Unintentionally Funny, Must-Watch Bollywood Movies: 3 Idiots

At the time of writing, 3 Idiots has already gone on to become what is, evidently, the biggest opening weekend a Bollywood movie has ever seen. Now, considering that the previous record holder was also an Aamir Khan movie, this should hardly come as a surprise. If I stop writing now, will anyone even notice? No one ever actually reads this part, do they? o_O


Rating 4.60 out of 5

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160 Responses to “Unintentionally Funny, Must-Watch Bollywood Movies: 3 Idiots”

  1. F1rst guy says:


  2. ektz says:

    lol. well said. this movie is so damn over done, even for a Hirani Standard. i came out with a headache as well after watching this one. btw, when i read this one, i was expecting some smart comments over the Hirani’s love for ragging and nudity and vulgarity in college!

  3. ektz says:

    ^ above comment was the 1001th comment on your blog. yaay! do i get any prize? 😀

  4. Jinesh says:

    LOL!!! Nice Stuff 🙂

  5. Rahul says:

    Dude… strip is ok… but does not match up your standards, I really liked your strip on London Dreams

    • Anirudh says:

      London dreams was amazing!! That was the time I started reading the blog.. But I think you are being a little hard on Sahil.. You cannot expect the same from every strip..

      About the movie.. I found the age old jokes and larger-than-life image of Amir Khan very painful too.. Well put Sahil..

  6. Rakee says:

    Yeah, maybe it’s because I liked the movie, but this one isn’t making me keel over with laughter as much as your others. It’s a little talky but still some gems here! Good stuff!

    PS – The first thing I thought of when I saw the My Name is Khan trailer is, boy I can’t wait to skip this and see the comic spin you’re going to come up with!

  7. Dude…I was wondering…do you ever enjoy a movie?! 😀

    • Pankaj Hirway says:

      Dude movies like these are a pain in the ass,Normal public which doesn’t know jokes that are going around on the internet for year…tend to like them a lot and think they are genuine.
      A movie i bet he must have liked is Rocket Singh.

      • Siddharth Krishnamoorthy says:

        I get that some of the jokes are old and almost done to death. Point still is, it was put together quite well…So I’m not going as far saying that it was the best movie of the year..but it was a fun watch

  8. Rohit says:

    Couple more points.
    1. The part where they talk about Phunsuk’s school days, and (the real) Rancho’s father taking care of him etc, seemed straight out of Kite Runner.
    2. When Mona is in labour, the torrential rainfall is so not Delhi (maybe Mumbai, but surely not Delhi).

  9. argumentativeindian says:

    jahnapanah, aap mahaan ho! 🙂

  10. Leena says:

    – i totally do read the beginning.

    – how do you remember things with so much detail? amazing.

    – i just love the word “rustication.” never knew it until i saw it in the subtitles for main hoon na.

    – for its few flaws (it actually doesn’t have as many holes in logic as most bollywood films; like the not-contacting thing is understandable given that he wasn’t who he said he was), i thought the movie was commendable for bringing out the issue of parental pressure and the devastating impact it can have. asians overall have a startling suicide rate. and notwithstanding suicide, too many desis are steered into engineering and medicine, maybe even more so in the diaspora than in india, and people just need to get the hell over it!

    -i think the film maintained its integrity in terms of the practical application of knowledge — learning and sampling from the ingredients that have worked well to make a new product. ;P all creativity builds upon the past! (but yeah, borrowing internet memes is sorta lame.)

    • Mohini says:

      I completely agree; and I also read the first bit!!

      Whereas the movie is FAR from flawless, what ever is, but i think i does good as a means of social commentary on an issue rather which needs consideration.
      Also, i enjoyed it.

      • Tasneem says:

        But isn’t it a little too much sermonizing for just 2 hours…the man launched into a speech every two seconds practically..plus the vulgarity of trouser dropping just makes no sense..there are better ways of saying thank you than dropping pants at the drop of a hat!! I can count the number of times i saw Sharman Joshi’s panties…just very unwarranted…

        • manas says:

          first tym here…highly amusin…
          though i must say… movie is over rated hence over hated…..
          plus without cliches Indian film industry wudn survive…..
          and interestingly i found some really strange comments out here(regardin vulgarity n stuff..) most of them r pretendin they dint like d movie or tryin to convince others of it…for strange reasons….
          but all in all..i really like ur sense of humor man…nice work….gonna strt follow u …. 🙂

  11. Anil says:

    Ho Ho Ho… Internet forwards… *rabble* *rabble*, but a request, post them here before Mumbai Mirror puhleez?

  12. Oh they DID NOT use that NASA space pen shit, did they?

  13. mahima says:

    Good one!!Though Kurbaan still remains my favorite. Dude, u should be paying me for the publicity I am doing for your work..Love it. 😀

    Waiting for My name is Khan and that Priyanka Chopra “possible-impossible” movie review..I can totally see you ripping them apart!!

