Unintentionally Funny, Must Watch Bollywood Movies: 8×10 Tasveer

*Major Ass Spoiler Alert*

In a pre-release interview, Nagesh Kukunoor requested critics not to reveal the ending of this movie in their reviews. I still kinda like some of his work, so in an unbelievable show of will-power, I’ve waited 2 weeks to publish this… It’s a lot longer than the movie’s actually played in theatres, so I’m pretty sure no one’s gonna be complaining. However, if you do plan on watching this movie, for whatever unfathomable reason, this would be a good point to turn away and check out some of the other posts in this blog here.

Rating 4.79 out of 5
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25 Responses to “Unintentionally Funny, Must Watch Bollywood Movies: 8×10 Tasveer”

  1. Vibha 'the bli blah' Srivastava says:

    i still didnt understand…

  2. Kadambari says:

    Lol! You never fail make me laugh! Even though I hadn’t seen the movie, this was good!

  3. Sahil Rizwan says:

    @ Vibha: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/TasveerMaybe that’ll clear things up… Although, not getting it goes better with the actual, real movie experience… =p@ Kaddu: Thanks man! =D

  4. urmiraj14 says:

    another hilarious post! I especially like the last cell/square 😀

  5. This is the greatest piece of film literature on the Internet today! All future movie reviews should be like this!

  6. Poonam says:

    This review was hilarous. 🙂 I read it with knowledge I was never going to watch this movie. 🙂

  7. Radz says:

    This is hilarious! I hadn’t watched the movie, thank God 🙂

  8. KeepingItSimple says:

    Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho !!!! Ekdum Zhakaas

  9. Vedang says:

    superb! i agree with fly you fools. all future reviews should be like this, even in the newspapers.

  10. CruciFire says:

    Hilarious shit! we need stick reviews fromnow on..

  11. sanchari says:

    Brilliant!!!!! 😛

  12. Netaji says:

    I haven’t seen the movie yet but looking at the cartoon kinda gave me the story . It also looks like Nagesh saw Butterfly Effect and Dexter Season One ( A ‘killer’ series totally unlike the crappy serials we see on Indian TV nowadays, with camera shake and lightning sounds and a story that moves at a slower pace than a snail) and decided to make a mishmash of both to suit the Indian palate. Just goes to show he should stick to his own formula . For that matter I liked Dev D because even if it was a remake, just the idea of Devdas was evident and the story was original in it’s own right.

  13. Sahil Rizwan says:

    Hehe, yea. I’ve seen Dexter. Kick ass, it is! =D

  14. Nair says:

    The last frame absolutely nailed it!!

  15. Reewa says:

    funny stuff man ! eventhough havnt seen the film this is a good laugh!

  16. Arka says:

    I saw the movie. Was stumped how Akshay managed to wade out of water bone dry (waterproof paani hoga), and how the director established his can-stay-underwater-for-more-than-four-minutes not-so-secret ability early on.

    That said, Golmaal was probably a reference to Ayesha’s Takias.

  17. Pedantic says:

    Aww its so sweet that Twinkle has a desk with her name on it 🙂

  18. LN says:

    Hi Sahil,

    Why do all words start with capital letters. Any specific reason.

  19. Dinesh R says:

    Good work!

    Although my personal opinion was that this was a neat Whodunnit movie, especially Javed was too good. I liked the movie and is a 1 time watch.

    I guess even hollywood movies give unique capabilities to their main characters backed by a million $ pile of Junk CG and some sci-fi funda blown out of proportions.. And they also have 2-3 low-profile characters with the main guys just to get killed by the murderer… So making fun of anything that our movies try to do thoda hatkey is..hmm too cliched 🙂

    BTW, ur work on SATC-2 was a killer 🙂

  20. jokes adda says:

    hey even I like the movie as 1 time watch, I like aki is doing somethign different in this movie. he is really good actor and must try such kind of movies.

  21. Priyasha Rathi says:

    Hey sahil, Not able to see this strip. What to do?