Unintentionally Funny, Must-Watch, Bollywood Movies: Kurbaan

Kurbaan is the second part of the recent “Give-Back-To-The-NRI-Community” Bollywood trilogy that has dealt with Post 9/11 America. The first of these movies, all of which are set in New York, was of course, the innovatively titled ‘New York’. The third will be ‘My Name Is Khan’.

Now, I know what you’re thinking… “If you’ve seen one, you’ve seen ’em all!”, right? Wrong! Kurbaan, starring Saif Ali Khan, Kareena Kapoor and Vivek Oberoi is a true gem that stands apart from the rest… If I was toΒ analogize, Kurbaan is to socially relevant cinema what Savita Bhabhi is to the empowerment of women. You’ll see…

Can’t see the entire webcomic… spoof… movie review.. whatchamacallit below? Download the strip from here.


Rating 4.76 out of 5
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191 Responses to “Unintentionally Funny, Must-Watch, Bollywood Movies: Kurbaan”

  1. Prashant says:

    As ever – another classic. Sometimes I wonder which is worse… the fact that this kind of trash and drivel still gets made or that thousands of seemingly intelligent people burn their money every week to see it. Btw… get yourself on the press list because this is a movie review… and you will save what ever the cost of watching movies is…

    For the record, I thought the women had beards. Say oodles about your drawing skills and my powers of basic comprehension doesnt it?!

    • Sahil Rizwan says:

      Haha! Those were supposed to be burkhas! I think I’ll let my artistic talent take the fall for that one. I actually couldn’t MS Paint a hijab wearing female without making it look like facial hair. XD

      Thanks for the press listing heads up, by the way. Will look into it. Although as far as saving money goes, most of the reviews I’ve done have been based on *Mumble*Illegal downloads*Mumble*. =)

      • Afzal says:

        The Hijab is a traditional garment……………..defintely not facial hair…..And it does not have to be a cloak-like burkha…..it can be a simple headscarf…….the burkha is a dress that predates islam’s birth
        and it was cumpolsory for women to wear it right fin those times. This practise just did not change after islam’s arrival.

  2. Raj says:

    Damn good man

  3. Prakash Karat says:

    Very funny and dumb movie, I need to take brinda to see this $hit, would be better than the commie p0rn we watch together

  4. Save me another trip to PVR.

    Ok here’s a proposal. You put up a paypal collection box, all your readers pitch in money. You go watch movie, make comics and we read the comic so we dont have to watch the movie. We save money. #WINS are distributed all around.

    Oh I forgot, you’re already doing that for free…

  5. Yechury says:

    Hey prakash forget abt taking brinda along, we watched it in nandigram and brinda sure knows how to blow

  6. Prakash Karat says:

    Yechury you traitor i will blow you

  7. lzafeer says:

    love it!! absolutely!!! brilliant..

  8. Prakriti says:

    Dude, this is so brilliant, I can’t even start. An instant convert to your fan club!

  9. killkat says:

    Good review of bakwaas movie

  10. Manga says:

    This will set fire to baby saif bwaahaha khan’s dream of becoming the next shahrukh meeh khan

  11. Suresh says:

    Pure fun

  12. Sahil Rizwan says:

    Thank you, people. Keep reading & stay safe! =)

  13. Blueberry32 says:

    You’re saving me so much money to the cinema..plus the popcorn and the fuel..
    another classic.. keep going!! can we make requests?

  14. Abhimanyu says:

    Super cool strip man. Couldn’t have put it better.

  15. Amit says:

    Damn innovative..

  16. dunkdaft says:

    Oh MY GoDDDD!!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ Amazing work man. Fantastic. Mera Badla le liya movie se.

  17. ajnabi says:

    Seriously, you are too funny. “Why didn’t you just wait for him to… you know, fall asleep?” Because then we wouldn’t get back-of-Bebo as a draw, of course! This weird idea that Indian filmmakers or scriptwriters have that Americans are distrustful of law enforcement? It really makes things funny for American viewers. “Meet me in the chapel” indeed.

  18. Neha says:

    Awesome πŸ™‚ damn funny man !

  19. aritra says:

    wat a review man amazing!!!

  20. raj m says:


    Amazing stuff, man! =))

  21. memsaab says:

    OMG. I feel like I’ve seen the film (a much better version than the actual one) and am spared the wasting of 3 hours.