  14. Rahul G says:


    No seriously, I was waiting for this for a long time. Totally kickass!

  15. Sahil Rizwan says:

    Haha! This has got to be one of the most poorly received spoofs on the site. =p Thanks for putting up with it, anyway, guys! They can’t all be gems! =)

  16. Leks says:

    Excellent! And, very well-said!

  17. chhavi says:

    wow. we’re totally on the same wavelength. I tweeted the same reactions you sketeched out. UGh. this was a colossally BORING, preachy, LONG film. The gags made me gag. Should have opted for this free, short version instead of the 3-hour, 300 rupee+ drain! 🙁

  18. I watched the movie today & here are my learnings:
    1. Directors should have their offices on the ground floor.
    2. Engineers are in serious need of a suicide hotline.
    3. Doctors should always carry a vacuum cleaner with them.
    4. If you are an MBA grad working abroad, then don’t wait till mid to late 30s to get married, or else your bride may run away to Ladakh to ride a scooter.
    5. The Airtel network is better around a remote bridge up north than in the IITB campus & at home in Bangalore.
    6. Pencil wood is also flammable in high oxygen environments & so that’s another factor to worry about – http://www.scientificamerican.com/article.cfm?id=fact-or-fiction-nasa-spen
    7. Going green may be good for the environment, but stay away from green chutneys if in a relationship.

  19. Name (required) says:

    Not upto your high standard ….

    How did u missed
    1) Dean giving Amir pen for saving his daughter and not for academics .
    2) 2 idiots not asking Javed jaffery real name of amir.
    3) why did senior did not beat amir for the electricity stunt being pulled on one of them.
    4) Amir used to sit in any class and and study any thing .. coz their is no such thing as continuity u can start studying anything from any point ..
    5) why did farhan’s father who hates his son’s photograph .. keep his picture “framed”

    Any way your blog rocks

  20. Himanshu says:

    Is the last comment is done by Mr. Aamir Khan 🙂

  21. vishal says:

    d worst is whn mona was abt to deliver and ranchoooo usin vaccum cleaner…

  22. nava says:

    i was so waiting for this and you didn’t disappoint me. i am sick of the adulation that the movie seems to be garnering. and since i don’t debate on movies, it is always a comfort to come here and see that someone sees things my way!! was introduced to you through kurbaan… loved it and everything that came before and are coming after it!


  23. Love this post. I wrote on my blog too how majorly disappointed I was after watching the movie. Atleast they could have come up with original jokes if not an original story.

  24. A says:

    you missed out a patch on – people getting electrocuted while pissing – from a Robin Cook novel.

  25. sunitha says:

    one of the worst amir khan movies.. i expected a hard-hitting review coz the movie deserves it. any way good work..keep it up..

  26. titan says:

    hilarious stuff, my friend!

    You really need to go back and do some outrageously awful movies like mein prem ki diwani hoon! would love to see your take on the parrot and dog! LOL!

  27. Samira says:

    Sorry, but this certainly wasn’t your best. And Mumbai Mirror published this one of all comic strips. Tell you what, don’t have it published in papers, man. The audience is too huge and you might have to tone down a bit, keeping people’s sensibilities in mind and you’ll end up killing good stuff.
    Just a thought. No offence.

    • Sahil Rizwan says:

      Hehe, thanks Samira! Your criticism & concern is well-received. But I am here to assure you that there will be no compromises on the site. The paper might run a mellowed down version, but I am loyal to my readers. No worries. =)

  28. Kima says:

    Samira’s got a good point. Saw the Mumbai Mirror readers’ review on your comic strip this morning. Some people understood neither sarcasm nor humor. They expected it to be a very serious movie review or criticism and were utterly disappointed I guess. One dude even criticized your trademark cartoons… his exact words: “Poor quality of diagrams… How can those lines elicit laughter?” lolz. 😀

    Keep rocking dude. Wouldn’t mind seeing more of your stuff at MM, but if it comes at the cost of cutting down your language and tone for the sake of other readers, then I’d rather just stick to visiting your webpage. Cheers.

    • Sahil Rizwan says:

      Hehe, thanks man! I’d rather people visit my site to read the comics. The paper gig is just to pay my way. Have to sell out somewhere to survive no? =p

  29. Pankaj Hirway says:


  30. Sahil Rizwan says:

    Thanks everyone. For the comments and the feedback. Shall keep everything in mind before the next comic is being conceptualized and forget everything while drawing it. =p

  31. Puneet says:

    Had read this thru twitter.. Really amazing… 🙂
    But yeah, what was also amazing was the movie 🙂 Really liked it.. though the internet freak that I am, had seen most jokes around.
    As I commented on my blog in the review for the movie, a little over-optimism never hurts a fun-loving movie-goer, though critics might frown 🙂

