Unintentionally Funny, Must-Watch Bollywood Movies: My Name Is Khan

Well, enough has been said about this movie to fill a thousand such customary intros, so I won’t bother. Suffice it to say that Taran Adarsh rated the movie 5 1/2 stars in a syndicated review that I can’t find the link to anymore. And, because I consider everything that man says with the seriousness of the impending 2012 apocalypse, it is with a heavy heart that I present this comic to you.


Rating 4.66 out of 5
Thank you for voting!

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352 Responses to “Unintentionally Funny, Must-Watch Bollywood Movies: My Name Is Khan”

  1. Arun says:

    Man-I was waiting for this piece ever since I saw this piece of CR@P. Loved your work (have always loved it)…but never so much as this!!!

  2. RJ says:

    I haven’t seen the movie yet but I can bet my ass that it’s not going to be half as entertaining as your comic! Rock on, dude!

    • Reddy says:

      SRK went over the board and acted like a retard rather than an Aspergers aptient so I doubt if any rational person would even make it half way through

  3. Shashwat says:

    You are awesome Sir!

  4. jkd says:

    JIJUZ! LMAO brother!!! Damn, i just KNEW what they gave out in the MM yesterday was tooooo tame a shredding!!! *Standing-ovation+Wolf-whistles* ….
    PS: Yea, wtf was TA all ab t5and a half stars !!!!
    heheheheheheheheheh- @ ‘MILF-hunting!’.. WICKED!!!!

  5. anita says:

    see, i KNOOO it! i just knew that given an awesome enough film, you’d munch into it well. esp loved the bbc mein sub kuch chalta hai… could almost HEAR the words!

  6. JD says:

    “I am Barkha Dutt”… hahahaha…

  7. AA says:

    You must be in a bad mood to have come up with such a harshly sarcastic review. Sure there were flaws but the tearjerker aspect and intelligently handled control over the whole movie by Karan, is well worth ignoring minor issues. Here’s my review with good and bad: http://webwanderings.wordpress.com/2010/02/15/my-review-of-shah-rukh-khan-starer-my-name-is-khan/

    • Khan says:

      Dude who cares about ur review……do u think anyone gonna read it and think u r a genius….

      the review here exactly depicts how the movie is……so dont worry

      • Iv says:

        This is shit, but not review. Film is good!

        • Sunny says:

          Movie is good???!?@?!?#!?@#!??~?~!!??!?!!?#@??!@!@?#!?@#?!#
          i cant laugh more….

        • Nick says:

          Fuck You !!!! Did you watch MNIK or something else.

          This Movie was a piece of Crap. It was sold as a serious movie. What it showed was SRk playing a retard with Asperger’s Syndrome (the deceased has no emotions) full of shitty hindi film dialogues , pataoing kajol with his retardedness and you said you liked it. Not to forget the Negro village which was almost half drowned due to hurricane but the villagers did not care to move out atleast till the cyclone receeded. Ahhha! but Jimmy Shergill and co. can enter the village.

          When you are a Retard, you should act like a Retard! Not in this case where SRK the chutiya is shown as some kind of a genius, building pumps and saving villages. FUck this SHIT!

          • Nick says:

            Not to mention the fact that HOW THE FUCK is a black American choir group supposed to understand Hindi. Shit me not ! this was the biggest CRAP that KJo sold packaged as raw beef and people like IV are buying it to make beef cutlet….

          • SATZ says:

            DUDE mind your language agreed you dint like the movie cool opinions differ .. so there is no reason for you to use words on a man who has immense fan followin all over the world

    • ROHIT says:

      What was good in this movie ???

    • Abdullah Usman Khan says:

      Are people mad?! Well yes, they are, that is how these movies are made and people flock to the theathres. Make them richer for poor shit they make. Wow. “Sure there are flaws”. There should be a FULL BLOODY STOP after that. Why? Not enough money? Or he wont be earning enough money? Sad parthetic crap this is. And I loved your review man. So very happy to stumble upon this. I hate how people go, “Oooh, it has this, and a little bit of that, and that too! So I’ll love to see it cuz I’m a total retard!” Fuck. Sad state of ignorance. Compromise in every sense is what people happily choose. They WANT it! And yeah, I just love the way plywood and shit is being sold by this movie. Way before it’s release the ads are everywhere, and people don’t find that offensive one bit! Sad sad shit. I’ll give you an example. You like butter. You also like cinnamon lets say. And eggs. And chicken. Or Pasta. And cheese. And perhaps mustard. Let’s just mix everything in whateverthefuck way we want. You’ll love the result cuz it had stuff you like! That’s it. Not how it’s been put. Where, when, how much of it. What kind. Nothing. You’re just elated to see it all there. Ignorant fucks.

      • cheaplaughs says:

        LMAO! I really liked your “I’ll give you an example” part! That was hilarious!!!

  8. Thomas says:

    I was checking this site for your review ever since MNIK was released. I’m addicted to your reviews. Great comics!! Keep ’em coming.

  9. Thomas says:

    And like someone said, I can vouch that the movie isn’t half as good as your review.

  10. Rosh says:

    I was expecting something more considering the crap this movie is, but still, its good.

    The 5 and half rating was genius 🙂

  11. Chuck says:

    Saved me 250 bucks and another 150 on popcorn. Thanks ;D

  12. krudebox says:

    this one’s epikkhh. (from the epiglottis)..
    but was expecting a jab on the English version of Hum Honge Kaamyaab after his heart-wrenching speech at the choir done in Hindi which all the others understood and wept.

    • Agyaani says:

      although I quite liked the movie, your review was hilarious..
      Krudeboxx’s comment above was epikkh ..lol

    • SPK says:

      Hey, digressing a bit – isn’t “Hum Honge Kamyaab” the Hindi version of “We shall overcome”?

      • Sm0k1n Jo3 says:

        ‘Hum honge Kaamyab’ was the literal translation of ‘We Shall overcome’, a popular protest song penned during the Afro-American Civil right movement durin 1950’s & 60’s. KJo didn’t translate it to English 😛 😛

        • SPK says:

          Yes, and that is not something most people know…forget KJo…most people think the Americans copied it from us…

  13. Roopa says:

    Great job on the web comic and summary of MNIK! Please check out my MNIK webcomic that I posted last week!


  14. Andy says:

    BWAHAHAHAAHHAAHHAHAHA absolutely awe man…i thought u were a fan of all SRK films and u did not feature much of SRK here..but this strip….just undid that…..awesome one…

  15. Anita says:

    I actually liked this movie, but I’ve got enough of a sense of humour to have laughed my ass off at your comic. Love your work and this one’s no exception!! XD

    • anishh aryan says:

      You seem so proud of your great sense of humour…As if this cartoon strip creator or anyone else would have given a crap, if you couldn’t stomach this post 😀 No offence

  16. karthik says:

    super dude! you are back to form. u left shivsena though!

  17. Mufaddal says:

    I had made a resolve last year not to see any SRK movies, and man, your review proves he is not worth watcching. Full of sham actor.

    Your review rocks \m/

  18. Yesssss…I was waiting for your review ever since I watched this stupid movie…and this was pretty good. I was hoping you’d add in the whole-black-hole-ness that is Wilhemina and how everyone can go there but no one can leave the place.

  19. Rc says:

    That Barkha Dutt strip made me laugh like hell 😀
    Take a bow!!

  20. Revanth says:

    Could’nt stop laughing ….too good!

  21. Ankur says:

    Rocking review as always.

    The Taran Adarsh comment is hilarious (and so true). BTW, Mr Adarsh works for Bollywood Hungama (see his Twitter page: http://twitter.com/taran_adarsh) and surprise, surprise – Bollywood Hungama is an official partner of MNIK along with Zoom etc (they all feature in initial credits). No wonder why all these channels are harping MNIK to no end.

    • RT says:

      2 things worth mentioning: the asslickers Taran Adarsh n Barkha Dutt…hilarious! 😀
      On a serious serious note: Taran Adarsh is the height of corruptness..he gives 5 and a half (?!) stars to MNIk, 4 to Blue, 3.5 to kurbaan n de dana dan..is he even aware of his job? Ppl spend their hard earned money on these movies just going by the reviews and the ratings! 200 bucks may be nothing for these chamchas but is a LOT fr aam junta! Wat a fuckal!

      Anyway, ur MNIk review covers EVERY aspect of the hype..be it the protests, sanfrancisco sunrise (wtf?), barkha dutt..this is a BANG On review! wud have loved u include “hum honge kamyab” n 1983 (?) riots? n y not, any spoof on KJo 😛 ?

  22. Awesome-osity! its no surprise that the vigil idiot is collectivity’s first pick of india best blogs!


  23. sunny says:

    LOL …thanks for noticing kajol’s over zealous make up…

  24. My name is Aditya and I give a Big BIG thumbs up to this one! 🙂

  25. utterflea says:

    Sirji, awesome indeed. I cried in agony during this stupid flick and kept wondering about the fugwit film critics in this country – five stars for this CRAP. Like, was there a generous greasing of palms or what?

  26. Sagar says:

    You should send a copy of this to Mr. Taran Adarsh 🙂

    I can’t believe he called KJo “one of the finest story tellers of our generation”. Johar essentially makes the same worthless movie every single time …

    Awesomely done again! Looking forward to more reviews 🙂

  27. Dude, you’re back!!! Cant’t stop laughing!! The final word on MNIK hopefully, after covering the madness for the whole of last week and sitting through the IINTERMINABLE 3 hours last night!!!

    But I think you can make ANOTHER comic out of it, the movie provides so much material. Kajol’s FIRST dialogue, which she delivers to SRK and then goes back to cutting hair!! And ya, Hum honge Kamyab…and we shall overcome…and hum honge kamyab agaain, yikes!! And by the way, which hindu muslim riots happened in Mumbai in 1983??

    Anyway, good work!! 🙂


  28. Lakshya says:

    Well i was waiting for this since Saturday!and boy it did come up(bit late ,bt chalega)

    Even i took note of the flaws,that you rightly pointed ,bt as the movie proceeded it swooped by the movie…and totally forgot about the flaws!
    And yes i am with those guys who say that MNIK was awesome. But that doesn’t stop me from appreciating your work!
    Good Job! 🙂

  29. gauri rajan says:

    brilliant! send it not only to taran adarsh but also nikhat kazmi, subhash k jha and all the other paid pimps of the media. and of course karan johar, shah rukh khan and shibani bhatija. subhash jha, btw, called this “the movie that frank capra would have made, had he been alive”!

