtle and symbolic with “Ra-one”(raavan) , “G-one”(jeevan). So deep. Barf.

  46. lakshmi says:

    awsome…….brilliant work………..handsoff!!!!

  47. Anshuman says:

    Super stuff, really cool.

  48. Man you rock!! The best comic strip ever that i laughed till my stomach hurt!!

  49. Jasmeet says:

    Nw m temted to watch movies only to read its revies frm u….I wish dese guys hire u 2 proof read the script…Of course nt in d case f dis incorrigible crapfest!!!

  50. Instistud says:

    Another thing, the G.one suit is supposed to be created for the “user”. The G.one character is not supposed to have any A.I. Then how the “fish” did he figure out to come out of the game to the real world all by himself*

    *I know this sounds retarded but I am trying to go with the flow of the movie logic

  51. Straight Cut says:

    Sahil, Sahil, Sahil, your funeral point was bang-on, but did you not notice one much bigger gaffe????
    The burial scene was immediately followed by ASHES BEING THROWN IN THE WATER BY KAREENA AND SON!!!!!!!! So Christian burial and Hindu ashes, KICK-ASS man!!!!!!

  52. Aayushi says:

    Damn lucky dat I chose a comic by “U” over movie by SRK:)….

  53. preeti.prasad says:


  54. Danzo says:

    Borrywood racist!
    What the bhen! πŸ˜›

  55. siddhant says:

    never knew movie reviews can be this much Assholish! Too good mate..enjoyed!!

  56. xyz says:

    super awesome spoof comic strip…just saw the movie n hence enjoyed every word of it..!!
    cheers to the creator n his thoughts..!!

  57. kris says:

    Awesome shit..too bad I have already seen the movie..they spent so much on VFX…but zilch on the script!!

  58. Aditya says:

    AUZAAM!!! πŸ˜€

    “At one point you grope my mother’s breast, and spank her” ROFLMFAOBBQPA!

  59. Ankur says:


  60. Swaroop says:

    Brilliant ! Goes to show why we can never make an Inception when we are stuck with this *crap*

  61. anuk says:

    the stupidest idiotic movie i have ever seen in my life!!

  62. […] SRK's New Movie : Ra One see this review ….. : Movie Review: Ra.One | The Vigil Idiot Those who havent seen the movie..will enjoy it…. And those who have already seen the movie […]

  63. dhanesh mane says:

    ra-1 is faltu movie any one made ever. n shah rukh has proved tht he is king of all such movies.

  64. jokes adda says:

    srk isse acha tum lux ke ad hi karo yar.

  65. sunny says:

    be prepared to pay advertising royalties for this comic to SRK . Given the crass marketing , you willd efo be among the.ones to be targeted.

  66. VHP says:

    Good job Sahil.

    But I really feel ashamed because of the movies that our Bollywood keeps on making. Wanted, Dabangg, Bodyguard, Ra.One, Singham, etc. are really dumb movies which somehow proves that we ARE the ones who are actually dumb as they make loads of money.

  67. darshan says:

    I would like to pay d cartoonist 200 bucks rather than that ra1 shit. Its far more interesting………..truely the perfect antidote to dat pathetic movie!!!
    A heartfelt thanks to the cartoonist(s).

  68. Anita says:

    I had n plans to watch the movies… could not sit through the songs … but now
    I am tempted…

    the review… awesomeness πŸ™‚ LMAO

  69. PS says:

    VI………….. love u love u love u love u love u love u love u love u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Now I want to meet all those critics who gave ths movie 3 and more.
    BTW… i just didnt understand how Ra1 and G1 enter real world, take on human bodies, manipulate humans… Can anyone help me with tht… or is it too much to ask?

  70. Conrad says:

    Lovely Review! This shows how pathetic Indian cinema is! Firstly We can’t make any movie which does not revolve around romance and when we ( actually ‘you’ since most of us are Hollywood fans) do you suck at it so much!SRK you shit-head why cant you ACT in a movie where you are a humble human? You are already rich ( looting most of the LOSERS who watch your 3 hrs of self-aggrandizement). So why does all your roles have you vanity portrayed? Same goes with Salman Khan and a few others..Be a great actor by acting in all kind of roles!!!!

  71. GameAnalyser says:

    Fucking awesome comic..!! LMAO!!

  72. terimaki says:

    Your comics suck ass.

  73. Anirudh says:

    Dude!! kickass analysis ……. love the Tony Stark part the most ….

  74. nitin says:

    After reading it , feeling satisfied that I did not wasted my 2.5hrs+5mins of my life.
    Ultimately the movie +review ends with a LOL πŸ˜€

  75. Amit says:

    I hope SRK tweets abt this review out of respect. U nailed it.

  76. insaneish says:

    Doooode why you no write about the munnabhai khalnayak, the chinese food jocks, the awesome accent of piggy chops and the punjabi ‘stand by me’? πŸ™

  77. shree says:

    Want one numbers censored less-profanity version for purpose of sharing with no-profanity types old people.

  78. genius says:

    Christian Funeral is not the only gaffe. Right after there is a scene where Kareena is shown to have a small vessel seeming to suggest it contains ash and the Lil turd is shown to have kept some ash in his pocket.

  79. Anu says:

    As an actual ‘madrasi’, I really really want to watch this – I want to try and make sense of the crapfest this story seems like. Am I aiming for the impossible? *sigh

  80. Random Kid says:

    This, was, undoubtedly, EPIC xD
    WRT Genius’s comment- How the fuck does that work? Bury someone and then go ahead burn them?!
    Oh and you could’ve mentioned the weird air humping/power yoga thing. Why the fuck was the kid doing that to begin with (Remember, the kid was controlling him with Wii/PS Move rip off).

  81. JB007 says:

    Just saw this movie yesterday and contributed my savings to SRK’s piggy bank.
    About the hologram – the gal at the start says it is not a hologram but something made of “takniqi kirane” mumbo jumbo.