  32. INDY says:

    “Idiots” made 100 crores in 4 days!!! or “IDIOTS” is being made out of 100 crore Indians……. where is the math and who is doing the math???? Do the math yourselves…This means in one day movie is making Rs 25 crores……. HOW MANY TICKETS NEED TO BE SOLD IN ONE DAY TO MAKE Rs25 Crores?????….. how many halls are there in India for Hindi cinema???/and what is their sitting capacity… Even if the movie is being screened round the clock still selling tickets worth 25 crores doesn’t add upto!!!!!! ……Movie is average… But everyone should learn and appreciate on great marketing talent from Aamir Khan on how to create “hype” for your product…….to enhance its sales…

    • Jeet Hormuz says:

      indy – out of curiosity, did do the math. 25 crore @ 100 bucks a ticket = 25 lakh tickets. Four days at four shows a day = 25 lakh / 16 = 156250. At an average of 200 seats per hall, thats 781.25 halls. Taking at least 15 halls in the metros, 10 halls in the big cities and four in the smaller cities, I think its very much do-able.

  33. Deepak says:

    Take a bow…
    this is exceptionally original..and massive for the movie review blogosphere,count me in fr every review of yours..

    Keep them coming…

  34. Brilliant work with the comic again. As for the movie: painful to watch in bits, but not so terrible overall. I had a relatively good time.

  35. RT says:

    OMG..Sahil, dude..i just lovvve ur reviews..but 3 idiots is NOT DONE!
    It is overall a very good movie..(apart frm the pregnancy-on-ping-pong and larger than life Aamir’s character)..The message came out strongly..everyone was pretty subtle (unlike Akshay or Salman’s movies)

    Someone rightly said, do u like ANY type of Bollywood movies??

    Plz don’t take it wrongly, but first Paa, then 3 Idiots..I know these films have some over-the-top moments, but a film is like a film, not a nandita-das-art-movie-affair.

    On a lighter note, dying to read ur Pyaar Impossible n MNIK reviews 😀

  36. A guy who played teacher at age 43 plays a student at age 44!ROFL! 😛 😀

  37. Sorry, mate, but this one isn’t up to your usual standards… maybe it’s because the film already had enough madness going on, but still…

    Can’t wait for more movies to be massacred here! Your strip is like MAD magazine’s film spoofs for Bollywood! Great stuff!

  38. An idiot who paid to watch 3-idiots says:

    I found it “interesting” that a road trip from Delhi –> Shimla –> Manali –> Ladakh was all done in one day and better still it looked as though they reached the school just in time for the lunch bell. The XC90 has some real power under the hood, watchout for the sonic-booms if you see it on the road

  39. abhijeet says:

    my first mail to ur blog dude…….ur writings been really great dude,hve been vsiting ur blog for sometme now,
    bt apart frm few glictches..i think this movie rokxx…isnt ………amir no doubt is lukin tht young n yes thr are ppl tht livelly like his character..

  40. someone not so important says:

    why did u not comment on the speech by chatur..which was so full of vulgarity & was so embarassing for women

  41. someone not so important says:


    Even when u have forgotten( or thought it wasn’t so required) to mention that vulgar speech which was quite degrading & embarrassing for women..though not many would mention it, I would still want to know your views over the so called humorous speech..reply awaited..

  42. Andy says:

    Dood hats off….thanks to your blog i have saved a lot of money by not watching any of these dumb movies[ avatar being an exception]……cheers


  43. Maulik says:

    Kareena wouldn’t wait for two days..10 yrs seems too long for her though! to add .. she’s eyeing other men while dating the first .. lol ..

    I wonder where were they drivin while on their trip to shimla .. that didnt seem India in the least! May be I took a wrong way to Shimla last time!

    Last but not the least.. Do we have such a ‘close’ education system wherein the Principal is the only one dealing with every issue within the college?

    One more to go sorry(couldn’t help remembering since theyre so many), her mother didn’t look insane to put the ‘belan’ inside the vest of the bed ridden fella and then again get back to the job!

    Did that remind you of the scary movie .. ewwww!

  44. Sahil Rizwan says:

    I dunno whether to thank people for the comments or apologize because everyone evidently loved the movie. XD

    Let it be known that all comments have been read and duly noted. =)

  45. Namrata says:

    You are brilliant Sahil! I can’t stop wondering how it became a hit and how could people go gaga over it! Thanks for this one too. 🙂

  46. anita says:

    of course i love your blog and your review of 3 ids, while not the best in the bouquet, was great… i didn’t like the film at all – and even found it emotionally manipulative… but you know what cheesed me off the most? this sermonizing on education and the ‘race to get ahead’ from someone who endorses coke and has his face on an SUV! aamir, remember supporting the NBA around the time of the release of ‘rang de basanti’? how does that fit in with the whole coke’s siphoning our waters and poisoning us thing?

    AND as someone has pointed out – why didn’t they ask jaaved for his real name? hahhaha! just finished reading your radio review. pure awesomeness, dude.

  47. Kumar says:

    awesome dude.. ur 1 talented mf.. u cud rip apart star wars if u wanted 2 (dont plz)..

