Unintentionally Funny, Must-Watch Bollywood Movies: Mere Brother Ki Dulhan

What’s happening, boys and girls? How goes life? All good? Yes?

Clearly, you haven’t seen this movie.


Rating 4.40 out of 5

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49 Responses to “Unintentionally Funny, Must-Watch Bollywood Movies: Mere Brother Ki Dulhan”

  1. Bhuvan Apoorva says:

    Crapfest Indeed!..good work sahil!

  2. Fatema says:

    Was just dragged to this movie, wish I had seen this earlier!! Lol..
    PS: typo – It’s ‘my best friend Dimple’s wedding’, not Piya.. Oh well, no one cares 🙂

  3. bharadwaj says:

    Not the best of your attempts, i guess the wit of your review is directly proportional to the ridiculous-ness of the script-acting-direction. (liked ur break ke baad review very much – cant get the deepika’s accent outta my mind after that 🙂 ) but surely this will save me from watching it even if i get a chance to watch in my lappie in future. 😛

  4. Awesome…though am still not convinced if I should see it! It doesn’t look crappy enough, simply dumb maybe…

  5. sid d says:

    loved how both the sets of saas-sasur look exactly the same…spitting image of each other…

  6. Nitish says:

    you do good man!
    retake rather than review!
    good knows what rocker like people saw in katrina?

  7. Vipul Grover says:

    There was so much crap in the movie that I believe u left out so mch of it. Like turning up at the venue and then deciding wedding cards for the guests. Just one of them 😀

  8. anurag says:

    whole story well explained..but this time didn’t find it witty enough..although movies was dumb but katrina was cute even after overacting so much

  9. Kartikay says:

    Thank you for saving me, yet again, from this hogwash of a movie!

  10. Bharat says:

    unbelievable crap this….after a few panes i didn’t remember who was who….luv kush piya….and didn’t care either….how u manage to watch these in entirety, god alone knows…..this wasn’t ur best….hope u do better ones….

  11. SK says:

    Good one…. but tell me, “Anywhore”? have u been watching Ray William Johnson?

  12. Virginia says:

    Your version is both accurate and a delight, as alway, though I minded the movie less than I’d expected to –and as dismally low a bar this sets, I give it many points for containing nothing offensive to women and girls, no poo-poo jokes, and — no gangsters!!

  13. Dev Chand says:

    Sahil, good that you accepted my suggestion, and spoofed this. However, you still didn’t reply to my message. What’s going on? Give an answer!!!

  14. Amit says:

    It’s kind of difficult to make fun of a movie that’s ridiculous but still tolerably entertaining.

  15. Dev Chand says:

    Hey Sahil, don’t you ever respond?
    Reply to my mail!

  16. Saurabh nanda says:

    Dude, this movie was in no way unintentionally funny. It was an intentional and deliberate torture. I think it was part of the government’s conspiracy to dumb down the masses to prevent any uprising.

  17. Blue says:

    and then there was the scene where Kat reveals to old buddy and potential bro-in-law that the rebel in her only wore denim shorts, hair extentions, tons of lip gloss and a string guitar, but never, ever “crossed the line” i love bollywood 🙂

  18. MooDoo says:

    Have you seen Jaani Dushman Ek Anokhi Kahani. Its Nagina, Matrix, Terminator and a lot of other movies in one. Most amazing star cast not to mention the action scenes. Check out a clip on you tube. You should review it.


  19. Dev Chand says:

    Sahil, this is enough! You aren’t answering. I won’t send anything to you now.
    @MooDoo: I don’t know which movie are you talking about. Any more details on it?
    I think he’ll just spoof it anyway, give some bad, but funny movies.

  20. Vridhi Ramchandani says:

    Heyy Sahil..!!! Great work done..!! Appreciate it…

    Keep it up…infact, beware us..!! 😛

  21. Shruthi says:

    Sometimes, I wonder why some of these movies are made when all this money can go to the poor and needy folks like myself who will spend this money more judiciously! 😀

    Just this filim is a ebic waste of money mins!

  22. D says:

    Wonderfully entertaining, as always.

  23. sid says:

    when i saw this movie, i knew it would come here. the movie is not so bad, it’s just that everyone acts totally stupid.