    Also the burial was not a burial, me thinks the coffin was moving at the rate of 1 ft per min in a downward direction towards the electrical crematorium. Hence the ashes in the urn during the sob song.

    Was shown the trailer for Desi Boyz during the interval. Ra.One seems like Inception in front of that crap fest. Sahil is going to have a field day with that one for sure.

    Also with Ready, Bodyguard, Mere Bhai ki %##@ and now this one (IMO better than the other crap fests – at least at the train sequence part – this movie was more Kabhi hit Kabhi miss), be prepared for more Don’t bring your brain to theater movies to attack us in the next year.

  82. Achyuth says:

    I was waiting for you to nail this and was wondering what you had in mind for the first 5 minutes circus and the scene with lost keys. #Facepalm only this movie is.

  83. zac says:

    wow!!! better than the movie!!!!

  84. ravi khanna says:

    all frustrates dogs ( srk haters ) are barking here….

    they need to be committed suicide , SRk is king of Bollywood and he always willl be.

    some morons like you people can just cry .

    Ra-1 broken all records ever made in india .

    SRK UP


    • Laughed so Hard says:

      Please, please stop sucking SRK’s cock and get a dose of reality into yer head .. were you dropped on yer head as a child ???

  85. mihir says:

    wunderphool review… unfortunately i had to go through the torture in the theater. srk has really lost his marbles. After ‘my name is khan’, i thought he could not get any lower, but he has surprised me again… the guy just keeps on reaching new heights of crapiness.

    anyways.. good to see you update quickly now. And this one is aptly timed.

  86. Ashish says:

    Now.. herez something tat can be made into a movie!!

  87. manjunath says:

    next time srk decides to do some chamma chhakka (!!) he should read this s-‘trip’ first!!

  88. badri says:

    dude! u saved me 600 bucks….thanks dude 4 saving me the asshole’s torture…..

  89. Denzil says:

    My head started hurting half-way through this comic. I shudder at the thought of watching this crap even when it comes on TV this week (:-P)

    One blooper I noted in this comic (and in people’s thinking). Why can’t a Madrasi have a Christian funeral? A Madrasi (or a Keralite or a Marathi or a Bengali or any other State-wasi) can be a Hindu or a Christian or a Muslim or be a follower of any other religion.

  90. user123 says:

    fuck of all…. u wasted your money? why the fuck u went 2 watched the movie then? its easy to sit and criticise.. i am sure even your father would not be able to afford a ticket for this movie you bastards… SRK ROCKS..!

  91. aamer says:

    madrasi getting a christian funeral, and then his ashes being scattered in river thames

  92. Munim says:

    You, sir, are a genius. This is priceless.

  93. Vishal K says:

    I mean, seriously, dat shit a movie . . . . I think SRK has outdone his own self this time

  94. Sanath says:

    Awesome . u have talent man!

  95. Im RA.One says:

    Im RA.One and im still alive.. i have a new device now. G.A.N.D. – Gyroscopic accelerator and nuclear dispersion device. and i took it on loan from Chitti
    Now in part 2, i’l grope the kid’s mom. Fuck fuckity fuck G.One

  96. Ashutosh says:



    you can seriously make a desi Scary Movie.

  97. Nickyneck says:


  98. akanksha says:

    hahahhhhahahahahahhahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! friggin hilarious buddy

  99. nilspin says:

    So friggin awesome!

  100. Ashok Sahoo (@futikismat) says:

    It was really awesome, one thing u missed how g1 had a .01% chance of winning over ra1, it ends upto the 1:1 duel in which g1 is controlled by lucifer or to support that theory ra1 should have made 1000 copies instead of 10. (yeah I am so good at maths)

  101. Saurabh says:

    Awesome! More entertaining than the movie

  102. Denzil says:

    Up yours, man. Seriously.

  103. Shashwat DC says:

    Dude, one point you possibly missed to poke at, the bootylicious (size 0 +3) mom, doing a “research on gaalis”. Seriously man, how crapshit can it be. Uski maa ki and uski bahen ki..

  104. Raghav says:

    WOW !!!!!!! lol……i watched the movie 1st day….i felt the same…..it was a load of crap !!!! the storyline has no logic whatsoever….. really funny review !! i’m lovin it !!!!!

  105. sona says:

    This review sucks….SRK is the badshah of bollywood…if u people cant tolerate…then go look at the tally of most filmfare awards…..Its SRK with 8….and this movie has broken all box office records…..

  106. sonali says:

    This review is very boring i did not read this fully,SRK rules, no doubt in it and the Ra one is also wonderful.

  107. user123 says:

    this is bullshit.. Those who say that this movie waz boring, are definitely computer illiterate people. Shame on you.. You can’t understand this movie because you are illiterate.. Ra.One already has broken all the records.. It has collected around 137 crores (opening 5 days) and aroud 32 crores from international cinemas.. So its better to back you all who support this shitty review and hide your face.. FUCK OFF..

  108. Maverick says:

    Filmfare awards are baseless. If you can afford to pay some dough, YOU can have a filmfare award (original) delivered at your doorstep πŸ˜€ and the box office records are made by the sheer number of movie-goers in India because of the disconcertingly overwhelming population we have. SRK may be the badshah of bollywood, but he certainly doesn’t know shit about acting or making movies. There are innumerable other actors in the Indian film industry who are infinitely better than SRK, e.g. Kay Kay Menon, Naseeruddin Shah, Om Puri, Pankaj Kapur, Anupam Kher, Aamir Khan, the list goes on….

    You need to have a ‘sense-of-humour’ to appreciate something like this strip.