  48. Varun says:

    Sahil, this is fantastic. Seems like you peeked inside my brain and freely stole all the sarcastic comments I’d made during the entire movie. Only presented a lot better…

    Awesome. I’m glad at least some people saw this movie for what it really was!

  49. Awesome!! says:

    best review of the idiotic movie. i couldnt feel more sad for the parents who bring their kids to this movie, which taught them how to mock teachers, belittle friends’ parents, perform french kiss, electrify the male rep organ, consider stopping marriages as cool, and what not. not to mention the very inappropriate remarks made on a professor at a speech function.

  50. Vidooshak says:

    It does not matter whether the movie is good or bad. Your reviews are still kick-ass.

    While net-net, 3 Idiots is hardly in the same league as Radio and London Dreams, it does have its share of goofs that you exploited well. It was hilarious. And now I am feeling just a little silly for enjoying the “patented-Hirani” jokes and gags.

    I am surprised to see the negative comments here, as if to say that you have no right to spoof hit movies. Some of the best Mad Magazine spoofs happen to be for epic cinema! I am glad India has an original artist in you, man….

    Keep them coming

  51. aditi says:

    That movie angered me so much… but your comimc take on it is so hilarious, I just died laughing. Now i know why it is such a big hit, I never relised it was a comedy!!

  52. Aanchal says:

    Hey! I’ll be honest – I loved the movie…but I loved this dissection thereof even more. Let’s just say that we need to watch the movie to be able to appreciate such a “review”. Just like the best thing about ‘300’ was that I could watch the many ‘This-is-Sparta’ spoofs on YouTube!!!

    Amazing work…will be on the look-out for more…

  53. Abhishek says:

    I agree the movie is far from reality and the jokes are overdone but still I liked that movie. I meet people like chatur almost everyday in my institute. I dont know abt the previous strips but this one did not impress me. by the people why do u judge a movie by comparing it to reality? its a movie and supposed to be unrealistic. thats why we watch movies isn’t it? and ICE if compared to today’s educational institute is true in many senses. thats all I gotta say

  54. Sahil Rizwan says:

    For future commenters (commentators?), I think we’ve reached somewhat of a consensus here:

    * This movie is the single most brilliantly awesome piece of kickass filmmaking to have ever been conceived by man…. And I suck!

    So, unless you have something different to say… or are out to shatter my belief in humanity completely, in which case I say, Go right ahead… this would be a good time to save a few keystrokes right here. =p

    Hehe, nah! While no amount of comments will get me to change my somewhat lukewarm opinion of the movie, it’s fun to see you guys try. Keep ’em comin, people! =D

  55. Abhimanyu says:

    Epic fail.

    Not even chuckle worthy.. I got recommended to this page by someone, but sadly I ain’t coming back.


  56. jk says:

    jokes were stale, story was melodramatic, everything harbored between possible and not possible. having said that the movie had its entertainment value. direction was quite good. and the comic timing was awesome which saved the day for a rather predictable script.

    transitions across multiple scenes was quite creative and thats what makes the movie fluid.
    for example : when ranchos friends and pia elope from the wedding ceremony and her father just stands there in awe and anger with the trumpet blowing on his face; the scene could have been ended with him blaring out at the trumpet guy…instead it was done very creatively and with perfect timing….script was nothing new but the execution was simply worth the appreciation..

  57. Abhimanyu says:

    P.S. Things that didn’t work for me-

    No subtlety; I found the plays on sarcasm below par and way in your face- a huge crime when doing sarcasm, the whole effect lies in the undertones. Also, it was repetitive; I’ll give you an example-

    “Obviously Sahil was not trying to diss Amir Khan and 3 Idiots at all.. Yeah **Insert random emoticon**”

    See? Now while that was a passable sarcastic intender to begin with. It gets old really fast and you’d be dissing the author more than the subject of his bashings by the time you’ve finished reading the same joke recylced for the 33rd time.

    Then you go on to talk about how the lack of originality of content was one of your issues which was.. Well, actually it was the only laughable thing about this piece.

    And hey, one last thing- the graphics COULD have been done better man.. I mean, come on- A little more imagination, guy! I’ve seen strips by various artists in India as well as worldwide and honestly, this is just half-assed.

    Okay, now I’m outta here for real. I left my e-mail there.. You could contact me if you wish.


    • Sahil Rizwan says:

      I’ll give you the subtetly about the sarcasm bit. That was, admittedly, a rookie mistake.

      But about the graphics – You, obviously, are not a regular reader here. You, obviously, also have me mistaken for a Photoshop Wielding, Film Critiquing, Superhero here! =p Dude, this is all done on MS Paint! I dunno why you’re so peeved about quality here! No one else is… I hope! =\

      I would mail you, I really would! But something tells me that nothing I say will help me find a loyal reader in you. =p Hehe, so with that, I say peace out, my friend! To each his own! =)

      • Abhimanyu says:

        I was still worth a shot, man.. Even if I didn’t become a regular reader I could be the guy who’d go from forum to forum; not to mention post on my own blog- and bitch about how bad your stuff is and whine about how arrogant you are to not get back to the guy who disn’t bend over backwards in praise for you. That would have been bad publicity, hey? Could have influenced away a lot of potential readers.. I say you missed a trick there.