  24. Yateesh says:

    Gud one! Wish the movie director reads your review, so that the next time he makes it a little more tougher for you to carve out a comic strip of his movie..:D

  25. dah says:

    I found the movie intentionally funny, they made jokes about everything that is serious and ali zafar was so undeniably cute. the bodyguard review on this site was the best and most accurate one! this one is just a leetal funny. also katrinas name wasnt dimple, i think it was divya

  26. dah says:

    no i think it was dimple, wow i think i wasnt paying attention during the movie haha

  27. Ajo Paul says:

    Fuckin AA..

  28. b4dmash says:

    This should be bundled as DVD commentary! May get some sales at least then.

  29. eliza bennet says:

    I think Katrina’s star power causes people to be more tolerant to this film than they would have been otherwise.

    I liked what you did with it Sahil but it was not your best (now Bodyguard….that was something else)

  30. Mahendra says:

    This movie is so crappy…that even this review is boring!!!

  31. crandel says:

    this review has ray william johnson written all over it..’anywhore’, an awesome piece of work as always.

  32. Vidooshak says:

    Saw the movie, then. The review is even more funny AFTER watching the original source. This actually is one of your best works, Sahil. I loved Chitkabrey on CNN also, why isnt that here yet? That was old-school VigilIdiot… super hilarious!

  33. Jenni says:

    Trouble with this movie (apart from obviously rubbish plot) was that KK is very beautiful but the director seemed to have told her to be as annoying as possible personality-wise. Also by the interval they have only just admitted that the obvious thing has happened (e.g wrong people have fallen in love) and then you realise that there is a whole other half to sit through yet. 3/4 of the cinema I was in started to leave before the end, and it wasn’t even a long film!

  34. Apricot says:

    No mention of the gazillion songs that put us all to sleep? Someone ‘highly recommended’ this movie to a friend and hence I was dragged along… I think I was had.

    P.S.: Would love to read your review of this epic movie called Drona. Could you? Would you? Pwetty Pwease?

  35. Milan says:

    haha.. Hilarious as usual!
    Hey, I am waiting for “Mausam”‘s review on your blog. Everybody knows that although it was one of the most awaited movies of this year, it is a disaster and it sucks right from beginning to end.
    It forces you to think about illogical things of the movie and hence leave the cinema hall with a heavy headache!
    Can you please write a review for Mausam (2011)??


  36. Gunjan says:

    Real nice work! 🙂

  37. Srikz says:

    Awesome sauce! Ulti-shit this is. It’s also a testament to why I don’t watch any movies. Although, there’s a possibility now that I’ll go watch these movies just so I can compare it with what you’ve reviewed & then laugh my head off when I get to the parts that you’ve pointed out as ridiculous. Good shit good shit. Love the funny reaction phrases the most. No shit Sherlock is brilliant! Anywhore, Awesome sauce…good ones.
    Here are a couple awesome-sauce-esk phrases I came up with. Pl. feel free to use ’em in yor comic strips where u feel appropriate – 1. awesome blossom, female orgasm (pronounced or-gaa-sum, like the pompous Brits). 2. Too much dishum bishum I say!
    Continue publishing ‘Brav’. I’m a pankha (fan)!

  38. Anonymous says:

    That was AWESOME!

    Man you’re a true genius… however, I wonder which movie would be the one that you would actually like… 😛

  39. AJ says:

    Phew.. 😛 😛 😛

  40. Suz says:

    the movie wasnt crappy! yes there were problems. this is the first movie that i felt katrina’s acting was even tolerable. and other than a few silly things like the wedding preps being done last minute and them thinking changing d groom would not spoil the name etc…the movie was nice 😛
    think this one wasnt as funny as the other reviews…

  41. Meenakshi says:

    HAHAHAH rofl. Was really laughing my brains off!.
    DUDE! are ye observant, AND soo creatve. LOve YA!.

    Looking fwd to more hehe

    in the meanwhile.. gonna spread this..

  42. Rahul says:

    “ran out of your wedding with your daughter’s loose friend. Yo momma’s a stupidface”

    EPIC LOL. it made me actually make this comment. Great job! 😀

  43. Kickbuttowski says:

    AHAHAHHAHAHA …..hahaha…and some more hahhahaha….You are awesome…

  44. Nevermind says:

    dude wanted an indian girl but he’s song-dancing with a firang shaadi-da-joda clad bhabhiji

  45. saf says:

    i’m extremely confused now.. who is who!!

  46. notshades! says:

    love the way you have portrayed kartinas eyes with all that kohl… rofl..awesome one!…recently discovered your blog and now i visit it almost every single day..great work! 🙂