    You say Ra.One is good because it has collected some 137 crores. Do you know what is the market for cocaine? :p If something is generating money, it doesn’t necessarily mean it is good. And as far as being “computer illiterate” is concerned, have you ever HEARD of movies like ‘The Matrix’, ‘I, Robot’, ‘Minority Report’, ‘Iron-Man’ (the movie from which Ra.One’s idea is COPIED). Do you think you can even REMOTELY compare SRK’s crappy attempt to any of these masterpieces?

  109. SRK_rullz says:

    u r mentally weak u havent understood the movie…..
    U better watch baby’s dat out or some animated stuff!!

  110. Avantika says:

    the review ia well written…n makes a great comic strip…but since when do u search logic in a bollywood film???true the story could be written in a better way..bt personally i liked SRK’s work…its a new venture..n shold be appreciated…i liked the movie n evryone should see it atleast once!!!! πŸ˜›

  111. Tyler says:

    Can’t believe people are actually defending this with a “oh you didn’t understand the movie”! /facepalm. Awesome comic btw.

  112. eliza bennet says:

    As soon as the reviews start to show up, my expectations for The Vigil Idiot review started to rise and Sahil, thank you for meeting them. I loved it! Awesome sauce πŸ™‚

  113. Laughed so Hard says:

    Oh Man, You made my day … Sadly our country is so full of Dumb Asses, that crap like this will go on to become hits .. Classic Stewpidity … Just like we voted a foreign bitch to come plunder and loot our country .. and yet our country will shamelessly vote them back to power again and again to loot us … and Ass Wipe SRK will continue making dumb fart movies which turn out to be blockbusters … Brainless fucks that make up this place .. Sigh .. Thanks for making me laugh so hard I nearly started peeing .. Lol .. Cheers

  114. Navya says:

    Seriouslyyy! Thank you for saving me the price of a movie ticket and a 2 hour sobfest (the sobbing being done by me! :|)! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ Review of the year wonly! πŸ˜› πŸ˜›

    • me says:

      By the rule of thumb Navya, neva watch a SRK movies in a theater. Wait 2 months and Set Max will feature the movie. πŸ˜›

      But if yu do watch, yu really deserve an award for tolerance. πŸ™‚ hehehe

    • me says:

      By the rule of thumb Navya, yu neva watch a SRK movie at a cinema! 2 months of patience and SetMax will feature the movie. πŸ™‚

      But if yu do watch a srk movie in a theater, yu deserve a special mention in honors of valour! πŸ˜› hehehehe

  115. […] Along with the flawed story line which is only relevant to what happened in last 5-10 minutes, I certainly dont understand what message it gives, to grope and spank. (This explains it allΒ http://ow.ly/7bFgg) […]

  116. HSK says:

    abe Bhosdk,
    uve made such a long comic that shows how desperately U r jealous of SRK,
    all leading international media r praising Ra one right from NY and LA times to hollywood reporter
    go and check d collections of Ra one, abhi toh sirf teri GAAND jali hai phir toh RAVAAN ki tarah tuh pura ka pura jal jayega………

  117. anon says:

    Awesome strip.

  118. user123 says:

    Then why don’t you lick the shitty asses of hollywood movie makers?
    If somebody brings a movie with special effects in INDIA, then what the hell problem is? If you didnt like Ra.one then why the fuck you went to watch the movie you farting ass? If all people are like you then nobody would watch the picture. And you stupid just go and enjoy BHOJPURI MOVIES, you will better enjoy those movies cuz BHOJPURI MOVIES are made for your kind of morons..
    Never try to compare hollywood and bollywood. Even hollywood actors praise our bollywood movies..
    So just think twice before bringing up the stupid stuff into your fucking blog..

  119. Dees says:


  120. user123 says:

    maverick, you dont have rights to criticise someone.. always respect hard works, else you will be criticised some day and then you will realize what you are doing today..
    Never criticise or praise things at the basis of comparison

  121. Aseem says:

    Have u written the review for Delhi Belly ????

  122. SG says:

    In US and UK in the creamtory you got to have the body in a casket which is then burned in the electric/wood fire in a closed chamber… So whatever was shown was the correct representation of things that happen in the country where Shekhar was shown living in…. The ashes are then handed over to the family of deceased… So he did have the correct last rites and not by Christian tradition..

    • terimaaki says:

      Abey gadhey …. They showed him burried !!!! Tune kuch jyada hi HD me dekha tha kya ??? SRK ne lagta hai tere ko biscuit feka tha bachpan me ….aaj tak talwey chat raha hai ….. chamcha kahin ka …

      Allah Hu Akbar !!! SRK ko Zannat kabhi mubaarak nahi hogi . How cud he touch Kareena’s BOOBS while he is still maried to that ugly HINDU wife of his >>??? More so ever he drinks alcohol and is a kAFIR ….

      • pepguru says:

        @terimaaki . Hi my Pakistani friend. How do I know? Coz u get religion into a discussion on movies. So when your countrymen stop killing each other (not kafirs), and when they stop being jailed for being cricket cheaters, maybe they can produce a few eminent Muslims the way India has. Till then teri maaki, terimaaki !

        • Imran says:

          Terimaaki is not a Pakistani because of the following lines he has written, Pakistanis write in urdu and not in hindi:

          1. Tune kuch jyada hi HD – ZYADA

          2. SRK ne lagta hai tere ko biscuit feka tha – PHEKA

          3. SRK ko Zannat kabhi mubaarak – JANNAT

      • Imran says:

        Aur terimaaki, they never showed him being buried, his body was shown to be in the casket only and the ashes scene proves that the body was later burned. Jaa ker dekh dubara

  123. The Truth says:

    Anyone who defends this perversion of a movie by SRK has only the mental ability to understand such movies. You cannot understand someone who wishes to rise above movie to make cinema. Teri agar itni hi aukaad hai, toh tu issi mein khush reh. But I want my country to be something better than “That dance and song country”. I want to see cinema made in this country, not just crap ass movies.