    Thank you very much indeed!!!! HILARIOUS

  22. Anon says:

    You are absolutely amazing.. this is a great post.. much better than watching the movie.. so much more interesting and time saving :D.

  23. g2 says:

    suppppperrrr appppa………too good review n awesome critics…….even b4 reading this critic, had seen this movie painfully, but ur sketches n comments ,……indeed beautiful…..hats off

  24. Gaurav says:

    Good creative stuff…however If Sholay/Deewaar/Zanjeer/Lagaan were to be presented in the same light just as a justaposition of a few graphics and not as a cinematic display, I guess all the above movies would end us as naive, stupid and money-wasting getaways…thoughts?

    • Sahil Rizwan says:

      Well, for sure! I guess you can manufacture humour out of anything if that’s what you set out to do. I mean, there actually are a million Sholay spoof videos out there, for real, right? But having said that, good movies are good movies, and people will remember them as that, regardless of any dumbing down anyone does.

      The movies reviewed here are truly not worth remembering, trust me. =)

  25. vivek says:

    wah yaar,aanand aa gaya….kya choke chhakke lagaye

  26. vivek says:

    aisa newyork ka bhi review banao yaar:D

  27. soutik says:

    This is the third revuew that i am reading after Blue and Whats your rashee. And you really rock in all the three.
    Great work, keep it going.
    Much better than all the glossy reviews that we read in all the sites.

  28. Rushabh says:

    Man u r just brilliant. This is some really funny shit, to the level of scary movie 1-2-3 etc. We shud do a scary movie type spoof on hindi movies. it wud be hilarious.

    “U r a terrorist and u carry a bomb disposal kit?” “STFU bitch” hillarioius man. Cant stop laughing still.

  29. Alfan says:

    haha…awesome dude…AWESOME!!! ROFL!!!

  30. beenu says:

    aaaargh! my man tits ….fucking aweomely funny! cant wait for 3 idiots already!!

  31. nikita says:

    this is amazing!!! great work! πŸ™‚

  32. JackM says:

    Hilarious comic strip! You should print and mail a color copy to Dharma Productions.

  33. astha says:

    wish the movie was half as good as the review!

  34. Hussain says:


    Your blog is one my fav’s! its amazing and super funny!

    Good stuff. I am a fan.


  35. anand says:

    This is amazing. I am a fan. waiting for more.!!

  36. Karn says:

    Hi Sahil,

    Loved your humor, style and above-all the movie reviews.

    Recommended your blog to friends and now you have a fan in Germany as well. πŸ™‚

  37. Sahil Rizwan says:

    Thank you all! Overwhelming, the response has been. Will actually have to take future reviews seriously now! =)

  38. PV says:

    This s awesome. I loved it πŸ™‚

  39. Karthik says:

    Loved it!!
    I also write reviews(http://daedgeofreason.blogspot.com/2009/11/kurbaandissection.html) but none even remotely as funny!
    This was awesome LOLness!! πŸ˜€

  40. Roxy says:

    I want to have your children.

  41. GSB says:


  42. paritosh says:


  43. Abha says:

    brilliant stuff!!! πŸ˜€

    and i for one didnt think Hijaab was facial hair! so hey! your drawing rocks too! πŸ˜‰

    leme go and read the other stuff now!


  44. @nks says:

    pwnd …. i rmr cineblitz used to have such strip too … but stick figures rocks …

  45. sharad says:

    this is too good to be true… ha ha… kurbaan ..indeed…

  46. Megha says:

    haha.. more entertaining than the movie I say πŸ™‚ good work

  47. You have as always, outdone yourself bro..absolutely brilliant work. And that head of yours is a monster! πŸ˜›

  48. Vidooshak says:

    Haha, I commented too soon. On the last post, I wished for your spoof on Kurbaan and poof! here it is. Aao kuch AUR wish karein πŸ™‚

  49. Vidooshak says:

    I like how you compare this to Savita Bhabhi and I like even more how some reader compared this to Sholay. Wow… I mean, KJo has hit JackPot if people are even talking about Qurbaani and Kurbaan in the same breath. But Sholay? Gee!!!!

  50. Sarvottam says:

    Awesome man … best read I have had in a long time … Saved me from seeing the junk movie .. sending to my wife too .. she won’t insist on seeing the movie after seeing this πŸ™‚

  51. Zero says:

    Man this is too good :-).

    More power to your pen! er… MS Paint…. :-).

    Keep drawing and keep sharing.