        Well, thankfully I’m not that guy and to be honest I DID say I won’t come back but I did; if for nothing else then to see how you responded to my feedback- Which only means that you ain’t as bad as I initially thought you were. So yeah, props to you there.. I’m still not entirely sold on the graphics bit (its great if Paint is all you use, but you could use other tools if you wanted AND if it made the graphics better, yeah?) however, now that I know what your take on it is, I feel that maybe the graphics are not the number#1 thing that you want readers to associate with your stuff, its content- which is 100% fair. So let’s leave it that.

        Hey, I’m all for good reading and writing material man.. I’m telling you, its guys like me who’d help you get better, not the ones with the ‘Sahil Rizwan’ tattoos on their chest.. Altho I’ll admit, its cool to have some of those too 😉

        • Sahil Rizwan says:

          Haha! Like with all mass media, there is no such thing as bad publicity for blogs either! Any awareness created, bad or good, I could use! =) But not to worry. Your advice is duly noted. Thanks man! =)

          Although, you overestimate the size of my audience. No name tattoos across chests just yet. Just a small stick figure on a few arms, maybe. =p

  58. ~uh~™ says:

    I wonder why did you leave out the famous ‘balatkar ‘ speech by Chatur. Don’t say you liked it, eh ?
    However, I always admire you for your hard work to convey your message.
    ‘ Pursue excellence and success will follow’

  59. Ashish says:

    Hi ,
    Even though I loved the movie i cannot control my laughter reading through your strips. You are awesome really awesome. I think you should go commercial with it i am sure it will be major hit

    • Sahil Rizwan says:

      You will be glad to know that I have already somewhat sold out. These strips are published and syndicated every Monday across The Times of India’s masala tabloid network, starting with the Mumbai Mirror. =p

  60. varun says:

    Super man!

    And good to see so many ppl who hated the film. My take on the film (due to which i have been abandoned by many friends) is here:


    • Sahil Rizwan says:

      Hahaha! Funny stuff! I think half the reason why I didn’t like the movie was actually because so many people loved it! Haha, petty backlash, yes. But this movie been very lucky to get all the adulation it’s gotten! =\

  61. shubho says:

    Effing brilliant!

  62. Ab says:

    Thankyou… exactly my thoughts at watching the movie…..

  63. Sahil Rizwan says:

    Thanks Shubhu and Ab! =)

  64. Radhika says:

    This is the first one i have read..you totally rock..hoping to read more from you..:)

  65. FreeRider says:

    This is so frigging funny its a riot!!

    Keep up the good work man!

  66. Sahil Rizwan says:

    Thanks Radhika & FreeRider! Hope I can count on loyal readership from yous guys! =)

  67. Kaushal says:

    great work sahil… keep it up. I will definitely follow upcoming strips.

    Overall, I enjoyed the movie a lot esp. total fresh out of the box performances by boman irani and omi vaidya ).

  68. Radhika says:

    you have a follower now..lol

  69. Emmanuel says:

    The sarcasm works for box office duds since they expect the audience to be brainless. So when even a common man uses brain, there is always a scope. So, your previous pieces were wonderful! But, I felt this as almost a repetition of the movie. Just a personal observation.

  70. anand says:

    having gone thru the pain of studying in iit and reading a upanyas on it and now watching a movie on it ….must say movie was a total lemon. this cartoon strip is far better than all screen space grabing acts of amir khan in this sad one. all jokes ripped off and playing to the masses act is such a sorry thing to win any critical acclaim.abhay deol’s ticket chewing in dev d was far more stylish and cool than all this mumbo jumbo that they have cooked. and this electric shock thing on dick in another old campus gag from 70’s at iit kgp. buggers say it took him 3 years to write the script….

    you rock dude. great stuff. better than the movie trust me…

  71. Evil_Dead says:

    ROFL….great stuff….IMO 3 Idiots is just overhyped!….and honestly, Aamir is A-N-N-O-Y-I-N-G!! :S

    anyways ..keep up the good work…..loved the Avatar strip as well 😀

    P.S. – Why haven’t you spoofed Twilight series yet?? 😛 ..lol..

  72. Anoop says:

    That’s the perfect critic,i must say…
    But every one or the other movie will b having flaws…..
    But the movie is not that much bad as its been interpreted over here….
    There is a significant message conveyed to the society which you should appreciate….

  73. Sahil Rizwan says:

    Thanks for the kind & not-so-kind observations people. Your opinions are valued as always. =)

  74. Dandin says:

    Nice work dude…….

  75. Dandin says:

    plz include dat funny speech by ” Chatur “…………..u forgot or wat ???