  124. Forgz says:

    Awesomeeee review dude… Like !! Like !! Like… πŸ˜‰

  125. jadedphotographer says:

    RA1 is the best movie evarrr!!!111one!!111eleven!!!

  126. venkat says:

    srk invested 150 crores so that you could create such an awesome comic strip! Give credit where it is due πŸ™‚

  127. Nidhi Thakur says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Epicnesss.

  128. Arjun Singh says:

    Totally loved the webcomic…. Was way more fun than watching that dumb movie..

  129. Purnima says:

    Loved the review!

  130. A says:

    Hey, you mean why is a Madrasi ‘Hindu’ getting a funeral?! Cuz there are Madrasi ‘Christians’ also, you know! Just sayinig!

    • Arbit Bond says:

      Does ‘Subramaniam’ sound christian to you? am jus sayin..

      • A says:

        Haha! Touche! You got a point there (almost)! But, it IS technically incorrect (and generalized) to say that a Madrasi doesn’t get a funeral! That’s all I’m saying =p

  131. Amit says:

    Just awesome. All bow down to the creator.. This thing should go viral πŸ™‚

  132. tenzin says:

    sorry sharukhji…was expecting a lot..but this movie is totally disappointing..:(..all the best next time

  133. Arbit Bond says:

    Amzing review…:) You are awesome..

  134. george says:

    man!…ur a legend bro… legend!..

  135. Elektron says:

    Bloody Brilliant!!!

  136. Anonymous says:

    Awesome review bro… you rock!

  137. […] course, there have been these awesomely funny, well written, well drawn out, reviews of Ra.One. But we all know my two cents is where it’s […]

  138. Dharm says:

    I slpet three time in movie, this is first time in my life :-(……………….. paisa waste movie….

  139. Rajat.Wtf says:

    See the movie to immunize self on the offhand chance of a prequel/sequel… FMITA thank you.

  140. user123 says:

    rajat n dharm,
    Go and watch BHOJPURI MOVIES.. Directors make bhojpuri movies for you villagers…

  141. user123 says:

    rajat n dharm,
    Go and watch BHOJPURI MOVIES.. Directors make bhojpuri movies for you villagers…
    Dont take the admin of this site with you guyz. He loves watching bhojpuri movies.. He begs 4 money to watch such movies..

  142. Jigisha says:

    Ra.One grosses Rs 170 cr in first five days, Break all Previous records

    Ra.One, Bollywood superstar Shahrukh Khan’s most ambitious project to date, has earned Rs 170 crore in the opening weekend, distributor said.

    Produced by Red Chillies and Eros International, Ra.One (released on October 26), grossed Rs 170 crore in first five days. The movie earned Rs 18 crore in India on opening day.

    So far, it has raked in Rs 137.25 crore (net collection of Rs 96 crore) in India, and Rs 32.75 crore overseas.

    “The film has created history by taking over the mantle of the biggest domestic earner so far. It has touched the highest individual collection in circuits such as Mumbai, Delhi, Punjab and Rajasthan. We see repeat viewings of the movie with the 3-D version being equally sought-after,” Nandu Ahuja of Eros International Media Ltd said.

    Even before the release, the makers had sold television broadcasting rights, reportedly, for Rs 40 crore, distribution rights for Rs 77 crore, while music rights were bought by T-Series for Rs 15 crore.

  143. Sam says:

    abhe chu … take one of em awards and make a dildo for urself.. install a h.a.r.t if u want an automatic .. u might even get oriental tatoos for urself …

  144. tejas says:

    You choosing to review this over Damadamm says a lot – about Ra.one’s publicity gimmicks and Himesh’s acting powers over Arjun Rampal’s.

  145. Prabhakar says:

    Was waiting for your review ever since the movie was released. Awesome work!!

  146. aditi says:

    Sahil Rizwaan Kamaaal!!! You’re the new SRK man you rock!!

  147. DazzlerKiran says:

    Awesome illustration. Shoulda found this before watching the movie….LOL

  148. Sgh says:

    Awesome! πŸ˜› SRK and common logic, eh? well, it’s a good thing to be hopeful but…

  149. Wishy says:

    The strip is Awesome! Hilarious! While watchin’ this movie, u get all those questions buzzing in ur mind the ones tht u ve written in the strip. U ve been generous here, giving many more irritating details a skip here… within first 10 mins of reeling, u come to kno u cnt just apply brains in an indian sci-fi flick tht mistakes a BOT for a Superhero. Technology is literally abused in the movie.
    Why can’t SRK give an expressionless face, ever? Even as a robo, he managed to arch eyebrows and pout lips…. 150Cr gone waste…

  150. sakshat says:

    This is by far the best review written .. hilarious is an understatement

  151. Simon says:

    Hilarious review as always. A clear GSOH.
    Also a treat was to read through the various comments of different kinds of people here. I do adore SRK, definitely not a fan; since those fans here seem to lack sense of humor (not to talk of logic)…countering with baseless points like SRK’s award list, Ra.one’s profit etc., while calling the others ‘villagers’ or ‘Bhojpuri movie audience’. Gotta LOL to that as well!
    Though Ra.one is to be appreciated for the technology brought in, but with a budget like that why make a mess of the storyline…the makers could have very well put more thought into it. Just saying =B

  152. ALIJA says:

    awesome interpretation of all the loopholes of the movie…..!!!!!! couldn’t stop laughing as i read through it!!

  153. shishira says:

    buzzingaa!!!! the sheldon eshtyle for bbt fans;) wel presented for the cartoon , and a big boo boo fopr ra !

  154. anant says:

    ok …

    dude all this cry a loud bout Funeral thing, it was not a christian funeral. It was an incinerator, you put it in a wooden box, and it was not lowered in ground but it moved ahead in the oven. thus the next scene was of ashes.

    Also first opening scene was not Hologram. What they might have shown was hologram but a hologram cant touch or affect. They were taking bout some new science where things can touch so its different “fiction” but depiction was one that we see as hologram.