  52. Nidhi Bhushan says:

    AWESOME!!! After the movie, all I wanted to do was shoot all the people who had told me the movie was great. In fact, you’re one of the few people I know who didn’t like it. To me, it wasn’t even trashy good. As in, some times movies are bad but one still enjoys its ‘badness’, but this one was just pure crap. Moreover, there was no character development in the movie at all and talking about the much hyped chemistry between Saif and Kareena — utter trash. And, just one last thing to add, the movie doesn’t have any protagonist or hero — the HERO is the AUDIENCE — innocent people like you and me. Cos, it’s only heroic to go watch this shit. Cheers!

  53. p says:

    hilarious… awesome review! thanks a million , u saved me from 2 n odd hours of torture!

  54. Adarsh says:

    Wow. That’s officially one of the best reviews I’ve ever read. Got talent man. Good going! BRAVO.

  55. Vijit Jain says:

    When I watched Fanaa, I wondered what could be more crass. Had to wait till I could get fast forward access (no way was I going to theater for that movie) to New York to find out..

    Thanks to You, it seems that with Kurban, the downward spiral continues. No way Jose!

  56. Ravinder says:

    Can I give you Karan Johar’s email ID? You may want to send this to him. πŸ™‚

    Awesome! Will keep coming back here for more.

  57. srish says:

    brilliantlly hilarious ! πŸ˜› ….

  58. Pravin says:

    Nice job again.. I haven’t seen the movie, and I don’t think I will. This column sure is better than watching it :D.

  59. Karthik says:

    CLASSIC! Can’t say anything more than this πŸ™‚

  60. richatweets says:

    HolyKAW! insanely funny shit! thankgod i dint get carried away by all those “kurbaan rocks” reviews. And alot of this seemed like newyork revisited.

  61. Snehal V. says:

    Aptly depicted. I am saved from narrating the story of KURBAAN to anyone. I have to just forward this link. Awesome job πŸ™‚

  62. deeps says:

    awesome man….hilarious…you saved me from watching a crap kinda movie… its so much better reading here than watching the movie πŸ˜€

  63. Hooliganking says:

    Everybody who saw the movie was going gaga over this piece of crap?? Thanx bro for saving my hard earned dollars!!

    Rock on dude.

  64. Gokul says:

    Ha ha. Brilliant work, mate! It was damn funny and realistic. I am gonna spread the word and promote this! πŸ˜› This movie is absolute trash! No content! KJo proves, he’s a loser, yet again! I wonder if these “so-called” reviewers (TOI, etc) get paid for giving *fake* reviews and rating the movies so high! Propaganda..


  65. varun says:

    This is outrageously funny…and much more intelligence than all of K-Jo’s families brains put together in a vat.

    Discovered the blog only today, through a FB post by a friend and I know, am coming back for more. And thanks for taking the pains of watching such trash only to thrash it later.

  66. piper says:

    Brill – thanks! I DID actually spend the money to see it – and need to have my head examined…

  67. lester says:

    cant see the comic strip…nor can I download it. can you send it to me? cheers

  68. Sahil Rizwan says:

    Hehe, life would so much easier for the world if all of us had a sense of humour about ourselves. =D Thanks for the backup… and the comment… and listing me on your page! =) Great work with the blog, by the way!

  69. jkd says:

    AWESOMe funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-))) Tooo darn insightful and a total learning spoof! ;-p

  70. Reanna says:

    Too funny… πŸ˜€

  71. Sahil Rizwan says:

    Thank you people, really! I almost don’t wanna follow this up now.
    Too… many… expectations…
    Must… not… become… one… hit… wonder… *Head Explodes*

  72. sunil says:

    awesome, u need to get your review for the mass to read for them to realize the shit they call entertainment.

  73. manisha says:

    this is brill! more, please!

  74. ashi says:

    i could fall in love with you just for this review..*g*. can’t wait for more!

  75. mizzaj says:

    haven’t seen the real one yet – methinks i’ll give it a miss. loved your version. inspired (!)

  76. Mehek says:

    Hey, I cant see the cartoon strip.
    I tried downloading it, that doesnt work either.
    Someone help!!

  77. khalid says:

    Coolest..hilarious..please may I have more?

  78. mandira says:

    πŸ™‚ Part I of the trilogy was at least good in parts. The end was kinda too flaky.

    But I must say your review was highly entertaining. When I saw the promos I did wonder what the movie was about. But then – as you said – it IS about size 0 and handsome hunks. lol! Great review

  79. priya says:

    absolutely brilliant , can we please have more.

