Unintentionally Funny, Must-Watch Bollywood Movies: We Are Family

Before we start, a retraction. A few of you were kind enough to point out that I’d picked on the Sex & The City 2 people a little unfairly on at least one count. So, let it be known that there are, in fact, women in Abu Dhabi who wear designer Versace outfits underneath their Burkhas. Apologies to the makers of the film. But your film was still shit.

Now, I am man enough to own up to a mistake when I make one. I will always call a spade a spade. As a corollary, you can safely assume that I will not call a card that is not a spade a spade. For example, you will *never* see me buy the rights to a semi-popular Hollywood flick, take a gazillion creative liberties with it, add my own Ekta Kapoor-esque ending, and market it as an official remake… Unlike the makers of this louliness of a film.


Couple of shoutouts to Atrisa & @MumbaiCentral here! I’m sure you lovely ladies can figure out your contributions to this comic. Many thanks! =)

Rating 4.67 out of 5

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No Responses to “Unintentionally Funny, Must-Watch Bollywood Movies: We Are Family”

  1. Chuck says:

    Your comics almost make me wish I watched Hindi movies.

    Thank for living, Sahil Rizwan.

    Group hug.

  2. Shreya says:

    Lol…I love pouty Kareena! Good to see you back after sooo long… SIGH.

  3. Alekh Khanna says:

    Haha !!
    Back after a long time Sahil, but back with a bang !!
    Group hug ? 😛

  4. Surabhi says:

    Superb review! Thank god others believe Karan Johar is super shit!! Why can’t they come up with original ideas??
    PS – loved the lolcats inspiration – kthxbai 😀

  5. Hitesh says:

    Mind Numbing…..it hurt even while reading this…

  6. Jomama says:

    The horse face…I say, whatte stroke of genius.

  7. Sangeeta says:

    Awesome review…wish I had caught this before i went for the movie…nevertheless this review is HILARIOUS

  8. Good stuff.. Sahil.. Way to go..

  9. pooh says:

    Good to c you back 🙂 WB 🙂

    As usual greatttttttttt stuff.
    Kareena’s face, What did i miss?, Aww…Group hug = Pure gold. *thumbs up*
    Please don’t go back into sabbatical again. Keep them coming!

  10. Meha says:

    Horseface. Group hug. Auditory rape. Not a single detail missed. Mucho awesome!!!!

  11. Vasu says:

    Finally you are back! 🙂

    A lot of movies that are worth reviewing came during your hiatus! I am waiting for some of them! 🙂


  12. Anish says:

    Fantastic review as usual…I hope this film bombs big time…That will teach them to mess with The King…..

  13. manoj badola says:

    u gave the best dialouges to arjun rampal:)))

    What’d i miss :X:X:X

    awsome stuff man..

  14. Minerva says:

    Sigh. Yet another film by Karan Johar that is aimed to numb the intelligence.

    Ripping off Stepmom like this is an ultimate fail, uff.

  15. Raj says:

    Great Stuff Again. Since I am not going to watch this movie anytime, can any of the sufferers tell me who was the icon of whom this auditory rape was done? 🙂

  16. SC says:

    You risked your sanity to write this review for us..we’re overwhelmed..great work..thanks, man

  17. faiq says:

    911? Isn’t this movie set in Australia?

  18. hitesh says:

    fortunately, i was here n i missed nothing. lol. great great job.

  19. Anwesita says:

    Sahil !!!

    Hats offf to youuuuuu !!

    The comics just get better =) Love the Horse face !!

    Cheers !!

  20. Reuben says:

    Brilliant!! Man i was wondering how long before the next one!! Finaly, we have another masterpiece! 😀
    *Karan Johar Rocks* 😛

  21. Udayan says:

    loved that horseface and the what’d i miss. and loved the color. keep them coming, man. at least every now and then.

  22. ppureecstasy says:


    Karan Johar movies at it again! Depiction filled with so unreal fanciful emotions & cliches. Thanks for ur authentic and insightful creativity. It puts us back with genuineness.

  23. Shashwati says:

    That drawing of kareena…..SO life-like, I thought I was seeing things.