    But rest there are lot of inspired scenes and lot of bad moments and yes lot of basic questionable things. Yeah all movies take sci-fi liberties, they can even be mythical …but still they are not crazy. I mean kid to play this game needs to be ninja himself.

    I wonder when you sit to read a script of a movie, forget your brand image of your name getting associated with some movie, i mean in this movie SRK you put in ur own damn money. How could you go ahead with somethin like that?

  155. Joanna says:

    Exactly what I was thinking through out the movie!

    Also, wanted to point out….why the fuck does the Chinese guy have a Japanese name, Akashi or Takashi (whatever *rolls eyes*)?!

    • anant says:

      Akashi was his name but it was the racist humor, like all oriental featured people are Chinese. thus it was said. I dont recall if it was categorically mentioned that he is from China or something.

  156. anant says:

    lets pull movie down for the potential it had… i mean Chang was better villain than Arjun, loopholes, stupid gay humor, less racism n crotch grabs… these destroyed the movie

    however it isnt fair to compare it with hollywood.

    IRobot – was made on a budget of 120mn $ that too in 2004 so that money is in today’s terms close to 180$mn

    Ra.One is made on 30mn$. So that shows in affects and science involved.

    • However... says:

      Sure, we should not compare B’wood movies to H’wood ones. However, when we’ve been hearing for the last year or so about how technologically awesome this movie is gonna be and how it could even be better than many H’wood sci-fi flicks, you can imagine our expectations.

      Also, things are cheaper in India. Labour, postequipment, sets, whatever. Except stars, of course. If SRK had spent a small amount of that 150 crores he spent to hire a good screenwriter rather than the 12-year-old kid who no doubt wrote this trainwreck, he’d have had much more success. Most of the money was spent on SRK, Kareena, Rampal, Tom Wu (?), Akon.

      • anant says:

        Totally agree with you,

        our most money goes down to clothes, bags and locales. If any was spent on script, story and production values it would have been brilliant. I mean this genre of movie had huge scope if done well in india. Still by lot of indian movie standards effects were done very seamlessly, however anyday effects in first fight in London were much more better than the last corny stupid fight

    • Rajesh says:

      But nobody is saying that the movie is bad in terms of special effects. In fact, those seem to be the only saving grace for the film. The movie is panned for the story (or the lack of it), the loopholes. Surely, you do not need a hollywood budget for a logical story. Story should be the primary focus for any movie; technology secondary.

    • AJ says:

      Now hang on a minute, why shouldn’t we compare Bollywqood movies to Hollywood movies. They are both competing for my 150 bucks aren’t they?

  157. AARTI says:


  158. user123 says:

    fuckin ass ADMIN..

  159. Kruti says:

    SRK Rocks….1st time ever hindi movie in VFX 3D effect…..Muah SRK! Love you for Ra.One!

  160. Sourav Ray says:

    VigilIdiot – totally awesome comic strip! THIS is what they should be projecting in the movie halls! πŸ™‚

  161. Ronak says:

    My God , Just Mind Blowing…http://www.thevigilidiot.com/wp-includes/images/smilies/icon_smile.gif

  162. […] does look like a TRON ripoff, doesn’t it?) If you haven’t heard of it or watched it, here’s a preview that can save you all the time and […]

  163. Tarun says:

    awesomest review i have read for the movie..
    2 moro I have to wait for 6 hours to catch a connecting flite and was planning to watch this movie, bt thanx 2 u, I will spend that time in a better manner..

  164. Pcprice says:

    Thers one insanity in this movie i CANT still understand………..

    Thats when the game was not exiting… and our chinese programmer calls Shekar to stop it….d so called Ra.one was getting programmed into the raone suit…………

    Both Shekar or Akashi cud hav just pulled off the machines power cables and stopped the creation of the Villain……!!!

    Common Sense no???

  165. jay says:

    hahaha laughed my a.. off !! dis comic strip wud b a blockbuster !! ,,, heard d title is bein changed 2 raw deal by public demand , )

  166. arohan says:

    hindus being buried or marrying in chruch is a favorite bollywood device to cater to a global audience

  167. Darshan says:

    The movie was sheer waste of time and money

  168. Tina says:

    Absolutely brilliant…The movie was a complete dud but this strip rocks

  169. user123 says:

    just check it out you pussy lickers….


    • Whatever says:

      @user123, Thanks for calling us “pussy lickers”. That’s better (and straighter) than what you do, cocksucker…

  170. You forgot the important bit where even though SRK was buried…… they spread his ashes on some river!!

  171. Prashant Vaghela says:

    This is the funniest shit I have ever seen writen about any hindi movie. Dude…you are one of a rare breed. Live long dude….there’s much more fodder coming from that monstrous fucking idiot.
    I have not read across your archives, but have you done something on “Pyaare Mohan” or “Familly”

  172. user123 says:

    fuck off u all

    • Whatever says:

      And a very polite fuck you too…

    • STFUser123 says:

      Dude, you’re fighting a losing battle here. 99% of commenters here believe (and know) Ra.One was just a shiny turd, but a turd nonetheless. Why don’t you go to some SRK fan site where everyone drops to their knees and kisses his feet and does other stuff people can do on their knees? Why come to a satirical review site which nitpicks and highlights every flaw and fault of a movie? You’re not gonna convert anyone to your cause by telling people to go fuck themselves and badmouthing people. You like SRK – fine! Many of us don’t – get over it!

  173. […] was definitely a unique experience for a Bollywood movie in terms of the special effects. There are plot holes aplenty in the movie, but if you go in without bias then it can be pretty entertaining (if you managed to sit through […]

  174. Fakingasm says:

    Sahil You so hot dude. Oh Gawd yeeeeees !! Oh Yeaaaaa!