  80. vishal says:

    thats funny man and i would suggest that you should see Zeitgeist the movie and Zeitgeist addendum, in these documentaries they have also mentioned that taliban doesn’t exist and the 9/11 story is a myth you should watch it .

    • Sahil Rizwan says:

      Yep! Have seen that one. Also, seen End Game… And Loose Change. All based around the same premise. All widely discredited for some reason. =\

      Hehe, guess we’ll have to live with Vivek Oberoi’s version of things till someone comes out with the real truth. XD

  81. Unfuckingbelievably good man!

  82. Abhishek Khan says:

    You sir are a genius!

    You sir are a god!

    You are an inspiration!

  83. herogene says:

    a brilliant work.. wishing more and more…

  84. Amrita says:

    Just adding my ROFL to the chorus. Jeez, I wish I’d read this before I let that thing rape me in the eyes.

  85. Manasi says:

    Your review was much much better than the actual movie… Went to see it with a few of my friends and we were sitting and laughing at it… I guess the movie makers never heard of 911…

    This is the first time I read your reviews.. sure coming back for more!!! πŸ™‚


  86. vivek says:

    frigging hilarious…
    now i have to watch the movie!

  87. Kuldeep says:

    Kirak tha bhai

  88. Rajiv says:

    Ha ha ha. This puts in perspective all the flaws and stupidities of this insane Fanaa – Fun remake of a film. Well conceived.

  89. what I liked best is the “KTHXBAI” πŸ™‚ ROTFL

  90. shvetal says:

    I saw this movie, and then read reviews that praised it to the skies! One review actually called it subtle and multi-textured!!!! I had given up on the world until I discovered your blog. You’re brilliant, and I’m your newest fan.

  91. hey, your strip is good. perhaps you might be interested in contributing to a new self-published comic magazine called ‘COMIX.INDIA’. http://www.comixindia.com .

  92. pri says:

    congratulations. you’re now my most favourite movie critic of all time. bharadwaj rangan can go to hell.

  93. Shweta says:

    Superb work man..!!

  94. alok says:

    haha…too good…grt work

  95. AbhishekS says:

    Brilliant man…Hillarious!!

  96. Ravi says:

    hahaha funny and very innovative …. enjoyed it here on the comic more than the theaters! Saw it on the very first day with many expectations…

  97. Kalyan says:

    Very good. I though that Kurban was the Scary Movie of terror films. You proved it πŸ˜‰

  98. Rohit says:

    Awesome! I had a great time reading it. It was damn funny. Never seen a movie review in this way. Great strip. 10/10.

  99. Reuben says:

    Talk about a fan following!!! XD
    And ur going to be a daddy! πŸ˜›

  100. Ankit says:

    Ok. I disagree. No no…not with the review. Its mindblowing (no pun intended)…but i dont agree with money saved by not watching the movie. If u havnt…go watch it…and THEN read this strip! Its whole lot more fun! In fact…i think i NOW got the value for the money spent on the ticket!!

    Awesome dude! Keep writing them. In fact i’m now eagerly awaiting the finale in the trilogy πŸ™‚

  101. Rahul says:

    nice.. nice..!!

  102. Mohini says:

    OMG, this is hilarious! Best reveiw ever. “WTF Yo”, “Arghh! My man tits”, and “Dude, you carry a bomb disposal kit?(long dialogue continues..)” are my favourites.

  103. Neeraj Kumar says:

    Awesome Verdict πŸ™‚ Loved the way you presented it πŸ˜€

  104. Reewa says:

    Sooo Funny ! Brilliant ! Good work …

    by the way – only bit I missed in there which was – The apa begum takes Kareena out shopping and gets cought ” stealing” – without any issues she leaves Kareena there and she stays there without running away in mins. that Apa is back no problems at all ??? 😐

    • Sahil Rizwan says:

      Haha! I know! But some people have been complaining about the length of these strips as they stand. I’ll need everyone to spare a half an hour per post if I don’t practice some selective editing of awfulness here and there. Trying to keep it down to 50 panels a review. =)

  105. nalbyuites says:

    Great work! Had to head over after reading gb’s *dissapointing* review. Glad I did.

  106. Nitin says:

    I’m on Team Pritish Nandy!

  107. Sahil Rizwan says:

    Thankings to all the 100 something commenters of this post. =) Your tweets and facebook posts are not going unnoticed.