    • pawan taneja says:

      bang on for pointing out nikhat kazmi. she just continues to doll out such crap reviews that one wonders how these people continue to work for such reputed columns and appear on big tv shows

  30. manish shah says:

    good for you, sahil.wondered if you were also compromised as part of the media manipulation that was a part of the post release hype. never was so embarrassed sitting in a theatre and cringing at the khantics and the muslim propoganda. the worst was we shall overcome. so now the implication is that muslims are the new black. don’t know who is more naive, khan&johar, the manipulated media or the paying public.

    • Swati says:

      Muslim propaganda? WTF? The movie sucked because of incompetent actors and the director, but the message is timely. It is shameful that a wonderful message of peace and humanity was lost in the whole K-Jo bollywoodisation.

      • Abdullah Usman Khan says:

        Im with Swati. And yeah, what is a message which is so flawed that it actually almost becomes something else totally? The “Message” is a whore here. No, wait, even a whore get’s something out of it. And yeah, Muslim Propaganda? Muslim appeasing? WTF? I’m Muslim. And I have brains. And I’m mad pissed at the fucking name of the movie. I went mad and mocked it when I saw its trailer During AVATAR! This is shit. I’m not for it. And it does me no good. Does noone any good infact. Fuck!

  31. Sruj says:

    Hands down….AWESOME!!!! No need to spend 300 bucks on movie tickets+200 bucks on food+ 40 on parking+ 200 on petrol…NOPE SIR….FREE FREE FREE!!! better than the shitty film

  32. RJ says:

    Amazing.. Btw, din’t like the abuses against some real world people(e.g. Barkha Datt). There is a lot of diff betn abusing and criticizing. Your work is worth being very popular only if you abuse only the movie and criticize people.

  33. The Bald Guy says:

    ROFL !!!

    This is better than the actual movie dude!

  34. Shruti says:

    All you need now is a song number and it’s GOLD.

  35. Arvind says:

    You saved people some money !
    and provided entertainment instead !

    god bless you! 😀

  36. Harish C Menon says:

    All I can say is… 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 :D…

    Part of it reserved for myself… for obvious reasons….

  37. Ramaa Ramesh says:

    You know what, Sahil… I enjoy your reviews more when I haven’t watched the movie yet.
    Also, that way I can watch the movie later with your review opened up and laugh my way through it.

  38. Kamran says:

    Lovely Lovely Lovely comic strip… I really appreciate your sense of humor.. you rock man!!!

  39. Henna says:

    Haha. Awesomeness once again 😀 Though it was ‘PBC’ not ‘BBC’ lol 😛

  40. Henna says:

    Btw, they copied your stick figures in the movie. You must sue them! 😛

  41. | Balu | says:

    Abso-frikkin-lutely the movie sucked! Oh there were also these hazaar scenes where he would lecture these firangis in hindi and they would all nod along as if they understood everything. It was such bull shit!

  42. AM says:

    just awesome…

  43. Aditya says:

    Haven’t seen the movie yet, and no plans in the near future….. I don’t expect much out of K-Jo’s movies….. So I don’t bother to watch them….. This comic is just kick-ass and made a seemingly boring movie into an entertaining one…. now i dont need to waste money on movie tickets or DVDs (later on).

    All the ruckus over the movie so far was a marketing gimmick, methinks! I don’t think so any of the members of the MNIK team will care as much as a tiny rat’s ass about the ones who ‘supported’ them for the release of the movie (read: fans) ….after the hype is subsided! Although, it is a pity that the people are misled by issues to watch a horrid 160-odd minutes of Cull-Brap! 😉

  44. Madhavan says:

    El Brillianto, sir! Reminded me of ye olde Mad Magazine stuff.
    Afraid it takes a long time to download such a long jpeg. Anyway you can fix that?
    Am going to share it on FB and Twitter…and yes, if you are up to it, please catch my own MNIK review essay, a bit of a takeoff which is somewhat in the same spirit but in a very different, serious way. (My Weblink’s there)

  45. Pal says:

    This was hilarious!! Brilliant too. And now I dont need to waste time watching such crap. Kudos on a super duper hit review. Bet its better than the movie itself 🙂

  46. Sandip says:

    Well I wud say u r right but I still liked the movie…I love ur strips.they are awesome

    If there is a list of people I wouldnt like to watch a movie with, you will top the list. Coz the way u dissect a movie. I mostly ignore holes in the script and enjoy the movie unless they are the size of a crater(like in Wanted [hollywood and bollywood], veer, pyaar impossible etc) I can forsake logic during the 2 hours when I am watching a movie 😉

  47. Preyas Shah says:

    Totally awesome review!! Highly inspirational stuff..keep it coming

  48. rao says:

    absolutely rocking..

  49. Edwin says:

    All hail the writer..

  50. J Star says:

    Love Love Love this!!!!!!!!!
    Totally hilarious!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D:D:D

  51. Bhel says:

    HA ha ……………….. i pity u sahil, u have to tolerate such shit to write these reviews 😛

  52. 3:16 says:

    superb work… nice art… this proves that you didnt like the movie at all & still you remember everything of it… good 1…
    Actually i liked the movie a lot and even your work too. i have already seen the movie twice. I do accept that Taran Adarsh is a bakwaas reviewer. i dont trust his reviews. i didnt even read his review for MNIK. but his ratings are perfect. i am not at all angry on your & others comments as everybody have their right to show their likes & dislikes… but boss you rock for this cartoon.

  53. Been laughing at this one for hours! Absolutely brilliant! “My name is khan and my acting sucks! “

  54. Mohini says:

    Lol! I personally loved how Kajol blackmails an asperger’s patient that she will Kill her self while knowing he will take it verbatim. And yes, The HINDI, the HINDI.. I didnt know Hindi was a common language of the americas. We really are taking over the country there. The movie was a joke. but compared to kurbaan, the propagan-ism was far less. And i have to accept.. the message was good for the people, who, like dig this sort of film.

  55. sophie says:

    This movie has flaws like everyone movie does…even 3 Idiots was crap in some ways, specially the delivery of the baby in the end using a vacuum pump! Doctors must have been put to shame watching such utter trash..Similarly MNIK also has loopholes, never the less in your mockery of the movie, u have conveniently removed the message that the movie was trying to convey and deprived many people from receiving the message…everything is not humorous including the death of a 13 yr old! Anyways u r a sick person for who everything is a joke…I am not even a SRK fan but I liked this movie inspite of all its flaws and bullshitness..simply coz the take home message was sensible..’Humanity is above all religions’

    • Sans says:

      Actually have you seen the review of 3 idiots on this blog. He did point out all the flaws u mentioned. And also the message tht you speak of has been delivered in every possible way by bollywood since the 1970’s, the only difference here is that KJo and SRK have alot of money. Now the point tht makes MNIK utter crap, like many other tht have tried to use post 9/11 US setting, is that they proceed with the setting in a very stereotypical, melodramatic way. I mean cmon moviemakers, why are you actively reinforcing stereotypes and cliches (aboutt both desi’s and whites)

      Also remember in hindsight how SRK had an incident in the US while shooting for MNIK with interrogation at an airport.. Didn’t think much of it then, in hind sight seems like tht was PR bullshit too, like a self endorsement of the so called “message”

      • Sameer says:

        I think then he should remove the Movie Review tag from the titles! His comics are cool but not as reviews! The movie was okay not as bad as the “review” is suggesting. Review is not criticism just for the definition.

  56. Baj says:

    Maan…i’ve totally lost respect for TOI film reviewers. The movie totally lived upto my expectations from these jokers. Typical Bollywood melodrama,nonsense and bad acting by SRK. Reminds me of those freedom fighting TV shows from the 80s.

  57. Jagzilla says:


    So what?
    So the movie had a take home message. Is it worth the hoopla and 300 bucks?

  58. Dude, you seriously ought to stop making these comics: I think I will never watch another movie in the theatre, ever! 😀

  59. aarkayne says:

    saahil – one point, you must put a spoiler alert in front of your ‘reviews’….for no review should be giving away plot points. What you do her is retell the story, which i TOTALLY dig…but for the sake of people that do want to catch a movie, they should read your stuff AFTER and laugh about it…just a suggestion….

    otherwise, this strip is exactly what you need after watching someone with faux-assPurger syndrome….inspite of SRK’s overall ok job with the acting, KJo really needs to get rid of the umbilical cord that binds him and SRK to grow some cinematic whiskers…until then he will remain the same 13 year-old he depicts in the movie and he’s killing us with his lofty, hollow interpretations on what the world view should be!!!! God bless us all.

  60. amol says:

    this is totally Fawesome, the previous few reviews were quite off the mark set by you, this one is bang on

  61. amol says:


    there is something called sarcasm.
    talking about message, every terrorism movie had some message to take home. whats so special about this to give 5 stars and the hype

  62. siddharth says:

    u are a good man

  63. Amita says:

    Hey, this was too good. Far more entertaining than the movie, I am sure!

  64. greycellsinxs says:

    your interpretation is way better than the movie. thanks for the laugh!

  65. Amandeep Singh says:

    you lost my interest when you used the phrase “mentally challenged”

  66. RT says:

    OMG…y r ppl going all morally crazzy???? It is just a (very good) spoof on the movie..death of 13 yr old, mentally challenged ppl..they r all fictitious events of this movie…i loved this strip (even though i m a HUGE fan of SRK Kajol).. Ppl ought to have some sense of humor…
    The movie makers/the paid reviewers cant take the audience fr granted..thats the MAIN message of Sahil’s comic strips..single man help fr katrina, hum honge kamyab, hindi speaking americans etc etc..i mean, what do these guys think us?? This is aptly titled Unintentionally Funny Movies…and so was 3 idiots one..despite being numero uno in BO Collections!

  67. Vivek Sharma says:

    Haa haa.. ROTFL.. LMAO.. not seen the movie but will surely see it now.. :-).. still ROTFL and typing at the same time.. I loved SRK’s surprised reaction ‘What the BHEN??’

  68. Pathik says:

    Awesome review. Had me in splits. I haven’t seen a Bolly movie in 6 months now. Your reviews are much better.

  69. Wewake says:

    Dude it was awesome because of two lines:
    1. My name is Khanna
    2. You kept the beard – got going!

    You just saved me 150+ on a theatre experience!

    Dare I say, you might be the single biggest threat to the bad movie industry (98% of bollywood) since pirated cds and the Internet.

  70. Mrutyunjay says:


  71. Vishal says:

    This is freaking hilarious! ROTFL!

    (I didn’t get the last one though: “Never again, Mumbai!”. Someone care to explain? Thanks!)

  72. ankit says:

    back to your best!! i was waiting for this for sometime, especially since some ppl have been raving about this movie. disguised, covered up aspergers crap is still crap 😛

  73. Abhishek says:

    Truly Epic man. Fuckin A+. Barkha Dutt can kiss my German Shepherd’s Hairy ass, coz this is the bestest maddest raving review I’ve ever seen of a Movie!