  175. Hardik says:

    Dude.. I have been waiting for this review ever since SRK started publicity of this crap.. And you haven’t disappointed at all.. Awesome stuff.. BIG thumbs UP πŸ™‚

  176. Ramachandran says:

    All you youngsters are fools. These filmwallahs SRK,Karan Johar,Amitabh they dish out
    third class movies and you watch and say ha ha ha. how nicely they have acted. Even you
    will not worship God like the way you do Amitabh. What is so great about his acting.
    For acting you must see Kulbhushan,Naseeruddin shah etc. Amitabh the other day was
    ridiculing women in KBC when one of them wanted her husband to pick up lot of money in
    KBC. He was belittling them. I am asking why is he earning when his son and d-i-l are
    earning too. Our mad Adwallahs use him for ads as if there is no to-morrow and think
    as if he is permanent. There are so many better looking youngsters than this old hag
    and these adwallahs need pay them less only. By giving these fellas too much they
    are adding to cost of the products. dont you think so.

    • eshan says:

      well i too saw that episode of Amitabh(kbc),they were just sharing a light moment and it was just a joke yaar aur ab mazak bhi itna jyaada soch k karenge kya?……

  177. pepguru says:

    Well, what can I say? I’m blown away . Awesome shit !! Keep it up

  178. manu says:

    the movie is as bad as you say

  179. manu says:

    bad film deserves an all round kick

  180. Purnima says:

    πŸ™ might as well have read this comic instead of watching the movie ..waste of money + mental torture
    bollywood actors are nincompoop and the movies they make are poop

  181. wow! It’s an awesome comic. Good work guys. Never saw any cartoon made on Indian movie before. Keep going!

  182. SIDDHANT says:


  183. Shlok says:

    I admire you dude, u obviously spent more time on this comic strip than srk did on making ra one. You entertained me more that a 150 crore movie. RA-One chaman chutiya movie.

    I don’t know if anyone noticed it, but the background score is slightly similar to batman. I pity all the people who watched the movie.

  184. Shwet says:

    This review alone is worth what I spent on the movie. Hilarious! Can’t believe people are actually defending the movie here. Fuckin 170cr doesn’t say shit about the movie. It shows that we will watch just anything. Dabangg, Ready, Bodyguard, Golmaal 3 and Ra.One. This is a dangerous trend. Just as mindless saas-bahu soaps have conquered television, movies are fast becoming the norm and earning big bucks out of it too. Shudder to think of the future.
    As an aside, isn’t SRK being sued? Terminator, Tron, Ironman, Spiderman, Matrix, anyone?

  185. user123 says:

    tumhare baap ne kabhi 170 crore rupaye sune tak nhi honge bhosdi k..
    utne rupaye shahrukh ne ek movie mein laga diye..
    go and clean toilet of shahrukh’s home u fuckin ass..

  186. user123 says:

    ganwar ki aulaad ganwar hi hoti hai tabhi bhosdi k tujhe movie samajh nhi aayi hai… Sale chutiye

  187. Shwet says:

    Have a sneaking suspicion that the scriptwriters of the movie are posting here as user123.
    Can’t imagine anyone else taking offense like this.

  188. Chuth Khan says:

    user123 is SRK! lol πŸ˜€ lauda nahi hai kya chuthiye?! πŸ˜€

  189. user123 says:

    lauda hai tere aur tere baap dono ka mila le, us se bhi bada.. Muh mein dunga toh muh fat jayega bhosdi k

  190. Kurios9 says:

    xD I was waiting forever for this movie to hit the theatres so I could read your spoof on it. From the previews itself it was obvious it was going to be shit. And a major “Fuck You” to all the movie critics on sale.

  191. YEPME Fashion says:

    YEPME Fashion
    In Ra.One, a nerdy Shekar Subramanium (Shah Rukh Khan) works for a gaming company in London. Though his hot wife Sonia (Kareena Kapoor) doesn’t seem to mind his unhip get-up, his son Pratik (Armaan Varma) is less forgiving. He finds his father geeky and admires what he thinks is the ultra cool villain. To win the admiration of his son, Shekhar creates a game in which the villain Ra.One (Arjun Rampal) is invincible. Partik, a gaming enthusiast, defeats Ra.One at some level which annoys the villain. Ra.One finds a way to get out of the game into the real world to hunt and destroy his adversary. The only one who can control the powerful Ra.One is G.One, the good guy form the game. G.One takes on the appearance of Shekhar to combat Ra.One. Overall Ra.One is racy though it has its lagging moments. The movie starts off slow but then the second half gets more interesting. Scenes like the car chase and the reconstruction of Ra.One are cinematic delights. The novelty factor and visual effects are impressive. Though the movie is more accessible to people who are familiar with the gaming lingo.
    According to us at YEPME, Ra.One has a limited wardrobe on the fashion front. As, of course, the good and bad guys are sporting the superhero look. Body-hugging black skin suits with dashes of red or blue and capes dominate the screen. Arjun Rampal as Ra.One has a menacing presence. And out of the suit we see him mostly in jeans and a trench coat. Shah Rukh as the nerdy Shekar sticks to khakis and sweaters in neutral tones. He also sports a few jackets in subdued tones. Though in the β€œChammak Challu” dance number Shah Rukh sports a dashing tuxedo. But the scene stealer of the song is Kareena in her flaming red attire. In the rest of the movie, this yummy-mummy prefers trendy casuals.

  192. Prateeq says:

    i cant stop laughing,,,,..!!!!!!!!!!
    you are brilliant……… i love the comic.. these are the best in the world… especially the boxes where there are no dialogue…. i cant stop myself from bursting out loud…..

    with every movie i watch i come and look for ur reviews… its totally worth it..

  193. trisha says:

    Awesome review…gud tat i didnt watch the movie but read ur review.. πŸ™‚

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  195. Wewake says:

    Thanks man! Am going to troll so many people with this.

    And incidentally, did SRK sponsor your comic?