    And this isn’t even the best, most “ripping apart-est”, review on the site. =p

  108. AA says:

    It’s tooooo long, make it short, comic is supposed to be fiction, don’t know about bollywood movies!

  109. Sohaib says:

    First time I visited this website. This review is a piece of genius. Great work.

  110. sanchari says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHA… i feel wiser too.. U are such a saviour! u have stopped me from seeing soooo many horrible movies.. thank u!!

    n wats wit so many communistic comments on ur blog?? πŸ˜›

  111. Rahul says:

    Dude, u are VERY TALENTED!!

  112. ann says:

    sahil, u shud do this fr all d new movies man… u actually saved me frm d torture of gng 2 d movie hall n seeing this movie… my frds saw it and hated it but they dint hav ur review 2 warn them in advance πŸ™‚

  113. ann says:

    oh n i totally lvu ur sarcasm!!! heheheh

  114. Arps says:

    Awesome awesome stuff!!!

  115. Amar says:

    Awesome!! Really the movie was bad… To be honest on my blog, I usually post movie reviews, but after seeing this, I decided to point to your link rather than writing one for this movie!

  116. Reuben says:

    Fantastic man!!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ and i watched the movie..unfortunately…anyone who has even seen the Indian version of Criminal Minds..namely CID..wud know that the DNA could be used oh so just easily..and i wonder if the geniusses who reconstructed the left side of half burnt chick tried to recreate the front of backless chick!!! πŸ˜›

  117. fantastic work! this is exactly how kurbaan was! I kept waiting for the scene that was shown in the poster (‘We need to have sex so desperately that we can’t even wait to clean my bleeding bullet wound’), but the hilarity that ensued instead was even better!

  118. Mihir Pande says:

    OMG….owned….u rule bro !!! im sucha sucker for sarcasm….this is one f the best i hv eva encountered…n needless to say…..thx for saving me the money….i wonder y ppl r saying its a good movie….

  119. Zahra says:

    Really good work, just discovered it and havent stopped reading for the past few hrs πŸ™‚ would really like to read something on ajab prem ki ghazab kahani!!

  120. I read the strip an hour after watching the movie. The feeling was divine! Like pumping a hundred bullets into this movie’s makers!

    Keep the good job up!

    PS- Vivek’s asides take the cake..:D

  121. Chief Brutus says:

    check this spooff KURBAAN SPOOF.. funny

  122. Vinita says:

    Hilarious! Looking forward for more of these!

  123. Andy says:

    wow … really loved ur short version … thanx for blowin the shit outta my otherwise borin day!!!

  124. pal says:

    This was a laughter riot!! Came across this link on FB and hopped over to read. and have been laughing ever since! Way to go, buddy! Kudos!

  125. kitty says:

    wonderful, please make more!!!

  126. Sherene says:

    You rock. ’nuff said.


  127. ohthankyou says:

    Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant. Thank you with tears in my eyes and on bended knees. But maestro, gustaakhi maaf, the most important lesson I learnt from the film:
    a) One out of ten Muslims is NOT a terrorist/fundamentalist – even Vivek’s father and the mild Prof Quereshi turn out to be t/f.
    b) RIDER: ONLY IF he rolls his r’s and drops his g’s, otherwise move on the eleventh.
    c) And that one is an idiot.
    Also, boring point, but it put me off from the start – India Gate and these people are hailing taxis? This is saddi Dilli, not NY or Mumbai, get your facts right, especially in such an otherwise realistic and perfectly researched film.

  128. Rahul says:

    This was truly dreamlike stuff. Just wanted to point out, that despite the FBI having a un-disguised photograph of Ehsaan, the most wanted terrorist- he roams the streets of NY freely. Hell, he’s a professor at NYU, no less.

  129. Shail says:

    This sure is more fun than watching the movie any day! πŸ™‚

  130. Priyanka says:

    Great work!!
    This is far far more entertaining than the movie.
    Another thing I disliked in the movi was the lack of a sense of continuity b/w the scenes. The “story” was conveyed through stock images especially the first half.

  131. Sahil Rizwan says:

    Wow! You’ve given this some thought, haven’t you? I actually don’t think it’s the worst Dharma Production yet… There have been worse. MUCH worse. =p But, yea. I can see where you’re coming from. =)

  132. Sahil Rizwan says:

    @Everyone – Thank you & Keep Reading! =)

  133. Deepika says:

    wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww…. if only i could’ve read this before i actually went to the movie!!! some love stories have blood on them? this one had blood on my senses.. !!!