    Keep up the good work mate! Cheers! LMFAO!

  74. Aneesh says:

    You rock man! All u MNIK fans…suck on this one!!

  75. Kabir says:

    Great art work idea, funny rather…but the movie was one of the worst films I have seen.

  76. RaviBansal says:

    I am sure this strip is better than the movie which i havent seen yet…awsome work

  77. Richa says:

    Loved it!

  78. usman latif khawaja says:

    i was amused offended frustrated and than infuriated -at people who say this is a movie -it is the worst circus and shop of horrors i have ever seen -kjo and srk ought to be lynched and so should kajol –

    my name is karan and i make kinema that is krap with a ckapital k -and the 3 ks FOR 3 IDIOTS are -kajoL karan and khan –
    and i kopy the title too

  79. Nabamalika says:

    hahahahaha @”hain? what the bhen?” waaaaaaaaay funny, Sahil!!

  80. Jeet Hormuz says:

    Sahil – YOU ROCK !!

  81. Shantanu says:

    Screw You, Man ! :X

    You don’t insult Mr. Khan !
    I love the way Shah Rukh Khan played his role !
    And he didnt have a condition of ‘Asparagus’ !

    He was playing the role of a ‘Pigeon’ !
    *looks around disguising to be autistic whilst saying “ghutarrrrr guuuu”*

  82. Ashish says:

    Studying journalism.. seen a lotta reviews and never seen sum1 review a film the way u do.. disagree with a few things but LOVE the cartoons and the style in general.. not sure what a good idea it is to reveal the whole story, frame by frame, though..

  83. Priyushka says:

    My NAME is Khan ? ha ha ha.. Then what is his SURNAME ? 😛
    Pathetic movie

  84. Anupama says:

    Awe-some!!! Almost bust a gut laughing but also now secretly want to watch said movie to ensure how ridiculous it really is and how wickedly accurate review is! Maybe I should’ve used a pseudonym?

  85. ajnabi says:

    “Right… Because that’s what they teach us 11 year old kids in U.S. public schools now.”

    Sahil, I think I love you.

    (Don’t tell my husband.)

  86. chinchun says:

    this movie is full of shit..n unintentionally junta hv 2 see this load of CRAP..

  87. KSR says:

    Unintentional comedy and an assault on intelligence. You forgot to mention the hilarity when Khan simply walks (not swim) in waist high water but the “village” couldn’t walk out? All the muslim were miraculously able to fly/drive during the hurricane and walk right into the church but the town people couldn’t leave? Karan Johar should stick to his bubble gum bollywood crap and leave the serious stuff to talented grownups.

    • manu shah says:

      my thoughts eggsactly, KSR! the downpour and khan behaving like moses in kneedeep water have left me deeply scarred!

  88. kong kahn says:

    dude as usual cool stuff! hey can you brighten up your comments section wherein people can just respond through gifs , jpegs and any sort of pictures as such : ) ?? makes that more fun to read and maybe we can come up with some stick figure cartoons man ahaha …just a thought would that be possible??
    laugh on man ! u rockin !
    my name is kahn and am not a goalkeeper

  89. Sahaj Shekhar says:

    awesome strip dude.
    love the way you shine out the hypocrisy in the movie business !!

    keep it up good sir

  90. Swetha says:

    I think u are gettin back in form again!! (u were a little soft on some of the recent movies) This is my first comment on ur blog….totally love ur work. The best i hav read so far, has to be Kurbaan, 3 idiots, Avatar (liked bitchybitch feedback too), veer, to name a few… keep up the good work!!

  91. Biplab says:

    Are you guys reading the newspapers lately? Everyone is busy sucking SRK’s dick, especially TOI. ITs like, they’re competing in dick-sucking.

  92. Ami says:

    How is it that u’ve managed to highlight ALL the things I was uncomfortable with regarding the screenplay in just a few frames? I’d need a whole bleeding essay to capture them. Nice~

  93. Geetali says:

    You killed me, mate, you simply did. You made all those other reviewers look like sanctimonious asses!
    Your fan.

  94. suma says:

    great one….. keep up the work

  95. ashwin says:

    Nicely done. Keep it up.

    Bookmarking the link.

  96. Rahul says:

    Dude..U are gud at comics, ur sense of humor is gr88..But lemme tell u are not even a bit close to the work of SRK n Karan Johar..SRK has done a superb job dis time, and ppl like u just know how to giggle n mock..n find faults..

    Ur comic in itself has numerous flaws, so is the case wid all the bollywood and hollywood movies..but u need to luk at the bigger picture..tht d movie did instill a feeling of humanity in everyone (i suppose it did)..n its a super duper hit at box office..

    Keep up the comic part though !! but now alwz by bringing others work down..

    P.S: Next cme up wid a comic making fun of Sachin Tendulkar wen he scores another century in a lost match..

  97. Sam Muthappa says:

    man.. fantastic.. we need to get this out to the ppl.. movies like om shanti om and my name is khan deserves this kinda treatment.. a whole lotta bull shit.. its been a decade already.. get over the 9/11 tragedy.. move on.. we get the point…..

  98. Asif says:

    I kinda liked the movie with the expectation (“ZERO”) I went with. But I liked your comic strip more!! Its frikkin awesome man!!
    cheers to the kickass job!


  99. Anoop says:

    Totally awesome.

    My thoughts on the movie are quite similar. I think MNIK is strictly meant for Bollywood fans who haven’t seen Rainman, Forrest Gump, Adam, etc. SRK’s marketing tactics are a class apart, beyond any doubt.

    Keep rocking, buddy.

  100. P M Krishnakumar says:

    Awesome Work… Story of us Indians…. Sychophantic, Malicious and Deceptive to the Power N……………

  101. P M Krishnakumar says:

    Why Indians don’t give back to society

    Some characteristics unite Indians.The most visible is our opportunism
    Why don’t we worship Brahma? We know he’s part of the Hindu trinity as the creator, but we worship Vishnu, manager of the cosmos, and Shiva, its eventual destroyer. The answer lies not in religion, but in culture. But in what way does our religion shape our culture?
    Weber explained the success of capitalism in the US, Germany and Britain as coming from their populations’ Protestant faith. This ethic, or culture, was missing from the Catholic populations of South America, Italy and Spain. Protestants, Weber said, extended Christianity’s message of doing good deeds, to doing work well. Industry and enterprise had an ultimate motive: public good. That explains the philanthropists of the US, from John D. Rockefeller to Andrew Carnegie to Bill Gates.
    What explains the behaviour of Indians? What explains the anarchy of our cities? To find out, we must ask how our behaviour is different.
    Some characteristics unite Indians. The most visible is our opportunism. One good way to judge a society is to see it in motion. On the road, we observe the opportunism in the behaviour of the Indian driver. Where traffic halts on one side of the road in India, motorists will encroach the oncoming side because there is space available there. If that leads to both sides being blocked, that is fine, as long as we maintain our advantage over people behind us or next to us. This is because the other man cannot be trusted to stay in his place.
    The Indian’s instinct is to jump the traffic light if he is convinced that the signal is not policed. If he gets flagged down by the police, his instinct is to bolt. In an accident, his instinct is to flee. Fatal motoring cases in India are a grim record of how the driver ran over people and drove away.
    We show the pattern of what is called a Hobbesian society: one in which there is low trust between people. This instinct of me-versus-the- world leads to irrational behaviour, demonstrated when Indians board flights. We form a mob at the entrance, and as the flight is announced, scramble for the plane even though all tickets are numbered. Airlines modify their boarding announcements for Indians taking international flights.
    Our opportunism necessarily means that we do not understand collective good. Indians will litter if they are not policed. Someone else will always pick up the rubbish we throw. Thailand’s toilets are used by as many people as India’s toilets are, but they are likely to be not just clean but spotless. This is because that’s how the users leave them, not the cleaners.
    The Indian’s reluctance to embrace collective good hurts his state. A study of income-tax compliance between 1965 and 1993 in India (Elsevier Science/Das- Gupta, Lahiri and Mookherjee) concluded that “declining assessment intensity had a significant negative effect” on compliance, while “traditional enforcement tools (searches, penalties and prosecution activity) had only a limited effect” on Indians. The authors puzzled over the fact that “India’s income tax performance (was) below the average of countries with similar GDP per capita”.
    We do not think stealing from the state is a bad thing, and our ambiguity extends to corruption, which also we do not view in absolute terms. Political parties in India understand this and corruption is not an issue in Indian politics. Politicians who are demonstrably corrupt, recorded on camera taking a bribe or saying appalling things, or convicted by a court, can hold legitimate hope of a comeback—unthinkable in the West.
    The opportunist is necessarily good at adapting, and that explains the success of Indians abroad. We can follow someone else’s rules well, even if we can’t enforce them at home ourselves. The Indian in the US is peerless at the Spelling Bee because the formula of committing things to memory, which in India passes for knowledge, comes naturally to him. But this talent for adapting and memorizing is not the same as a talent for creation.
    The question is: Why are we opportunists?
    In his great work Crowds and Power, Elias Canetti observed that the rewards religions promised their faithful were all far off, in the afterlife. This is because a short goal would demand demonstration from god and create sceptics instead of believers. There is an exception to this in Hinduism. Hinduism is not about the other world. There is no afterlife in Hinduism and rebirth is always on earth. The goal is to be released entirely and our death rites and beliefs — funeral in Kashi — seek freedom from rebirth.
    Christianity and Islam are about how to enter heaven; Hinduism is about how not to return to earth, because it’s a rotten place. Naipaul opens his finest novel with the words “The world is what it is”, and Wittgenstein ( “The world is all that is the case”) opens his Tractatus similarly.
    Hinduism recognizes that the world is irredeemable: It is what it is. Perhaps this is where the Hindu gets his world view — which is zero-sum — from. We might say that he takes the pessimistic view of society and of his fellow man. But why?
    The Hindu devotee’s relationship with god is transactional: I give you this, you give me that. God must be petitioned and placated to swing the universe’s blessings towards you. God gives you something not through the miracle, and this is what makes Hinduism different, but by swinging that something away from someone else. This is the primary lesson of the Vedic fire sacrifice. There is no benefit to one without loss to another. Religion is about bending god’s influence towards you through pleas, and appeasement, through offerings.
    Society has no role in your advancement and there is no reason to give back to it (in any way, including leaving the toilets clean behind you) because it hasn’t given you anything in the first place. That is why Indian industrialists are not philanthropists. Rockefeller always gave a tenth of his earnings to the Church, and then donated hundreds of millions, fighting hookworm and educating black women. Bill Gates gave $25 billion (around Rs1.2 trillion), and his cause is fighting malaria, which does not even affect Americans. Warren Buffett gave away $30 billion, almost his entire fortune. Andrew Carnegie built 2,500 libraries. Dhirubhai Ambani International School has annual fees starting at Rs475,000 (with a Rs 24,000 admission fee) and Mukesh Ambani’s daughter was made head girl.
    An interesting thing to know is this: Has our culture shaped our faith or has our faith shaped our culture? I cannot say. To return to the question we started with: Why is Brahma not worshipped? The answer is obvious: He has nothing to offer us. What he could do for us, create the universe, he already has. There is no gain in petitioning him now.