  76. Vibhu says:

    excellent work…..!!!!!!
    though I loved the movie…. but ur strip has forced me to look at it from a different angle as well……..
    good work..

  77. Tajji says:

    I just read all the 1000+ comments on this blog!!!!

  78. Edwindaniel says:

    Lol. Nice strip. Had a good laugh. Its better than the critical review i wrote comparing the actual engineering life to life shown in 3 idiots. If u got the time check dwndaniel.blogspot.com. Keep up the good work 🙂
    just curious…did u know that streetwalker doesnt mean a person walking on the street ? It means a umm……..why dont u find out .. 🙂

  79. Phunsuk Wangdoo :P says:

    This movie is supposed to be a satire and to be made larger than life….. yes its is far from reality but it depicts a caricature of whats wrong with our system……….. and who mind’s mocking the fockin bad ass princi or the gas emitting chatur…….. i dont one bit…….. sahil I loved your Avatar review…….that movie was tatally crap…… but you are missing a point here dude 🙂

  80. Kab says:

    Now I liked something about ‘3 Idiots’. Had it not been so stupid, I wouldn’t have seen such a wonderful cartoon strip 😀

  81. AM says:

    lol… gud one… totally agree how the movie turned out to be (in the strip that is :D)… what they intended to portray and where they lost it…. y cant a movie be simply comedy or horror or romantic.. it seems they always have to base it on a reason and give out a message whatsoever… they need to prove a point when there is no point…!! u keep it up… Cheers..

  82. Zaara says:


  83. Megha says:

    Hi Sahil…Your review reminds me of the mixed feelings I had walking out of the theatre after watching 3 idiots. A part of me winced at all the above mentioned flaws…I usually avoid most bollywood movies for their insanities…but a part of me acknowledged that the movie had been enjoyable and had a certain appeal to it.

    I just wonder why people (many of your commenters) cannot accept that a movie can be highly criticized but at the same time be effective and enjoyable. I agree with those who say that no matter what – they thought the movie was great, as well as got as irritated at all issues your comic brought up. The way I came to terms with the movie was that it was a “bollywood classic”….it brought together all the unbelievable storylines of bollywood (the airport and marraige scenes especially) and packaged them neatly…so in a specific genre, the movie is excellent and must be given its credit! i don’t think they were unaware of all the loopholes and cliches of the story while making it, but rather used all the usual loopholes to put together a funny movie…

  84. Megha says:

    On second thoughts…I’m not sure where my bias for 3 idiots comes from…i usually hate most bollywood movies and you could apply what i said above to many of them. its a mystery. maybe it was the acting. maybe it was aamir khan (the only bollywood actor i like). i dont deny how irritating many aspects of it were though – especially the birth giving scene and the baby waking up with all is well!

  85. abcde says:

    This is the most horrible and BORING comic strip I’ve EVER read in my life!! Am still wondering what you were trying to convey through the strip!! cut is short, make it simple, interesting and funny! that’s what a comic strip is meant to do. Nobody is interested in reading your long-winding monologue, they’d rather pick up a good novel instead! Wondering WHY I wasted so much of my time. Mister, sad to say, creative writing is just NOT your cup of tea.

  86. srinivas says:

    sahil, great stuff…. I have read many of your other comics after this and have posted link to this on my facebook.. amazing stuff… fell off the chair laughing when I saw the last frame on the Avatar strip :))

    • Aamir fan says:

      You guys must be nuts..seems lik you like cussing movies like GOW or stupid rowdy rathore and dabanng..This movie was class even though jokes were centuries old.

  87. Purnima says:

    This is the most ridiculous review i have seen! so what are you saying exactly? The script was bad, the plot was lame, the actors were shit, the dialogues were bullshit… etc etc etc. buddy u wasted your time doing a cartoon on it, it must have affected you in a big way, the movie did what it set out to do! so rest in piece, and get a life plsssssssss!

  88. js says:

    The biggest logic hole in the movie was how they did not get the original’s Rancho’s address before especially when the daughter of the dean is searching ? The school must have his address on record esp to send the Degree …

  89. Nitin says:


  90. Mariam says:

    I agree with the internet-jokes 100%

    I’m not going to go through all the comments so I dont know if this has already been mentioned.. but Chatur made the bet when they were in 1st year .. they were with Rancho for 4 years then so they actually meet him after 6 years (as shown in the movie) and not 10 years (as you have shown)

  91. Abhinandan Gupta says:

    We produce a show for Channel V called ‘school of Cool’ airing every saturday 5:30 pm

    We’d like to do a story on you and your work for the same.

    Plz give me a contact no so that we can take this forward

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  92. Asif Aslam says:

    Sahil bro!

    Just dont give a **** for those lame critisisms on this strip. Where there are fans following, there’ll be critisicms!
    Thats a sign to see “it works!!”

    Keep up the awesomeness!



  93. ar says:

    Loved it !!!!