  134. Swaroop Madhavan says:

    Hey Sahil
    I came across your site by accident, but was hooked on once I read this review.. I actually watched this mindfuck of a “MOVIE” to check if it was all that awful, I mean theres got to be some sense of moral responsibilty when you make a movie on a sensitive issue as global terrorism, but this movie sucks balls on so many different levels. What a load of crap @#$@#%#$^#%^
    Guess it was a lesson learnt the hard way.
    Regretfully !!!

  135. Archie says:

    Awesome review Sahil!
    My friends and I watched the movie and were talking abt how stupid it was. I came across this post and sent it to rest of them. We couldn’t stop laughing πŸ™‚

    The funniest thing is that the review is no exaggeration to the movie :). Its like Tina Fay about Sarah Palin :). Great job!

  136. Archie's friend says:

    That was hilarious! Nice work! Absolutely loved it! I did run a comic version in my head while watching the movie….. in color though! πŸ˜‰ Loved the illustrations! Man, to your 911 comment, we were like, maybe she is a FOB and she tried “100” first! Do you think Avantika and Riyaz hooked up later?

  137. Minerva says:

    Absolutely LOVED the spoofs! All of them! This one was probably the best of all. The “Radio” spoof was just as great. Haven’t seen “Paa” yet but I’m pretty sure your spoof is going to run through my head while I watch the movie. lol.

    You should do one on Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani as well. If there was ever a stupid movie made, that was it.

  138. Sahil Rizwan says:

    @Archie & Archie’s Friend: Thanks guys! Dunno about the Tina Fey comparison, but thanks! =)

    About the hooking up, why wouldn’t they? Being the only two non-fanatical Indians left in New York, apparently. =p

    @Minerva: About Ajab Prem, maybe I will. =) But there’ve been so much worse this year, you know. Hehe, I mean, it was supposed to be slapstick and silly. At least it didn’t pretend to be anything else.

    But yes, not good by any standard. =p

  139. Minerva says:

    Naaah, come on. Even for a slapstick comedy, Katrina’s talentlessness blasted the whole experience of watching Ranbir’s acting apart and the entire movie I kept wondering, “AB kuch Ajab hoga.. AB kuch ghazab hoga…” and I was totally disappointed. Liked Wake up Sid much more than APKGK. Do write something for APKGK. Mindlessness at its best!

  140. aarkayne says:

    man boobs ke bare back? I’ll take bare back….tab Dilli door nahin ;-)….LOL…awesome shit dude!

  141. Ruchi says:


  142. Nibha says:

    Absolute genius… specially the initial ‘OK’ bits and man tits! πŸ™‚

  143. Sahil Rizwan says:

    Thank yous again. Much appreciated, it is. =)

  144. Anshul Chobey says:

    Excellent … funny, witty and imaginative

  145. Naseera says:

    he he he he dat was HILARIOUS ….. bro im proud to be your sister !!!! πŸ™‚ Keep it going !!!

  146. Sowmya says:

    I wish I was half as articulate as you man… unbelievable πŸ˜‰

  147. Sahil Rizwan says:

    Hehe, thanks peoplefolk! =)

  148. Thought you guys will like this one! Kinda NSFW http://i.imgur.com/Yf4j2.jpg

  149. RPT says:

    The download from 4share website is too small and does not zoom clearly.

  150. Sahil Rizwan says:

    Hehehe! Don’t say that, Hardik! That’s the lovely thing about the internet! No amount of popularity or influence can shield you from criticism. =)

    Now, to be perfectly honest, I don’t have the aptitude to write/blog/comment about anything else, so I’m not gonna switch sides any time soon. Stick to what you think you’re good at and all that, right?

    But thoda toh mazaak karne do yaar! Don’t just ask people to stop finding humour in things they find funny, you know? I’m surprised you think I’m playing the snobby intellectual “I’m smart” card, man! This is about as low-brow as humour can get. It’s stick figures, for crying out loud! =p

    No one is supposed to take anything here seriously. The people who want to see the movies featured here still will. Don’t overestimate my influence. XD

    Note to Self – Put up “About Me” page ASAP to explain intentions!

  151. Iybee says:

    On clicking the link for the Kurbaan webcomic display is really small.. please direct me to the regular uploaded spot.