    • Jeet Hormuz says:

      Dude !!

    • Pradyut says:

      @ Krishna

      Pls make fraanseep with me.

    • Kushal says:

      very well written, although how is it related to the main post?

    • MNINK says:

      Dude I think your name is Khan 🙂
      Love to all my muslim brothers!
      Anyways then by your reasoning pre-dominantly muslim and christian areas in India should not have to problems you describe.
      The fact is we Indians act the same irrespective of our religions. We mostly act based on our upbringing and education level.
      Hobbesian society that some cool shit though.
      Shah Rukh sucks
      Shiv Sena sucks
      Jai Hind!
      Jai Maharashtra!

    • rati says:

      isn.t this a webCOMIC..COMIC??????
      Y so serious??

    • Sagar says:

      what the bhen?

    • KINKY says:

      Awww! Dude! Is your blog down or something? Shame on you for using comments sections for a post! ROFL Just why why why?
      Sorry will not DO fraanship with u

      @MNINK Hi! I’m KINKY! fransheep?

    • shiv vasisht says:

      Krishna, you can add the “Gita ka saar” (gist of the Gita) to the list of inanities that feed our collective imagination (thank heavens we have other religions too!). Also, studies in psychology have revealed that overcrowding leads to aggressive behaviour, and here we are, fornicating away to ensure that the vansh continues, with little thought to what kind of world we’re bringing souls into. But India and Indians were not always like that. Much has to do with corruption at the top, and the medias making heros of absolutely filthy people (where else would a man facing manslaughter charges be made the host of a television show?), so everyone believes that anything goes, and everyone wants a piece of the action. Not the right forum to be discussing this, but better to light a candle than to curse the darkness! All the best!

    • anand says:

      weber, marx aur focault ki ma ki tweet. comic ko paper presentation kahe bana rahe ho yaar.funda theek hai magar bakc***i zyada hai

    • Niraj says:

      abe krishna when will you get out of thinking hindu-muslim all the time … get a life moron

    • Ruth says:

      @Krishnakumar, Society gives us nothing? Try surviving in the middle east where people get killed while buying food, you would know how important society is for survival

  102. AS says:

    Hey, great work! But you missed the random stabbing near the end!


  103. Anirban says:

    Good job man. Too bad the MM refers to your work as ‘spoofs’. Looks like you’re the only reviewer who has his brains and his integrity intact. Keep up the good work.

  104. Deepti says:

    best review of MNIK yet! 🙂 spent the money. saw the movie. this was way more entertaining!

  105. Most commercial films in India are so bland that they can hardly promote anything — whether a stereotype or a well-researched reality. They are not taken seriously. It’s the so-called art genre of films or parallel cinema that Indians should worry about. The makers of some critically acclaimed ventures are masters of forwarding, upholding and emboldening India’s stereotypical image in the West. Of course, they are still better than documentaries about India on Discovery Channel and National Geographic.

  106. Tanzila says:

    i loved the film… despite everything that you said… but the strip made me laugh really hard… i did think it was exagerrated in parts… but u have illustrated it… but still i love the film and yeah (u shall kill me for this) would watch it again!!

  107. Kuntal Mehta says:


  108. ks says:

    My name is Krunal and i hate terrorists and u just saved me $100 and i live in the USA and i will not be watching this movie in theaters after this review. too much… You did a great job in coming up with the little gem. I got your link from fakeiplplayer blog and i gotta tell you i am hooked. Awesome job and keep em coming

  109. Sridevi says:

    Hahaha….great stuff. Hope to see more of it in the future!

  110. ankit says:

    hain.. what the bhen..?

  111. Jay says:

    This is one of the funniest things I have read in ages – I was laughing out loud – well done dude.

  112. insaneish says:

    Bahahahaha..Awesome review of ‘My name is bullshit’. You pointed out all the things that I laughed at during the movie for their sheer stupidness and kept elbowing my friends around to notice(only to be asked to shut up in return).

    “MY NAME IS PersonWithBrains AND I WANT MY MONEY BACK” x-(

  113. nathan says:

    To understand and laugh at ur joke, one has to watch the movie, now if its gud, bad ugly who cares ???? as long as every1 saw it for kjo n co ??? , so you played ur part in giving the movie a kick in the second week by giving importances to cinema that doent deserve the kinda importance you n most psuedo intellectuals give.

  114. Vijit Jain says:

    Brilliant as usual! The eye for irony is the best part of your sketches!

  115. Mr.Indian says:

    The cartoons were just awesome…..superb and brilliant and just what this stupid movie deserves.
    Some more soul searching below for everybody;

    My name is Hindu (& I am not an Infidel)

    The plane landed on time I rushed to the separate immigration queue for nationals and as I neared the immigration officer, his smile, courtesy and a sense of respect that he seemed to place on me warmed me sufficiently that my memories went a bit back.

    My memory shifted to an earlier landing I did a few months ago in the Airport of the country where I had been working for the past two years and to whose economy I did contribute in my own way. The immigration official first saw my name and promptly searched my luggage. He did find the small Photograph of Lord Krishna, whose devotee I am, and my palm sized Bagwat Gita, which I used to read every day. I immediately cursed my dear wife who had inserted this favorite additional piece of luggage inspite of telling her not to do. The bearded official mouthed some obscene words about the picture and showed it to some of his colleagues before destroying it in front of my eyes. The Baghwat Gita ended up in the dustbin, after being hand shredded sufficiently.

    For a moment I remember thinking about my Home and the beautiful Temple that I used to visit every month and the kind of freedom I enjoyed there to follow my beliefs. Well, I thought, what to do, just a couple of years more and I am done and will be back to Home. Just blame it on sub-prime.

    Being a Hindu and that too a practicing one, I have known colleagues getting arrested for trying to eat in public during certain days in this host country. One other Hindu and his family got deported, after getting arrested, for having a small shrine inside their house. When heavy booted and bearded men walked inside their houses and destroyed the images of their “gods” none protested! When the friend said that he was a Hindu, the bearded men replied they knew and that why they are doing this!

    When the Hindu friend tried to make this an issue by sending messages to the embassy and to the press back in Home, he was replied back suitably; let’s not blow this and make this communal! He still tried to rake this issue after he landed in Mumbai, India but was branded a communal fundamentalist by the press. The last time I heard about him was when his close relative died in a terrorist attack in Mumbai. He said to me that he is going to keep quiet as most of the dead were Hindus and whenever Hindus die, its generally classified as secular killings, quite acceptable and understandable by the media. Its just that some misguided young boys tried to correct the mistake done by Hindu-fundamentalists and it so happened that a few died in the cross fire. After he said this, I remember being too shocked and wondered where that country was going.

    My memories stopped as I completed the immigration formalities and slowly walked out. Relieved that I am back to in my Home and that I was now free to worship whom I wanted and free from bombings by terrorist who could not be even branded a terrorist for the fear of displeasing some one, I searched for my wife.

    There she was running towards me. She hugged me and said, “thank God the blizzards have stopped and the snow is down, yet its still cold and so welcome back to Ice Box Washington”………

    Home sweet Home…….


    Let’s have Mr. Karan Johar, the director of the grotesquely twisted, half truth laden, Muslim appeasing nonsense, called “My Name is Khan”, develop the above small story of mine into a full fledged movie and see how it fits into the social justice frame work of his.

    Usually, it’s the Hindus that are the target of such mindless Muslim appeasers who in India are called as intellectuals. Terrible as it is, the Hindus are the ones that will be branded as the starting point for the crimes being committed by motivated Muslim terrorists when ever bombs go out in India.

    Not being content in making the Hindus alone as the culprits for the faults of Muslims, in this trash of a movie, our Mr. Karan Johar pull USA in as a villain to make Muslims look more purer than ever.

    Fortunately, USA still has not become India inspite of the hundreds of misguided liberals attacking Mr. Tunku Varadarajan when he said that Nidal Hassan just went Muslim when he did what he did.

    It’s just that here Mr. Karan Johar just went Dhimmi!!!!

    (The above is just a story, but is based on the facts of how any religious believer, immaterial of his origin, gets treated in USA when compared to the kind of treatment that he gets from Muslims, anywhere in the world and Karan Johars and his ilk wouldn’t worry about such blatant discrimination done by most of the Muslims in the world)

  116. sreelu says:

    awesome as ever, how come u forgot the only song that kept the movie going hum hoone kamiyab, moral of the story Karan should stick to chocolate, ooey gooey movies with swans in the backyard types movies atleast thats paise vasul

  117. Mahima says:

    You’re a mean mean man, Rizwan. 🙂
    I was just relieved Karan Johar decided to take a break from the Bole Chudiyaan Bole Kangana stuff for this one. Half-expected him to have SRK and Kajol and fake-Obama dance around trees in lehenga cholis too. So the movie was actually a relief to that extent! 🙂

  118. invinciblehawk says:

    Simply the best… loved it… U rock.

  119. rohan says:

    good stuff man!!

  120. Charan says:

    Keep up the vigil mate – never watching another flick until you show me the truth.

  121. abhishek says:

    what happened after hurricane katrina???i didn’t understand at all!

  122. Holden says:

    Great review Riz. As always! 8)

    I am a die-hard SRK fan, and I loved the movie ( I have no qualms in admitting that I love all Shahrukh movies, no matter how nonsensical they might appear to the world at large.. yes I’m what you can call the archetypical ‘fan-boy’).

    However, there is a piece of irony I can’t help but point out…

    People who are trashing the movie, criticising the plot, and going ga-ga over the review are doing the same things they are supposedly against – sucking up to something like mindless fanboys. 🙂

    This review is quite nice, pretty funny and “cool”. But c’mon guys. The superlatives you are using so easily make you appear just like us… “mindless freaks”. 🙂

  123. @seaearthsky says:

    Brilliant! All this hype about I knew was for some sentimental over-the-top rubbish. Love your take!
    Check out Screen International’s review of it – they ‘try’ to be subtle in their criticism, but I bet the author had a great laugh!

  124. utterflea says:

    Who is this supernutto PM Krishna kumar who’s reproduced Aakar Patel’s piece in Mint http://bit.ly/cwNYz ? And why here, dude?