    And thanks very much for taking the time to censure what these monsters did to Jailhouse Rock…

  24. RT says:

    Awesomeness! great efforts frm ur side..it shows..every panel is painstakingly and brilliantly done with good doses of sarcasm..BUT! kareena’s face?? she s pretty yaar!

  25. RT says:

    n Yes..no sabbatical please!!!!!!

  26. Karthik Krishnan says:

    Dude Where TF is the SHolay Reunion on this strip ?

  27. anu says:

    Absolute pure win. Especially the equine Kareenaface and The auditory rape of Elvis Presley.

    Karan Joker can go die in a hole now,kthxbai 😛

    WIN 🙂

  28. Viju says:

    I just got back from the movie and I see this! I should have just skipped the movie and read this instead!

    Good one, Sahil 🙂

  29. Ayyappan says:

    The last one was superb..!!! And yeah, I-phone is God level..!! 😀 😀 😀

    Welcome back..!!

  30. Pooja says:

    What’d I miss?
    The movie.
    I’m glad.

  31. Siva says:


    welcome back sahil..kjo brings in the best in you and this was no different…have started at that ‘censored panel’ and laughed hysterically for about 10 minutes after reading about that auditory rape!

    great stuff once again man! 😀

  32. sai kumar says:

    what did i miss :p

  33. Imroz says:

    Hey Sahil,
    Brilliant! I knew this movie was shit anyways…you just reaffirmed my faith in KJ 😛
    Awww..group hug!

  34. Sid says:

    The Yakult panel.. just bloody brilliant… Rizwan is back woo hooooooooo…..

  35. Suryanka Kalra says:

    amazingly brilliant! way to go group hug 😛

  36. RK says:

    “What did I miss??” hahhahahhaha
    God like iphone…hahahha…ROFL!!

    Thanks Sahil!

  37. Maria says:

    Your blog makes me wish I saw Bolly movies man!!! This sounds like a bad remake of Stepmom though? (not that Stepmom was a good movie)

  38. Rishi says:

    You got that right. It is a very bad remake of Stepmom. The tragedy is that the King’s legacy was also tarnished with a loony cover of Jailhouse Rock.

  39. Alamelu says:

    You have to stop such awesomely funny reviews! It makes me wanna watch all these dumasses in action!

    Ok ignore that.. next review please! 🙂

  40. Amit says:

    Sahil .. missed u man . Lets be frank it wasnt one of ur best works but u still managed quite a few good ones .
    Waitin for the next awesome comic from the master .

    Cheers !!!

  41. psw says:

    Brilliant as always – horseface / khurpa chin was awesome. Respect !!

  42. Pooja says:

    Last nail in the coffin! excellent mr. sahil!

  43. Sahil Rizwan says:

    Hehe, thanks Kunal! Share away, I say! =D

  44. Sahil Rizwan says:

    Thank you, all! =)

    For the people who asked, the blacked out panel is indeed the mutilation of Elvis Presley’s ‘Jailhouse Rock’. *Shudder*

    Also, Kareena was supposed to have a pouty face… Not a horseface!

    Meh, whatever works.=p

  45. Shikha says:

    Awesome piece!!

    Great to have you back in action…finally!! 🙂

  46. Akriti says:

    Hey Sahil..

    Good to have you back.I was bored of re reading all your previous posts.
    Anyways waiting for more now…
    There were so many masterpieces released in the past few weeks that you have missed.
    Hope you have time to do their reviews.

  47. Thunder_Box says:

    sahil this is too good ! Waiting for you to review MALLIKA … Plz review it my main man !

  48. Zainab says:

    Have finally found a reason to be happy that kjo makes what he makes – that reason is you 🙂 will spend the rest of my free moments trolling through your older reviews, yah!

  49. The_Flamer says:

    Haha well done , interesting and funny (unlike the actual movie )
    keep up the good work

  50. Bhumika says:

    Haha! LOVED the censored bit! and Group HUG! DUDE you rock!!!!!!! PLease write on GHajini

  51. cow says:

    Thanks so much for the review. I was so glad to see you back for this. No one rips a KJo movie like you. Hope this movie FLOPS big time and teach the people involved NOT to copy movies whether he pays for it or not.