  196. oo la la says:

    Can v hv dis comic strip in 3D plz πŸ˜€
    Am jst glad he didnt make Sutil wear the G1 outfit n drive the Force India car!!

  197. foram says:

    I dont understand where do u get so much time to waste!!.. might as well do something really constructive and if u cant pls donate time!!

  198. user123 says:

    or he can get fucked instead of spending his fucking time here..
    the admin of this site is a beggar who feels jealous of the people who can spend money as per their requirement.. dude get a hard copy of your comic strip and i can bet nobody will be going to clean even his shit with that.. fuck off

  199. AK says:

    This was PRICELESS! I spit out half my breakfast juice πŸ˜€ Also the bubble-less portions where logic is defied is GOLD!

  200. CartGaZ says:

    ultimate one, you might add up as well one scene where they had
    karwa chauth first and than Dusshera. eeee srk messed up the order!!!

  201. randhir says:

    i like this dude!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!awsome! fantastic! captivating!

  202. Ra.One says:

    Hahaha you nailed it! I wish you went after all the anti-smoking PSAs too, but whatever…still hilarious and well-done!

  203. Prateeq says:

    When SRK dies.. he was taken in a coffin and then cremated.. though being a hindu… coz in UK it is mandatory to do so…..

    excerpt from wikipedia –

    In the UK, the body is not removed from the coffin and is not placed into a container as described above.[citation needed] The body is cremated with the coffin, which is why all UK coffins that are to be used for cremation must be made of combustible material. The Code of Cremation Practice forbids the opening of the coffin once it has arrived at the crematorium, and rules stipulate it must be cremated within 72 hours of the funeral service.[6] Thus, in the UK, bodies are cremated in the same coffin as they are placed in at the undertaker’s although the regulations allow the use of an approved ‘cover’ during the funeral service.[6] It is recommended that jewelry be removed before the coffin is sealed for this reason. After the cremation process has been completed, the remains are passed through a magnetic field to remove any metal, which will be interred elsewhere in the crematorium grounds, or increasingly, recycled.[citation needed] The ashes are then given to relatives or loved ones or scattered in the crematorium grounds where facilities exist.[7]

  204. user123 says:

    kareena says about the admin of this site-


    LoL πŸ˜€

  205. Tejaswini says:

    Awesome sauce, Sahil! Of course, this film offered u a comic on a platter. U aren’t even kidding in most of the frames πŸ˜€

  206. Vikram says:

    haha. Love your reviews which are far more hilarious and straight to point then a Nahta-Masand could ever be.

    What program you use for your strips Sahil? Very interesting!

  207. user123 says:


  208. Wadepool Wilson says:

    So one crapfest of a movie breaks the records set by another crapfest of a movie. And some idiot is actually celebrating that.
    Ans people wonder Bollywood is ridiculed all around the globe. 😐

  209. sri says:

    Sahil, i really love your sense of humor. i have been reading your comics for a long time now. i have a request – go easy on the cusswords. my eight year old daughter is an avid reader of your webcomic. honestly the cusswords hardly add value to your comic. for the sake of sounding cool, you are losing cross sectional readability. last year, these words were few and far between. now the comic is teeming with them. and becoz you started sounding crass, the replies and comments you elicit are also getting cheap and offensive. and was anything achieved in the process ?!?
    wish you would go back to the old sahil way – clean fun.

  210. Chhaya says:

    awesome!!!!!! Loved this, had more laughs here than in the movie, which was urghhhhhhhhhhhhh so disappointing!

  211. user123 says:


  212. user123 says:

    stop your daughter reading these nonsense comics else she will learn abusing words, that are written in this stupid comic by this fuckin idiot admin.. the words i used in previous comments are far far better than the words that are used in his fuckin hell comics.. but the abusive comics like this deserve abusive comments too.. save your daughter by stopping her reading these comics before her mind gets influenced badly..
    may god save us..!!

  213. GB says:

    Rockstaar. Pliss to. Pliss.

  214. Swati Sapna says:

    Hey there! Im a die hard SRK fan, but loved your comic nevertheless. Also must admit, I loved Ra.One πŸ™‚ I thought it was full masala and time-pass and a complete entertainer for all SRK fans. But I have to confess loved reading your take on it! Wish people wouldnt get all personal and abusive and take things to heart though! Its ridiculous… Anyway, hope you dont mind if i put in a link to this page on my blog review of Ra.One.
    Here is a link to my post. U find a reference right at the end of the post… http://theweekendepicurean.blogspot.com/2011/11/raone-and-caramel-custard.html

  215. Vijay says:

    Totally awesome! Watching the movie and reading your review makes me think if they should have tried a cartoon version instead…naaahhh i love cartoons – let’s not allow SRK to screw it!

  216. nvneeta says:

    I stopped checking this blog sometime in the first half of this year because Sahil stopped posting reviews. Earlier I would wait for Saturdays for the Vigil Idiot to make an appearance. I check back in today and was rewarded with so so many wonderful reviews, I have no words. Cheers Sahil! Glad to have my ‘argument’ back (I refer all my friends to your site when they fail/refuse to acknowledge the ‘craptacularness’ of such movies!)

    Love you!

  217. aaftaab says:

    WOMYGAAD !!!! This is Hillarious I say

    SRK Die hard Fans.. Pls Dont read…Else you will also DAI LOUGHFING

  218. Kapila says:

    Jesus this was hilarious! Genius really…I am a self professed SRK fan but I thoroughly enjoyed the read…wrote something similar on my blog – was a lot less critical though…nicely drawn

  219. Ashu Sindhu says:

    Oh… I just love it ….
    Its really entertaining!!!!!

  220. mbvb says:

    You forgot that even after he’s buried Christian style, they have his ashes…. And VT station!! With Ganpati Bappa!! And him flying around with Kareena (no pallu)!! And omg! FARISHTEY!!!How could you forget that?????????