  125. I thought I will post this link on some SRK fan community (which btw happens to be the most intelligent folks) and have some cheap fun with them abusing you and your blog. Too many hate comments here anyway.

    You do a great job, keep it up! and thanks for some ‘real’ entertainment.

  126. Shruthi says:

    I’m going to watch this movie so I can take dissing liberties like this. This is hilarious. Thanks! 🙂

  127. Samreth says:

    Bravo Sir. Bravo!

  128. zzzzzz says:

    Loved the cartoon review. i hope more people see it and avoid wasting hard earned money on seeing a cr@p movie… SRK movies will be avoided for a while…

  129. shweta jani says:

    super !! loved the post !! couldnt stop laughing…Still going for the movie tommorow,coz of its cinematography and music : )

  130. Maya says:

    OMG I bet more the the half of the poepel here wich have said in their coments MNIK is Bullshit don’t even have seen the film. How to the hell you can said this about MNIK without you have seen it? That is it what sucks. I don’t like Film criticks because the say the poepel what they have to think. Damn it we all have a brain. Use it go and watch the film and built your owen opinion. Who knows maybe you will like the film.
    I have seen it and i like it. It is Shah Rukhs best acting ever He plays Rizvan Khan fantastic and this with a damn it hurting Shoulder. He had give so much for this. I mean his health. He had got really strong headache because He had to concentrate really hard for this character. I mean how he had to move his head his view and all this it is very difficult to play a Aspergeres Paitient. And because he had to do this over the whole day he had got this health problems and he had to puke too because of the pains in his head And also Kajol was really brilliant. All i want is please everyone give the film a fair chanche and watch it and built then your opinion. Oh and btw. One of the other peopel here wich has comment has mention it. I want say it too please add a Spoilor warning. Not all Countrys can watch My Name is Khan in February. In Germany for example the Film will be realease in may. And this here tells really the whole Story.

    Oh and btw only to metion it Aspergers Syndrome wich is a lesser form of Autismen is a physological illniss of the brain not mentally.

    Oh and MNIK is not a copy parts of the Film are based on a true Story.

  131. Srikk says:

    Hillarious!! One of the best reviews I’ve seen!!

  132. ann says:

    nice work…. a bit long, but loved d sarcasm (as usual)…. thankfully this movie focussed more on d movie itself unlike one of ur previous comics which focussed more on hw muscular u were 😛 good job!

  133. Rabia says:

    The only thing I liked about the movie is the message that islam and terrorism really dont have anything to do with each other. Otherwise the execution of the movie was really F-ed up. Well put in that comic up there :)! very entertaining!

  134. dev says:

    Awesome dude … shit loads of crap … perfectly phrased out 🙂

  135. SB says:

    Awesomeness! Loved the genius wit and humor!

  136. sp says:

    Well, I do not agree with many people who say your review is “FUNNY”.

    The review is very “Honest” in my opinion. The funny parts are in the MOVIE itself and you have “HIGHLIGHTED” them.

    NICE GRAPHIC WORK DUDE… Keep up the good job.

  137. Anmol Arya says:

    My Name is audience and I want my money and blood back

  138. Sheela says:

    Great Stuff! You are terrific! Salute!

  139. Rajat says:

    Well read dis blog for the first tym…. its really amazin…. the concept of actually reviewing wid a cartoon strip in the most amusing

    hey wat bout the hindu muslim riots dat were supposedly held in 1983 as per the movie…

  140. sema says:

    Will not watch MNIK but given all the negative feedback, this comic strip is very clever. You’re creative. BTW, you depicted some topics in question. I felt you related to the reviews I did read from the viewers. WOW. Personally, I’m not happy with the negative feedback the movie is generating. Hmph. What was KJ thinking? Geez.

  141. no signal says:

    Indeed Unintentional and Funny Must-Watch Bollywood movie this one is. Loved your work. 🙂
    The most unintentional part was hurricane katrina part. :

  142. Japs says:

    I can’t tolerate SRK & KJo movies and was never going to watch MNIK.. your review has made my opinion much stronger.. Review via pictures/cartoon is an amazing idea..hats off to you boss..keep up the good work sir..Thank you..

  143. Nona says:

    Nice one! I haven’t seen the movie yet! But having seen KJo’s earlier movies, your portrayals are right on mark. 🙂

    By the way, I liked your remarks about Taran Adarsh. Have you wondered why he gives ++ ratings for some movies that we absolutely hate?

  144. yanivk says:


    you are seriously funny. loved every bit of this. more power to you. by the way why dont you write a script

  145. Sowmya says:


  146. Simrat says:

    You’ve left out the stuff about how he manages to reach that tiny place wer military cudn reach to provide relief. How on earth did he make it there inspite of the weather calamities, and den d BBC reporters? (how’d their network work, how’d they report back, in light of all d towers, set-ups etc. being disrupted?) den even his relatives made it with cartons of help-all on foot!!!

  147. Parth says:

    that was one heck of a biased review..though,appreciate your blogging skills and the comic..hats off to you for that!!

    a movie is made primarily for two reasons
    2)To deliver a message..

    and MNIK is spot on as far as the latter is concerned..
    its really easy being a critic and sitting in front of a PC and blogging..but ever tried making a film?just try that and you’ll realise how difficult it is..
    yes,the movie had markable flaws,but it wasn’t as bad its presented here..PERIOD

    • yanivk says:

      unfair expecting a film critic to make films. By the same logic an art critic should be an artist, a book reviewer should write books, a music critic should make music…the list is endless, no?

      • Uma says:

        A lot of film critics who have made films have had resounding flops… 🙂 Sajid khan… Khalid Mohammad…. etc…

    • Jeet Hormuz says:

      Dude. Nobody’s saying that movie making is an easy business. Just getting after KJo and gang for the hype. If they had touted the move as “an honest but average effort to get some mileage out of the whole post-9-11 trauma thingy” I dont think anybody would’ve trashed it.

  148. sahiba says:

    kya dhoya hai sir. hats off!!

  149. Dr. Foo says:

    Love your comics !! And kudos on the CC license !

    However, could you please polish up your drawing ? Seriously. I think you have great potential if you just improve on you sketching.

    Dunno if you’ve already read them but if you are even mildly interested in comics, you should read these:


    Even stick figures can come alive with a bit of effort — you probably already know about xkcd.com

    keep up the good work,
    – steve

  150. Vishwa says:

    hilarious man!!!
    you rock with the cartoons…

  151. lalita says:

    Heheheheheh!!! This can’t be the plot, surely! Heehee! Gotta go have a lie down after this!

  152. Sandeep says:

    Amazing work Sahil!!
    One thing in the movie I dont understand though. Didn’t Hurricane Katrina Occur BEFORE Obama became president? Mr. Khan took 3-4 years to reach Washington DC from Georgia?

  153. Sai says:

    i wasted money on the most over rated movie and most over rated actor ever most painful movie i watched i hope they stop making movies on sensitive topic with lot of stupidity in it really frustrated over this movie
    and by the way nice cartoons

  154. Sai says:

    i think all the critics were either blind or deaf or both his acting is like simple jack in tropic thunder

  155. Aksy says:

    I hated the overly hyped fatuous movie, yes you guessed it right – ‘3 idiots’. It was a joke on Indian cinema …. now these people are making a mockery out of it again by releasing this movie. This movie is even being followed on BBC and the only reason people overseas seem to be watching it is – to debase ‘The khan’ or the religion in general. There is no sympathy for ‘you-know-who’ out here.

    I think ‘the media-attention-seeker khan’ should be spanked and thrown back into acting in cliched run down karan-the-gay-johar movies like Kabhi alvida na kehna.

  156. Kage says:

    Loved this! Pure Awesomeness.

  157. Sanjeet says:

    Good job man!

  158. Vk says:

    Kudos to your reviews. I thought of watching the movie just to show my support but decided it may not be worth it. Seems like i was right. 🙂

  159. Rehman says:

    My name is gay khan… and i am here to meet PRESIDENT… lol this guy is not only retarded but full of shit…. he need to find something better to do in his daily life… there is no reality in this fking movie…. and this movie has pointless meaning… shame shame to Shahrukh and karan

  160. Rashmi says:

    This is ur best so far !!! truly a case of the review being better than the movie…
    ‘can repair almost anything except nonsense scripts ‘ hilarous, the Barkha Dutt bit – Genius !!!

  161. Sajani says:

    This was AMAAYYzing !! really… !!! loved this. !!!

  162. Tania says:

    You’re doing humanity a service here at the serious cost of your sanity – May God bless you!

  163. Sid says:

    Bollywood’s only job is to continue with the mind control that Hollywood started. What Krishna wrote in his post regarding Indian crowd culture is a mere observation. There are other harsh realities to consider here which I won’t bother mentioning. Bollywood directors admit that they sell dreams through movies and funnily enough people buy into that BS. Perhaps they wish to be disassociated from the psychopathy inflicted upon them by the society and relationships and the 2-3 hour getaway to dreamworld appears beneficial. But since human mind tends to forget bad experiences and fills it up with compatible data, the disassociation becomes reality. People tell me that they are not affected by bollywood trash since they hardly watch it or take it too seriously just as some of the well informed readers of this blog. But your relatives and friends do watch it and they have direct or in-direct influence over your lives so there, mind control is still maintained. Too much disassociation can leave long lasting damage and turn a human being into a schizoid – a type of psychopath. Overall, the system of ponerolgy continues one way or the other. Whether its the next Saas bahu serial a Khan movie, mindcontrol is ensured over influential populus which in turn influence the rest.

    Imagine just for a moment that everyone got smarter and noone showed up in the theatres in next big blockbuster bollywood tripe of a movie. I’d pay to watch those scenes! You are not gonna die out of boredom if you skipped that next XYZ Khan movie or even that dead rubber of a cricket game. Get a life people, don’t be sheeple. Go climb a mountain or clean your loo or spend some time with your dog, might do you some good.

  164. Aphron says:

    Guys!! You apply lot of brain in order to watch movies,In order to interpret the awesome comics here and again apply so much Brain to Commenting to the comments!!
    Wow,You people have so much Talent!!
    I wonder why Don’t i have so much Talent??

    It was a Movie!! Enjoy it,learn from it and then End of the story!
    As the Great Joker says “Why so serious”

  165. Durga says:

    I do not know why all the mainstream critics have given very good rating for this movie. I took a resolution of not watching any SRK related stuff, but this one is great.