    Finally a review that captures the “true” essence of the movie.lol

  94. Shrey says:

    Totally AWESOME!! Loved you take on the movie….:)

  95. Abhinav says:

    Dude… the strip was awesome… m happy that at least someone shares my views…

    But you missed out Sharman’s interview sequence… . That was the 2nd most ‘awfully ridiculous’ part of the movie… after Mona Singh’s delivery scene, of course.. 😛

  96. mrinal says:

    awesome work dude!!
    hats off…
    u just wrote what i felt all these days!!!

  97. binoy says:

    im a medical student..and hav jus finished my labour room posting…jus realised that the vacuum delivery part was such clownshow…hilarious….and the stillborn shit…god save bollywood…;)

  98. Soujatya Sen says:

    The movie was a fun watch. The two and half hours were fun. There are melodramatic elements in the movie, but that is expected from a Bolly flick. The script was good, the acting was good. You can’t expect all the Bolly flicks to do a Dev D. Movies like ‘3 idiots’ and ‘Dev D’ come out rarely from Bolly. There are scenes in the movie which can be overlooked, like the bacche ka delivery. All in all, I liked the movie, it was worth the money. 😀

  99. Jigyasa says:

    heheheh……same lame as movie, means done a gud job 😛

  100. Sampath says:

    Dude, you rock ! Absolutely loved Kurbaan review.

    In other places, loved the very apt use of words “mindrape” and “mindfuck”.

    Keep up the great work !

  101. Vikram says:

    Hey Sahil,

    Just loved it man….just like I love all of your work.

    Nearly puked at the astronaut-pen-pencil one in the movie and the way they made Aamir the super hero who tops the class much against the original hero in Five Point Some One of Chetan Bhagat, there by killing the credibility of plot too…….

    By the way, mind sharing what program you use for making the comics and how do you put everything together? Am sure many must be curious.

    Keep rocking bro! 🙂

  102. Rahul B says:

    Dude, this is some serious killer stuff!! Amazing talent you have there. Found this thing through Twitter. Actually, this had been published in Bangalore Mirror when this movie got released. Did not know that it was actually your stuff!! Keep up the amazing work man… Can’t wait to see further reviews 🙂 🙂

  103. Gayathri says:

    WHOA!! Just discovered this. nice to know that there are a whole bunch of people out there who found 3 idiots as ridiculous as i did! 🙂
    keep up the good work!!

  104. niharika says:

    thank you for seeing three idiots for what it actually is….though it was a good watch but the stereotyped Dean and Amir Khan’s amazing whizzkid act was tolerable only upto a point..delivery scene was seriously the last straw!nice one! 🙂

  105. Kanchan Angural says:

    Hi Saahil,

    Just found out about you. Before your fans lash out, I’m from Singapore and we dont have too many reviews about hindi movies.

    Having said that, love your 3 Idiots, MNIK, Karthik calling Karthik review.. absolutely spot on!! 🙂 You are fantastic! Keep up the good work!

    What’s next? Delhi Belly? 🙂

  106. Ricky Wirtzfeld says:

    Video chat has now taken on the web dating to the subsequent level and truly created it a protected substitute for the community club or bar scene.

  107. Sumit says:

    i jst came to know abt ur creative stuff and seriously love ur work man… But this…. this one is totally crap… Not even close to ur standard….!!! jst that u write freakingly fantastic doesn’t mean every work of urs is going to be applauded and u jst cnt mess with all the movies of the world… i hope u understnd what i mean… apart frm this i luv ur work… Keep it up man…!!!

  108. Anand Arora says:

    Hey man,

    Your comic strips just rock buddy..Forget about anyone who isn’t wooed by it coz u dnt need to care about everyone. U just gotta spill out your thoughts here in any form. You dont have to think too much for creating such strips. feel free, pop out whatever comes in ur mind first and just enjoy !!!
    Also, you have missed out so many old movies – What about MughaleAzam era man?
    Looking forward for more action on this site.

  109. Abhinav says:

    U don’t really have to spoof or comic every movie u come across. even u know this work (this comic) is crass. infact in the 3rd last block of the reunion u comfortably ignored the fact that his abscond was well justified by the real rancho. Use discretion bro .. no need to get driven away

  110. Rucha says:

    Glad to know that I am not the only person who thought that Rancho was preachy and irritating, the jokes old and recycled….and don’t even get me started on the vacuum cleaner delivery…..Inspite of being a huge Aamir Khan fan, I found I could not like 3 Idiots.

  111. Deepak says:

    I just came across this website yesterday and have been on it continously (where the fuck was I all this time :-/).

    And this 3 Idiots comic is too good. I’m gonna forward it to all my friends who enter into heated arguement with me everytime I mention that this movie was dumb.

    Woot, finally!

  112. omar says:

    I fucking hate that movie.
    It’s nothing like the book. not that the book was so great. I don’t even think it should have been a book. It could have easily been abridged to a reader’s digest story.

    anyway i digress.

    fuck this movie.
    i’m going to do proper reviews of these movies on my youtube channel after my exams.
    this one, ra.one, robot, wake up sid and ghajini.
    i cant believe people recommended wake up Sid to me. wake the fuck up Sid. Wake up you mofucker.

    anyway sweet blog. do you have a youtube channel ?