    • Sahil Rizwan says:

      Hey yea, that’s just a preview. There’s a big button below the really small image that says ‘Download Now’, though. Click on that and the normal size image gets saved on your computer for your viewing pleasure at any time you choose. =)

  152. Sahil Rizwan says:

    Hey thanks Deepa. =) Try http://www.thevigilidiot.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/11/Kurbaan3.jpg if all else fails.

  153. AZEER says:




  154. nazmeen says:

    well as i have seen the movie recently i found out something really irritating on the film and bothered me a lot. i wanted to write earlier …. as it shows there that Ehsan teaches Islam related topic to the foreigner students. i was astonished to see that saif ali wrote on the board “JIHAD- holy war” !!!!!! come on man give it a break… jihad doesn’t mean any of it.. it means An individual’s striving for spiritual self-perfection. when the director or any actors of the film don’t have a bit idea about that then why they make such movie and such non-sense things??? they should properly know everything before showing anything on television, because now a days youths follow the media a lot. if media starts giving them wrong ideas and misconceptions about anything then i am afraid to think about the future of our world. so its better for them to think and gather as much as information possible and then go for steps like making movies. even if you look at oxford dictionary its also religious biased!!!! it also gave the definition as holy war!!!! see this is what most of us follow!!!

    you are creative but you should know the differences between jihadi, suicide bombers… and terrorists. =]

    • Sahil Rizwan says:

      True! I really don’t know what the actual meaning is. Pop-culture definitions will be the end of society, I tell ya! =\

      • nazmeen says:

        i donno you meant it or not… but i hated the movie from the core of my heart… its not that muslims or any terrorists dont take such steps .. they do, but those follow the paths who dont have bit idea and follow some crap and false so called Muslims! because of some muslims like them, we muslims are taken as wrong people! its also true that not muslims people from all walks of life do that.. i dont get it that why they are against only muslims!!! look at the history of England …everyone will come to know that they are the biggest terrorists in the history of nation, they kill people in the name of peace! so who is the terrorist?
        by the way.. if i start writing we can have a big debate… lets not go there.. i know i am not here for debate.. just wanted to share my anger badly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thanks for the patience that you read it… hehe

  155. Iybee says:

    The webcomic review for Kurbaan is not visible when I click on “Can’t see the entire webcomic… spoof… movie review.. whatchamacallit below? Download the strip from here.” It open a window with images barely visible. is there an alternate location where i could view it?

  156. Deepika says:

    Waow! πŸ˜€ You should just start your own comic strip (site). I think I’m in love with you.

  157. Lalita says:

    Have you ever watched Teen Girl Squad? Granted, compared to your work, TGS has no point whatsoever, but I thought you might appreciate the randomness…and the art may inspire future work. lol.


    Word of warning: The comics are suuuuper random.

  158. Niraj says:

    having read some of your reviews … actually veer and fashion … i did not want to rush reading this review of kurbaan. i watched the movie just so that i can enjoy your review. needless to say i am not disappointed.

    thanks a lot

  159. Deepti says:

    Let me take the opportunity offered by your tremendous talent, to peddle my own work:

    Great job, man.

  160. Siraj says:

    As a wise man once said:
    “Always *ALWAYS* choose both”!!!!!!!!

  161. Dhruv Sharma says:

    Hey man reading your comic strips for the first time today and i think they are hilarious keep up the gr8 work man… will be regularly checking out your blog now!!

  162. Anupriya says:

    All these years I thought I was the only one who found Karan Johar movies:

    1. Superficial,
    2. Elitist,
    3. Sexist and,
    4. Infuriatingly smug about it all.

    Your spoofs/reviews come as a relief, thanks!

    I know it’s unfair to expect masterpieces on demand, but can you write something on KKHH, DDLJ and other mind numbing tortures forced upon us in the nightmarish 90s?

    May you keep delighting readers!

  163. Rajiv says:

    I’m unable to view or download the strip. Could you please check and fix this? I’d love to read the review, especially after having read so much in the comments about this being one of your best reviews.

    • Rajiv says:

      Nevermind. It worked on Firefox.

      I’m at a loss for words to describe how mindblowingly hilarious the review is! Please don’t stop writing ever!

  164. jokes adda says:

    hey Chief Brutus, tht spoof on youtube is ow som. πŸ™‚

  165. […] of Kurban movie Movie Review: Kurbaan | The Vigil Idiot I was watching Kurbaan and couldn't stand the ridiculousness of it all. Then I saw this comic […]