  166. Moony says:

    Hmmm… the movie was more along the lines of Forest Gump according to me :)- nt half as bad bt good review nonetheless! as always! ^_^

  167. Sachin says:

    well said ….gr8….i wish i could spit on karan johar…

  168. Vibhu says:


  169. prakash says:

    this is new style of review goooood

  170. Maazi says:

    Am Arab girl frm middle east thanks SRK we all love you n MNIK best movie we all gulf n all like ur movie 🙂 special thank to karan johar

  171. sita-ji says:

    LOVE this, in particular, the stunning frame after Mandira is told that the killing of her son was racially motivated. Also the, “And you kept your beard? Well played, sir!” This was better than the movie. Thanks yaar. Added you to my blogroll, hope you are not minding this.

  172. Schnorbitz says:

    Absolutely spot on! And very funny. The film lost absolutely all credibility with me in its last hour.

  173. Leeqa says:

    I went to see the film BECAUSE i read your review! I was the only one laughing hysterically when something horrible happened: the stabbing, the relief effort, etc. etc. Good job sir!

  174. LOL says:

    I’m Barkha Dutt and I’m a publicity whore… love that line… Fit her to a t

  175. Amit says:

    “and you have kept the beard, well played sir”….. awesome mann!! really awesome… and for the record i havn’t watched the movie and i am not going to but really very nice work done…

  176. naggu says:

    I really really hope u r awsome.
    and i just want to throw an idea out there. U r undoubtedly brilliant but the name of ur site is sort of a mouthful and a buzzkill. I think maybe coming out with a more “google-ish” name wd help u in the long run to be more popular.
    Love ur every strip and wishing u all the best.

  177. Samuel Y says:

    Am sure even the Director of the film couldn’t sit through the entire 3 hrs…Such a badly done film..It was more like the writers and directors of the film had some unusual syndrome, worse than Sharukh’s and the protagonist so lived up to the weirdness of the script.
    If critiques could give a -ve rating for films and this would be -5 STARS

  178. niki says:

    awesome awesome..wonder why controversies happen only before the movie releases..freakin shitheads makin money out of everything…and as for the movie..wait for it..the worst 3 hrs of my entire life..its just sad to watch so many people going gaga over something so stupid and ugly

  179. riya says:

    ths is awesome!!!i cant believe ppl can be so foolish as to like such a stupid movie with no sense of reality!!!

  180. Hardik says:

    Superman with asperger’s syndrome [:)]

  181. YLH says:

    Awesome… really takes a piss on MNIK. I saw the film in Lahore DHA Cinema and it had a standing ovation from us Pakistanis… how sad can we be.

    I wrote a review of it on pakteahouse.wordpress.com.

  182. YLH says:


  183. Richa Dubey says:

    You’re the baap! Haven’t seen the movie – the trailers were enough to put me off. But this is brilliant. What I really want to know is what did the critics get out of it? I mean, Nikhat Kazmi, who used to never rate anything above 3.5 or max 4 starts, gave this a 5 – makes you wonder as you wander the bylanes of film marketing…

  184. Anuj Tela says:

    MNIK is loved by every sensitive citizen..peace lover.. I was received very nicely all over the world..
    How can comment so badly on a movie which is full of humanity and peace.. U better instrospect urself…

  185. Anuj Tela says:

    MNIK is loved by every sensitive citizen..peace lover.. It is received very nicely all over the world..
    How can comment so badly on a movie which is full of humanity and peace.. U better instrospect urself…

  186. Anuj Tela says:

    MNIK is loved by every sensitive citizen..peace lover.. It is received very nicely all over the world..
    How can u comment so badly on a movie which is full of humanity and peace.. U better instrospect urself…

    • gautam says:

      @Anuj : wat sensitive ciizen… peace lover… it was a good-concept-converted-into-crap by Karan-Khan combi. if the same had been done by Aamir, am sure it would hv come out much better… the last 30 mins of movie were total shit man…. i still dont understand how SRK cod reach that broken Church, when nobody was going to MAMA JENNY ‘s place in Georgia.
      this movie was like. DNKD (Dimag Nikal Kar Dekho)
      i am so happy i saw it in PVR at just rs 100. But one get one free offer on my CC rocks 😉

      and yeah, abt the author of this blog :
      u simbly rok !!! 🙂

      • Anuj Tela says:

        when I see a rose I admire its beauty, but some people like you notice the thorns..
        n even 400 patents by Mr So called perfectionist in # Idiots was the biggest joke man..
        n the delivery scene of mona singh.. was all crap man..
        he always do copy paste.. let it be TZP( amol gupte ), gajhini n now 3 Idiots ( chetan bhagat)..
        He cry for credit..n so u mr Gautam..

        Following are few scenes which actually happened in real life..

        1> Checking of Muslims at Airport

        2>Rizwan’s sister-in-law being attacked for wearing a hijab and a shop owner being bullied for being a Muslim are incidents that have happened
        to Muslims in real life post the 9/11 attacks.

        and the main motive of the movie ki “one should not feel suspicious about muslims… n we should discriminate people acc to der religion”

        Following are few lessons which one should appreciate as well as follow…

        1>”Right from childhood Rizwan has been taught that people shouldn’t be discriminated based on their religion, but on the basis of right and wrong.”
        This is the best message man..

        2>Again this one “Is duniya do kism ke log hote hain.. Ache log..jo acha kam karte hain aur bure log..jo bura kam karte hain”

        3>Acting by SRK and Kajol is superb.. both at their best.. hays of to the magical pair..

        4>Let us appreciate the subject more than the movie

        5>MNIK successfully conveys the plights of Muslims and message of Humanity.. no doubt on this.. n one more thing

        6> as i said before..this movie is for classes and not for masses..
        so i can understand your feelings..

        So go n once again catch this fantabulous movie

        • Vk says:

          WTF? we don’t to go to movie just for nice messages but how intelligently the messages are delivered without being preachy. The bottom line is keep it subtle but yet make sure you make your point. If spreading morality is what you mean by cinema, then you better just stick with sermons in astha channel.

          • Anuj Tela says:

            What u have written shows whats the state of your mind. n for morality we dont need to stick to any channel. u better mind ur bussiness rather than writing foolish comments. ur logic of interpretation is absolutely ridiculous. god bless u my child.

  187. Had a hearty laugh again!:LOL::LOL:

  188. RockyJ says:

    Sorry i cudnt bear ur cartoons. Bearing Mnik was much better than ur cartoons. Srry i tried twice to read ur piece but I give up finaaly it sucks big time.

    • Abdullah Usman Khan says:

      That’s cuz you’re plain retarded man. And yeah, sad, there isn’t any dramatic music playing here either. And yes, how can I forget, cuz you have to freaking read this! Which is such and ordeal (hard task) cuz you’re an ignorant fuck 🙂

  189. Abdullah Usman Khan says:

    Totally. Man, that’s an awesome acronym DNKD. Dimaag Nikaal ke Dekho! Hilarious. And no, it’s no effort to Mr. Anuj “Sensitive” Tela, cuz he doesn’t need to do anything to nikaal his dimaag. It’s already not in his head.

    • Anuj Tela says:

      @ Abdullah Usman Khan:
      when I see a rose I admire its beauty, but some people like you notice the thorns..
      n even 400 patents by Mr So called perfectionist in # Idiots was the biggest joke man..
      n the delivery scene of mona singh.. was all crap man..
      he always do copy paste.. let it be TZP( amol gupte ), gajhini n now 3 Idiots ( chetan bhagat)..
      He cry for credit..n so u mr Gautam..

      Following are few scenes which actually happened in real life..

      1> Checking of Muslims at Airport

      2>Rizwan’s sister-in-law being attacked for wearing a hijab and a shop owner being bullied for being a Muslim are incidents that have happened
      to Muslims in real life post the 9/11 attacks.

      and the main motive of the movie ki “one should not feel suspicious about muslims… n we should discriminate people acc to der religion”

      Following are few lessons which one should appreciate as well as follow…

      1>”Right from childhood Rizwan has been taught that people shouldn’t be discriminated based on their religion, but on the basis of right and wrong.”
      This is the best message man..

      2>Again this one “Is duniya do kism ke log hote hain.. Ache log..jo acha kam karte hain aur bure log..jo bura kam karte hain”

      3>Acting by SRK and Kajol is superb.. both at their best.. hays of to the magical pair..

      4>Let us appreciate the subject more than the movie

      5>MNIK successfully conveys the plights of Muslims and message of Humanity.. no doubt on this.. n one more thing

      6> as i said before..this movie is for classes and not for masses..
      so i can understand your feelings..

      So go n once again catch this fantabulous movie

      I think u love what happened n is happening with muslim people just coz of bunch of people from the same muslim community..
      I think ur out of your mind.. better change is name…n thinking also…

  190. Sriram. V. says:

    What infuriates me is simply this: one goes on and on and on about how this movie sucks, but turns around and praises movies like 3 Idiots, Rang de Basanti, Paa, Sarkaar to name a few. I know in this modern Indian society of neo-intellectualist bourgeois. the aforementioned movies and the said actors in these movies are worth their weight in gold. GOD!!!! I know, its a given. SRK is no genius when it comes to acting. And SRK is a better actor than Karan Johar is a director and thats saying something. The point being, in a country where a pretentious mediocrity like Aamir Khan, an overhyped grandpa like Amitab Bachan, a useless monkey of a director like RGV, a mushy buffoon like Aaditya Chopra, a wannabe like Rakesh Mehra (again i could go on, bu i would rather not) are appreciated, i dont see any reason SRK and KJo shouldnt be. Afterall, they havent done anything that these luminaries havent. If mediocrity is celebrated and stupidity lauded, i really dont see why SRK shouldnt be Badshah and KJo, his faithful sidekick. At least, he is honest about being an entertainer and nothing more. Nor does his movies have activist crap taglines (and i googled this one right now) like “A Generation Awakens” for the proletariat to lap up. Give me sappy movies over pretentious ones, any day. True talent is very rarely appreciated in this country. And please, dont think am talking about Mani Ratnam when I say talent. That washed up old loser used to be a somebody. Now, he is nothing more than another lame sellout who doesnt even have the guts to sellout completely. And moreover, Indian cinema should stop meaning Bollywood. Theres more to it than just that. To sum up: stop being a bunch of pretentious losers pretending to know what a good movie is. You wouldnt know what a good movie if it jumped up and bit you in the nether regions and seriously, its better that way, because if it werent for you stupid losers, i would have no one to laugh at and cant be smug about myself all the time. Ohh, and btw, yes… I DID group all of you into one singular group before getting to “know” you better. YES. I am judgemental and snooty. And well, am not gonna defend myself. I might have thrown one little stone in a gutter, doesnt mean am gonna go ahead and take a swim now, am i?

  191. Teena says:

    Awesome! Love your blog!