  113. iris says:

    Finally, somebody talking sense about the movie. I just don’t understand how enacting forwarded messages that were doing the rounds a while ago + no character development for the “romance” that seemed more like a Titan commerical + zero creativity + random unnecessary childbirth + ridiculous portrayal of professors at educational institutions used to drive home a “point” + “victimised” students + gripe about having to “follow” what parents want you to do make for a “classic” movie. Students should quit whining about being “forced” into engineering/medicine, bad professors etc – you know what might help? Growing a spine and doing whatever you want ANYWAY.

    @Reviewer – Nice work.

  114. Nandini says:

    Hey Sahil,

    Great work. Keep it going. You have another loyal follower of your blog now.

  115. Dee says:

    I no longer watch hindi movies. All I do is come to this site and enjoy your spoofs/reviews/whatever instead. Got tired of being disappointed time and time again by ‘OMG! Such a good movie yaar’ turning out to be total BS or mediocre at best. Far less hassle and so much better for one’s health to read your take– you can laugh instead of wanting to tear out your hair at some of the rot. You rock!

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  117. Ankit says:

    This seemed more like a plain simple review with very little humor element to it. This review was written around 2 years back and I feel that the standards have definitely increased a lot as of now. Keep the good work going !

  118. Ankit says:

    Also the fact that you have cut down on the amount of text has done wonders to your cartoon strips. I feel that there shouldn’t be a lot of text in cartoon strips. Rather, adding more frames conveys the ideas better which is what you do now in your comics.

  119. rawrrr says:

    hah! i knew i could rely on you! man this is one annoyingly overrated excuse for a blockbuster… and of course the inappropriate jokes about poor people, sick people, pregnant people and “balaatkaar” (so not a funny word).

    a little late for this century i know, but you’re friggin awesome! but then u knew that already.

  120. Viji Suresh says:

    started with a smile and ended ROTFL… hilarious 😀

  121. Val says:

    A friend kept recommending this for months- took me a while to get here- and boy was I not disappointed …I’ve read Jism 2, Agent Vinod, Ra-one and 3 idiots – awesome, awesome work buddy! its everything I keep thinking when I get suckered into watching some of these movies but its soooooooo amusingly done! keep at it! (The Ra.one review was awesome!) maybe something on some of the “unintentionally funny” indian tv shows??? 🙂

  122. nisarga says:

    Compared to other Bollywood movies 3 idiots was close to perfect!! but you still managed to find flaws… i’m kinda impressed:).. just out of curiosity i wonder if you can find ANY logical loopholes in these amazing series called PRISON BREAK…

  123. Dhruvshri says:

    The movie tops my most-hated movies list coz it took a perfectly normal light-hearted yet message-conveying funny book about three friends and twisted & convoluted it into a total melodrama where the-hero-is -the -best (screw the other two friends) with unbelievable turns and twists. imagine two dudes singing for another guy- pyar hamar tha vo….
    the lamest book adaptation ever! what a waste!!
    your strip is not only superlatively funny but also the precise critique of the film!!
    just because someone make a relatively ‘meaningful’ movie once in a while doesn’t mean its a work of art classic!!
    Kudos to you Sahil!!

  124. Vaibhav says:

    u might be Chetan Bhagat follower……………. 🙂

  125. Sir Real says:

    Chanced across this while doing a random search for ‘3 idiots sucks’. You sir, have a gift for humour. This post made my day. 😉

  126. Shruti says:

    While your opinion of the movie maybe lukewarm I absolutely hated the movie and you pretty much covered all the reasons. I love Amir khan when r is acting his age and not being a eye popping self righteous retard. I also love Hirani’s other works so this was a total murder of my expectations. I took my entire family for this movie thinking this would be an awesome treat and kept sinking in my seat deeper and deeper. All was not well… None of it was well. After reading your other reviews I had full faith that you would not like this film. Faith continues and so does laughter …

  127. Prashanti Reddy says:

    Firstly, love all ur reviews that i am digging ur old ones. Hence, came upon this. And like in the 1st strip, i watched this movie with 2 other male friends (sitting in the same sequence). Hehe, i know its not the point. But gone crazy after this review. Btw, what is ur fav Bollywood/Hollywood/any language movie??

  128. Lady says:

    Hats off Sahil! This movie was just garbage and I am glad someone called it so. So tired of these movies which make leaving your fiance at the altar look cool. And these guys have added belittling parents, leaking exam papers, attending college under a false name and letting people have fake certificates,urinating on the dean’s doorstep -making it all very acceptable.

    Sad! Of course you should not conform only to societal norms and pursue education as you wish, but there is no need to belittle others or engage in atrocious behavior in the pursuit of freedom and enlightenment.

  129. Good article, your blog has related knowledge like us.