    AND KARVACHAUTH!!!!!!!!!

  221. Shil says:

    Have been reading your reviews from a long time now. Some of your reviews were pretty good but it kinda seems like the quality is going down. Profanity is not a substitute for good humour.

  222. this punchline is so kool that I shared it on my facebook

  223. Meenakshi says:

    holy cow!! πŸ˜›

    I think I will stop watching the crappy movies of these days and read these comics instead!. and I thot I was the only one who thought aajkal all/most movies ar ecrappy!

  224. […] Interesting experiences S Anand A month ago, I was at the theatre watching Ra.One. The movie was terrible, yet enjoyable. But I’m going to talk about something else – a song I heard that caught my […]

  225. Ditej says:

    This is a shitty review_____Probably done by some guy who is as lame as this review…
    I hope this doesn’t hurt you man____cuz you have put such hard work making these irritating drawings and writing silly jokes___Sorry___Poor jokes with poor execution….
    But don’t get hurt….cuz this is what people will say about your drawings(review) except Salman’s fans who are mostly biharis who like watching third grade sluts dancing to vulgar lyrics__

    And yea….don’t get disheartened after reading this__And you fully deserve my comment…you know why?? because what I’m doing to you right now is what you have done to someone’s hard work…and for better or for worse___I am glad this movie came out cuz now i have seen some real bollywood heroic stuff…And check out IMDB___the movie has got a metascore of 60/100 from hollywood critics….i.e. collective metascore of wanted, dabbang and bodyguard…lol…and i don’t care what you guys reply…. DOGS BARK WHEN ELEPHANT WALKS__PEACE

  226. vishnu agarwal says:


  227. Sanjay from mumbai says:

    Watch Tom Cruz’s ,MI4 Now don’t make mistake again , Don’t go to watch DON 2 Why to watch DON 2 , inferior quality over hyped ,(high marketing like Ra-one).
    fooling people , low quality special effects of DON 2(didn’t got lesson.
    from RA-one? ) better to? watch Mission Impossible 4 which is 1000.
    time better quality , action , Budget (850 crore plus ).which will be releasing a.
    week before or at same day.better watch on television as it will be aired on TV without any cuts as it is not Adult film like THE DIRTY PICTURE, DON 2 has Childish dialog, THE DIRTY PICTURE have some of the Best dialog s and is one of the best made movie , Hats off for Vidya Balan.


  228. SpankMac says:

    First of all, brilliant comic – as usual!

    Second, I went through the comments and found this particularly interesting person with the imaginative name user123. And someone probably hit the nail right on the spot – it must be one of the script-writers, or King Khan himself. That would also explain the lack of imagination in the name, but I digress…

    user123, this is a brilliant movie, right? These other people don’t understand technology. Come, you and I will go and appreciate holographs and motion-capturing suits coming to life with laser-shooting powers.

  229. SpankMac says:

    One small doubt, Mr. user123. You said so eloquently, “Never criticise or praise things at the basis of comparison”… Um, what exactly are you doing to:
    (1) This comic review, and
    (2) Bhojpuri movies?

  230. RP says:

    I got linked here by a friend and absolutely loved the comic. I wrote a similar review of the movie. Check it out, http://radhamania.blogspot.com/2011/12/raone-not-worst-movie-ive-ever-seen-but.html

  231. PP says:

    What are all the diehard bollywood fans doin on this site? Anyways – These strips are better than any of the movies they are about. Good job Sahil, as always!

    I’ve read some of the posts here – pains to see the level of people we have in this country, no wonder these ‘piece of shit’ movies still make big bucks. (before the haters come in droves, let me mention – the last hindi movie i paid to watch was Omkara, several years ago!).

  232. Deepti says:

    Hey Sahil, can I just say I think I’m in love with you πŸ˜€
    Earlier I used to be on the lookout for the rare good movie coming out but now i squeal in excitement at every crappy one being churned out coz I know you’ll do due justice to it ;))
    Wokay, may the crapfestivities continue…woot, woot!!

  233. Nikhil says:

    I just have to watch this movie ! epic comic! laughed fr 20 minutes!

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  235. Hardik Joshi says:

    This movie was made for you DUDE!!! How could one leave so many illogical twists…..and spend 100 crores for it!! It was all done to help vigilidiot.com increase its site hits πŸ˜›

    Hope you have met Shahrukh personally and thanked him for this πŸ™‚ and asked him to come up with such scripts more consistently.

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  237. omkar says:

    hey now that is what i call a review you should even make strips on other bollywood disasters

  238. rivu says:

    hey you ediot dudo shut up your mouth and dont tell anything about ra one you ediot fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  239. raghav says:

    hilarious please do a review of “jaani dushman ek anokhi kahaani” please i’m dying to see that

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  241. Shaily Saluja says:

    Absolutely fantastic! Went berserk!

  242. Dr. Nayar says:

    My fun was spoilt very early on when you used the word “madrasi”. In case it’s not obvious, that word is an ethnic slur, plain and simple. The equivalent of the n-word to us. Most South Indians are too wussy to call people out on it, but, lest this not be clear, we have NOT co-opted that word like blacks have with the other word. If supposedly educated Indians like you can use it repeatedly so flippantly, then we are indeed at a sad state of affairs.

  243. Chandan says:

    Man you are just awesome

  244. Shireen says:

    This was amazing, I never got around to watching the movie, which now I am thankful for, but I am sure there couldn’t be a better review for it.

    Loved the Madrasi Dad getting a Christian Funeral – couldn’t stop laughing..and I am reading this at work – made my day…!!

    And then there was the “Mummy! Cheatercock!”

    You are amazing and truly gifted…never stop this work…

  245. Sonal says:

    The only reason of watching this movie was me being a srk fan, but nonetheless a good effort. Btw I have found a new app to cater to all your movie needs and not only that also help u sorted them out too. Check it out at flickstree.com!