    Will you marry me if I I prove there’s no other blog funnier than this? 🙂

  192. immunoblot says:

    Your work has character…

  193. Vishwa says:

    great stuff hombre! you should consider making low budget spoof movies like the ones in hollywood for a living! u definitely have a career there!

  194. Madhurima says:

    too good..

  195. mala says:

    LOL…hilarious..an hard-hitting.. spoof seems better than the movie…

  196. Sujata says:

    I just stumbled upon this while surfing and I have watched the movie just a few hours ago!
    This is an excellent view and review of the film. I am surprised you did not mention how this Khan saved the little town in Georgia single handed, not a ONE darn ambulance or firetruck in sight..oh, I forget, it was a town in the Bollywoodian Georgia alright meant to crown Khan’s heroism!! Hope this gets a wide attention. Great job, enjoyed and thanks…only…hope I had seen this before the movie:)

  197. Keka says:

    totally loved this spoof! good job! 🙂

  198. Shreyas says:

    Dude!! Gr8 Stuff!!!!!!!! “awesomeness” hehe 🙂 🙂

  199. shashwat says:

    This is amazing.. Good work 🙂

  200. Isha, ATL, GA says:

    This movie was funny…..your review was hilarious!!! Loved it…. 😀 (not the movie).

  201. neers says:

    AWE fucking SOME!!

  202. Trunachi says:

    Great stuff!! 🙂 But you forgot how The Khan was suddenly stabbed by a man who appeared out of nowhere!! 🙂

    Good work though..

  203. nikhil says:

    waiting for this spoof brother. awesome stuff!!! india needs to read this, and the papers just needs to stop licking the ass of the big bollywood banners!!

    way to go

  204. Niraj says:

    please do ‘om shanti om’ and fanna …

  205. Ayushi says:

    Hahahah! This is the best review/summary of the movie I have seen till now! Especially after the strange review that Nikhat Kazmi gave it. I want some of what she’s been drinking, for sure! 😀
    And yes! What amazing stereotypes!

    Also, I’m sorry for asking you to sit through such torture but you MUST draw Main Prem Ki Deewani Hoon!

  206. Lavina says:

    Discovered your site through FB – and totally loved the spoof. The emperor had no clothes and you said it loud and clear! Many of our movies have implausible storylines but more was expected from MNIK because of all the built up expectations. You pinpointed all the wacky stuff.

  207. shubham says:

    yea. hi i love your stuff.. is there anyway you can put spoofs of some older movies like tashan, and aap ka surroor crap.. would love to see what u come up with .. plz do it for us 🙂

  208. Hahaha! This is hilarious stuff! I wasted my money on the movie. Melodramatic bullcrap. Complete caricaturization, stereotyping, compartmentalization and typification of Muslims, Hindus, Blacks, Whites, mothers and autistic patients.

    I hope this blog post will prevent people from making the mistake I made by watching this painfully long masala flik. Karan Johar should stick to making films like Dostana, and we as an audience should learn to appreciate movies like Khuda Ke Liye.

    Thumbs up to you! Awsomeness 🙂

    • Udita Purkayastha says:

      How can we expect the taste of the average Indian audience to improve when leading directors like Karan Johar make such utter crap and then go on to audaciously comment that this movie has taken a toll on him and that he has matured as a director? Isn’t it about time he jumped off a cliff n killed himself?
      Kajol, of course, is a whole different story with her melodramatic shrieks and all-over-the-screen persona. Quit acting .. like NOW!!

  209. Udita Purkayastha says:

    Has anyone noticed how the only good guys are browns and blacks? An Indian journalist and an Indian psychiatrist and of course the good people of Georgia. The white cop remains a bully and the white president doesn’t meet our epic hero but a black president takes the trouble to do so.

    Brilliant job done (not the movie of course!)
    Do one on Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi too

  210. your best work salil. i see it takes a lot of effort to be witty about something that so easily could’ve been called a ‘fuck-all film’, period.
    some equally intelligent comments too. you guys will be surprised with the weak-at-the-knees 4 star tehelka review from a quasi-intellectual gone bad – http://tehelka.com/story_main43.asp?filename=hub270210the_take.asp

    amazing how all the chics who couldn’t resist watching the srk now also want to marry salil. it’s like i love srk too much to give him a miss, but being the bleeding liberal that i’ve grown-up into i also have to endorse some slamming of the film as i couldn’t/wouldn’t bring myself to do it myself with anything srk.

    Sriram, there’s something to what you’ve said. righteous anger.

  211. Mann says:

    I like this spoof … and totally found the movie way toooooo puerile. But then we shall not forget, Bollywood ain’t known for realism & depth of scripts. Perhaps the audience deserves what it appreciates & people seem to be having a grt impression of such shoddy piece of art (read fart)…

  212. Noor says:

    Great work 🙂

  213. Kaushal V says:

    Thanks for this…..feels like to watched the movie already and in a much better way than spending oodles of money in a theater.

    Awesome review.


  214. Salil's Fan Now says:

    There are chicks who can’t stand SRK (for the kind of movies he choses to do, for obvious reasons; when its established that he’s fairly intelligent/ talented), and also found your review most interesting. Kudos to creativity!
    The cretins who make the movies like this mint gold deserve them I say.

    As for you Salil, I remember reading Erma Bombeck say this about a situation – “If I didn’t laugh at it, I’ll most certainly cry!”

  215. Raksha says:

    ha ha ha!!! this does ,make total sense!!..much more than the perfectly caricaturized movie which indeed motivated alot mre segregation and increased the already great divide! This movie just went down the reverse gear.

  216. scumbag says:

    It is shameful that instead of empathising with Shah Rukh’s acting disability, you are making fun of the retard

  217. SICK !!!

    FYI – that means ‘cool’ now!

  218. Kulpreet says:

    Yes i saw it, but tried to ignore all the stupid stuff, coz i was picking the message…However, the script now sucks to me too…Well done…This must give lessons to film-makers that even if u have a good message, u need to script it beautifully..3 idiots also failed similarly..

    One movie which does justice to both message & script is ” Mumbai Meri Jaan “

  219. Akanksha says:

    so glad saw this instead of the movie 🙂 brilliant!

  220. KjoHater says:

    Brilliant stuff!!!

  221. DesiNinja says:


    today was my 3rd attempt to finish the movie but failed once again… every time i fall asleep after hardly 30mins. so i decided to finish it ‘thevigilidiot’ way- and i’m happy i did that 😆

    thanks for the strip… i know it is an exact depiction of the mvi as for the first half in matched perfectly…
    now i can say- “my name is DesiNinja. I have watched MNIK (half in motion, later half in non-motion) and u need to b a ninja to watch it till end”.

  222. t says:

    I had not watched the movie yet. But am so glad..this gave a much better understanding of it 🙂
    Well done

  223. Hi, I have not watched the movie either, but was expecting some crap like this from karan johar. Teh cartoon strip is too long but is really funny and an accurate satire onto how childish are our film-makers.

    Three cheers to you

  224. sehba says:

    lovely review. makes the movie come alive with comic possibilities… unintended by the director of course…

  225. Gobias says:

    Just saw your stick cartoon in cricinfo (the one with SRK and Vest sponsors). Great! Now two places where I can enjoy your strips 😀

    BTW, the last line you wrote : “I have made a huge mistake” …. Does that mean you are also ….. (Gasp)… an AD fan!!!!!

  226. Anuj Tela says:

    Mr Critic u better direct one movie… its easy to criticise someone.. u better would have written about what one should learn from that movie.. this comments n your topic is all destructive..
    people r doing mudslinging here… better share valuable thoughts if any in your empty mind..
    u r just impossible..

  227. Shezah Salam says:

    Haha. I thank the gods of Bollywood for MNIK, just for the fact that it led to this review. Brilliant stuff, I’ve even got my roomates hooked now. Oh, and congratulations on cricinfo, all portals where you make us laugh until we snort milk through our respective noses are welcome. Question: Does this make you a sports commenter now?

  228. Aamena says:


  229. Himaanshu says:

    Have you given writing a comedy a thought?

  230. Ali says:

    Hilarious review! Had I seen it a little earlier, I wouldn’t have wasted my time on this nonsensical and shallow movie…

  231. Hitesh says:

    Seriously NICE…Bloody Good…Keep it up….Came from the CricInfo Post..That too was as funny as afridi’s ball biting stupidity

  232. Anand says:

    LMFAO !! Forward this to karan and shah rukh khan..They might stop making films after reading this.

    Had I read it earlier, I would have definitely saved my 300 bucks..

  233. Amit says:



  234. anita says:

    um, where’s the next post, men? so long you are taking… 3 leaves is due? toh baat pakki? KCK – or did you like it? if so, please to tell.

  235. Shrikala says:

    Loved it! I still haven’t watched the movie..a part of me did want to; but not anymore. I save money, yet again!! when is the Karthik calling karthik review out??

  236. Rahul says:

    this is THE SHIT man!!
    Waiting for tomorrow!
    I’ll post it on FB!!
    in the face of all MNIK fans..

  237. Nixy says:

    Haaah! This is a masterpiece ! 😀 i haven’t even seen the movie and the spoiler gave me more entertainment than the MNIK and all other SRK movies put together.
    Many thanks!!

  238. Sam says:

    Parveen dabbas is a PBC not BBC reporter. But otherwise a sick spoof

  239. Karan says:

    He He and do you remember ” No No Don’t Die! Don’t Die” Lol!!!!

  240. Collapse of the World Trade Centre – 2001
    Obama becomes President – 2009
    So Khan wanders for about 8 years searching for the president? Am I imagining it, or is this an incongruity in the film. Did Johar mess up?

  241. nolies says:

    youd come under the category of “haters”, and youl probably never achieve anything coz youll be cynical about even your own creative expression. sure the movie wasnt great, but pretentious dicks like you are like kids who dont get invited to parties and try to spoil them some way or the other. stop taking life so seriously asshole

  242. shash says:

    Great review, I’ve got a suggestion for another cartoon:

    SRK meets Obama and says my name is Khan…
    Obama’s reply should be like ..Get outta here, my name is hussein bitch….which bomb school are you from 😉

  243. Harita says:

    “bitch m like 13 .. chill out!!”


  244. Mobin says:

    hahahahahahahahahaha.. pause… hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!

    With Love.. From Pakistan 🙂

  245. Iv says:

    This is spoiler. Shame you!

  246. Iv says:

    I watched this film. Its really good and touching. SRK is the best actor in the world.

  247. TRupz says:

    Isnt it pathetic – audiences like to watch the misery of some unfortunate people to get entertained …. loved ur piece of work …if KJ would have used ur story boards he wud have made a decent movie …. SARCASM thats all the Indian cinema deserves today barring a few really good films … society phociety bull shit even his movie subject KJ patronises Indians but NRIs he wants to bring plight of Indian Muslims living abroad ..why cos his audience is there …. ludicrously the post release ads of MNIK portray 175 crores and running successfully …thats testiment enuf to see how much he cares bout the number of people on whom this movie actually made a positive or for that matter any difference…dont u get it supporters of MNIK, KJ and SRKs and Ks (wow thats a lot of Ks in that movie) its all about the money ….. wonder if he could make a movie that even came close to heels of Swades .. yeah may be in Dostana 2 – they would wear Khadi undergarments and thats how KJ would glorify his indian-ness ….. im sure 175 crores is also due to the currency difference (Euros/ Dollars / Pounds) ..ouch …. 🙂

  248. PRATEEQUE says:

    I like this comic strip.It sure is funny and witty! Its better than watching the film.

  249. Andy says:

    Brilliant work. Loved every bit of your comic.

  250. Shalini says:


    This comic strip actually reflected on the mumbai mirror newspaper the next day of the movie release.

    Its funny but ya its copied

  251. Gautam says:

    LOL Shalini..
    guess this is one of the best compliments Sahil’s got.. backhanded though 😛
    any ways you might wanna check these out Shalini.. http://www.thevigilidiot.com/about-me/
    and http://in.linkedin.com/in/sahilriz
    Amazing work Sahil.. !! keep it coming !

  252. Atharva says:

    Awesome stuff.. love your work

  253. DN says:


    anyone notice Joel looked just like “Buckwheat” from the “The Little Rascals” ?


  254. Anup says:

    Awesome dude….. I feel so right not to be watching Bollywood movies for last 3 years or so. Great job. You deserve a Padma award for the service to man kind by getting people away from Multiplexes and still entertained.

  255. Shubhankar says:

    Way to go man!
    All those pseudo/sycophantic/star-struck reviews sucked. ‘Cause the whole film sucked. Only retards could swallow it.

  256. Leia says:

    omygod!!! I have not seen the movie and I don’t think I will either! Even the humor of this cartoon strip couldn’t save it from boredom!!!
    Why can’t SRK stick to making movies that he proclaims are no-brainers!

  257. param says:

    man, u r hilarious:d…i havent laughed so much since….well..this is the first time i had such a laugh after reading the stick figures…i actually came to see your cricketing jokes(like the “french cut” section u blog on in cricinfo) but this one takes the cake…

  258. Reddy says:

    People suffering from Aspergers are not retards. SRK acted as if he is a retard. I agree there will be more drama if he acts like a retard for the desi folks but then they could have shown him as a retard rather than Aspergers. Watch Hugh Dancy’s “Adam”(2009) and that is excatly how an Aspergers patient is like. Halfway through I had to get out to preserve my sanity. Btw I am a doc and have seen 2 cases of Aspergers myself.

  259. Mika says:

    full of shit .. this people comment , i think they don’t like Srk !
    Maybe it’s true that the story of this movie is a crap ..
    But we all can’t deny the awesome and mindblowing acting of King Khan ..
    The One And Only Baadshah of Bollywood !

    • Vishnu says:

      Here we go, another brainless moron! King of bollywood yea sure, give the fact that bollywood is the primary synonym of shite. Get a brain and then get a life and then start being rational. Then you can understand these reviews, trust me.

  260. Rikil says:

    Bitching awesome! Funny as hell!

  261. anuz says:

    epic review, this movie is one of the crappiest evar. i couldn’t bear it beyond 20 minutes/

  262. Metal says:

    I have always hoped technology allows us to do webcomics as comments on other webcomics!
    If that would have been the case, I would have drawn a pie diagram of the KJO-SRK fans as follows:

    25 % – Have never read a blog. We only use Orkut (or nowadays ibibo) for Fraaanship and applying to reality shows.
    25 % – My english xcepshanal. (Refer Maya above)
    50 % – (Scanned image of thumbprint goes here)

    So, until, we the blog reading, sarcasm loving, calvin worshipping, cartman copying form a big part of the ‘Bollywoood Audience’, the SRKs and the KJOs of the world will keep getting away with making pieces of TRASH like this one! But at least we have someone to keep a Vigil! Cheers mate 🙂

  263. abc123 says:

    Too good!!!

  264. Mads says:

    *falls of her chair with laughter*
    too good..hats off!

  265. aicity86 says:

    *initiates necromancy, with TL;DR ACTION!*


    I live in Atlanta, Georgia, as one of those mystical, salt-of-the-earth black Americans, I suppose :P, and we’re almost never hit by hurricanes. Usually Florida gets the hurricanes on the east coast when they hit landfall, and then, Georgia gets the last of the system in tropical depression/tropical storm form (that rhymed.. :/) when it moves up further north. We’re not a big hurricane state. Tornadoes, yeah, and even then, not the Twister types, but enough to do some moderate damage, but category 5 hurricanes, which I’ve never heard of or experienced of in my 26 years of being alive and living in this state? Nope.

    We don’t get much flooding, either. Most of the lakes in Georgia are man-made, there aren’t that many rivers, it often doesn’t rain so hard that the lakes and rivers would overflow, and even though we had had bad flooding late last year (which is, I emphasize, still rare), most of the metro area cases didn’t require SRK to save any of us and talk to Obama about it, as most of the residents were middle-class enough* to get away on their own or because Mr. Khan would’ve been taken away with the flood waters, too, since most of the flooding affected major highways (many of those who died on the road were taken away in their cars) and the waters weren’t really high enough in quite a few places to need a boat everywhere. 😛

    In short (hah! I write too much), Georgia is one of the most ideal places to live in the States if you want to avoid freakish weather, so the movie’s scenario therein hardly even works on a geographical basis (never mind race and economics >.>). 😛 It’d be like me writing a movie about Mumbai getting typhoons or whatever, and Dustin Hoffman from Rain Man saving everyone in the flood waters. :/

    Good post. Why wasn’t that scene based in Louisiana (about 500+ miles/850+ km west of Georgia, nearing the southern mid-west, right next door to Texas), which was where Katrina hit in the first place, and in September 2005?

    *(yes, even the black people here have good city jobs! 🙂 Atlanta has a *large* black middle class, probably the largest in the U.S.)

  266. amit says:

    “Suffice it to say that Taran Adarsh rated the movie 5 1/2 stars in a syndicated review that I can’t find the link to anymore. And, because I consider everything that man says with the seriousness of the impending 2012 apocalypse.” —– hahahahahahaHAHAHAHAHAhahahahahahaAHAHAHAHA.

    Sahil i know u think no one reads this but it was better than the strip itself. God Bless u.. oops u r agnostic right? so May God may or may not bless u.

  267. Raj says:

    Hey Sahil, nice work! Hilarious!

    Oh dear, this film was a shame to indians… After about ten minutes, realising how bad this was, i decided to change my attitude and watch it as some kind of demented comedy… but after a little while longer, it became too demented and it literally /hurt/ to watch any further — if i were a robot, my head would have exploded from all the fallacies WTF-ery. I mean what indian boy who’s lived in the u.s. his whole life, still dons an indian accent? And how exactly can we be expected to watch someone die by a football, and not be expected to roll around on the floor in hysteria? But on the serious side, this movie really should be banned: who the hell do these guys think they are, demonising u.s. americans? If the goal (i assume there was a goal??? — or was it just a public stunt by the egotistic show-off, S. Khan) was to be a response the harsh response of americans to asians in light of the growing global awareness of terrorism; then it certainly doesn’t help to also respond harshly.

  268. Krishna says:

    Taran Adarsh made it to the Academy’s judging panel. MNIK is apparently running for the Oscars..not in the ‘Foreign Film’ category either!!!

    I SHI* YOU NOT! 😀

  269. El_Mariachi says:

    “My name is khan and I am not a terrorist” rhymes with “Mera naam hai Bulla rakhta hun main khulla”.

    Plagiarism. huh !!

  270. Rishi says:

    I thought this movie was gonna suck like a Naughty America Actress when I saw the trailers, especially SRK’s portrayal of Asperger’s Syndrome. But the movie wasn’t half as bad. I think you guys went a little too harsh on it. I guess some of the finer mistakes have to be left alone in the interest of the movie watching experience. I guess that’s what they call suspension of disbelief.

    BTW, how about a Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi strip?

  271. vikram says:

    LMFAOROFL….hilarious!! ‘Can repair almost anything…not nonsense scripts!!’ lolol…Georgia?? Mama Jenny…hahahahha….awesome man!! i love your work…I can’t wait for Ra.One to release so you can absolutely rip that movie apart!! I’m actually excited about the graphics they’ve done, but I’m so sure the story’s gonna suck….Look fwd to your review dude!! 😀

  272. RT says:

    Thanks Sahil. This is the kind of spanking any Karan johar movie on this earth deserves. The joke is that all his movies so far have received a 5 star rating…in TOI..Howlarious stuff. The pukeworthy crap he manufactures isnt even fit for an NRI audience..so he claims. Karan Johar stands testimony to the fact that a) Sharukh just cant act and has been hamming his KKKK Karan Johar style romans bhara crap for too long now b) Kajol also cant act (I get delirious when she is compared to Meryl Streep c) ‘Excellent’ marketing & PR skills still wont get people to love your movies…Sharukh featured ‘the making’ of this epic crap in a TLC program d) Film awards in India are so rigged….I mean Sharukh…best actor????

    Keep up your excellent work. Keep bashing the shit out of movies that think audiences cant spot bullcrap and consider themselves ‘ oscar worthy’…

    BTW a lot of your reviews dont open up man…..

    Waiting for your Ra. One , Don 2 review……sure as hell looks super crappy and Sharukh looks like a desi drugged out & an extra caught-in-the-bylanes -of Colaba -causeway- version of MJ.

  273. Vince Velvet says:

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  274. Falooda says:

    Awesome! One of your best comics ever! Thank you so much for bashing the hell out of SRK and Karan Johar….I can’t stand those two, seriously…..and thanks for saving everyone all the money which we would have otherwise spent watching this crap……Love you Sahil!

    Please, please, please do a Slumdog Millionaire review soon! 🙂 I’m longing to read it!

  275. […] and anyway if you want to see skin watch MTV, not Hindi movies. Particularly not Hindi movies with half-plots. And then there was a TV Channel’s sudden discovery of the Aghori’s at the Maha-Kumbh […]

  276. Nevermind says:

    god bless you!

  277. […] and anyway if you want to see skin watch MTV, not Hindi movies. Particularly not Hindi movies with half-plots. And then there was a TV Channel’s sudden discovery of the Aghori’s at the Maha-Kumbh […]

  278. komu says:

    awesome.. i love ur comic strips.. so entertaining.. more than the movies in most of hte cases.. when are you doind Dabangg?