  52. pari says:


    I’ve been reading your comic strips for some time, but this is my first comment. That was just so spot on. If only the super rich movie makers with all the film-making access in the world had this much brain. Thanx so much for this! 😀

  53. Moii says:

    Dude. Youh. God. :O

    *applause* =D

  54. Steve Jobs says:

    Like, the iPhone is a revolutionary device which enables you to find out drunkard teenage girls without any contact with their girlfriends! WooHoo. Pervert Pwnage.

    sent from my iPhone

  55. ahens says:

    Brilliant piece of work! Your reviews are just out of the world! Mind-blowing!
    Running out of words actually! 😉
    Keep up the good work! (:

  56. rati says:

    u are an #epic..what did i miss..heheh 🙂

  57. Amod says:

    And the karoke with live musicians (towards the end of the audio ra*e of the classic)…and doctor’s only advice throughout the movie…”go tell him, go tell her, go tell kids…”, the best way to break news bout your expected death to your near ones…order a pizza :P…Iphone…sorry god-phone…brilliant stuff Sahil…

  58. netsonix says:

    The Vigil Idiot, now in technicolor. EPIC!

  59. Sharon says:

    The Kill ! Group Hug 🙂

  60. Dudhead says:

    Awesome!!! Good to have you back!!! (Group Hug) Btw totally agree, Auditory Rape, of The King’s Jailhouse Rock… …
    The strip is superb!! Maybe We can reconsider the “Charity Fund” :p
    *clap* *clap* *clap*

  61. Ricky Kej says:

    Fantastic work!! hope to see more hindi movies spoofed here!!!!

  62. Eliza Bennet says:

    This was worth the wait, thank you Sahil.

    (And Kareena’s face, genius)

  63. hair-splitting says:

    er- shouldnt it be hair fall from the chemo (cervical cancer AFAIK does not cause hair fall)
    just saying 😛

  64. wily coyote says:

    Heh heh, the movie was bad enough in English the producers must have drooled over the phenomenal drama quotient this script offered. Thanks for saving me a bomb. Why didn t you do I hate love stories before I watched it?


  65. sm says:

    First, thanks for resuming your reviews. I had missed them sorely the last few months.

    Second, not having seen Stepmom, I just now started to read its script. Would you believe it was exactly like reading your comic strip?! I could only manage a few pages before bailing. It read as if it was written by Karan Johar himself. 🙂

  66. Ankit says:

    I know i know, most of said before in above comments, so very brief 3 points:

    1) “What did i miss??” Awesome!

    2) Respect to Elvis. Love you.

    3) Welcome *freaking* back dude!! (Emotionally falling into the group hug *sob*)

  67. Dude!! you rock…well i am a pretty old reader, but never commented out of sheer laziness….but today i had no work and this one is hilarious so here i am….i loved the cheek bones of size zero kareena, and the “group hug” and “WHAT ‘D i miss??” ….you’re awesome….kudos!!!

  68. thressy says:

    looks like u’ve been wrkin on ur cinematography during d hiatus 😛
    welcome back dude…missed u…

  69. RK says:

    Not up there with your best which is understandable since you’re coming from a long hiatus. It was still enjoyable nevertheless. The graphic interpretation of Kareena was bang on! Can’t stand that bitch.

    And I hope that you haven’t decided to skip out on the releases in between. There were some pretty good (or should I say bad) ones such as I Hate Luv Storys and Aisha. Oh god please don’t spare Aisha. I felt violated after watching that crap!!!

  70. indian girl says:

    this is my 1st comment on this blog. u ve done a great job, looks like its just like step mom albeit with a stupid climax scene

  71. Abhishek says:

    You guys stop criticizing Karan Johar. It is because of him that we have such a hilarious comic strip.

  72. Rose Joseph says:

    Your comic strip reflected exactly my thoughts. There was another part where the two leading actresses leave the house in search of the eldest party girl, leaving the two kids alone at home…what form of responsiblity is that??
    Anyway, was quite impressed and pleased to read your insight into the movie’s discrepency’s.

  73. Divya says:

    OSUM 😀

  74. Anonymous says:

    Epic Fail.Amazingly Trolled. And I believe you have done your bit of trolling on /b/.
    You my friend are a part of the cancer xD

  75. Deepti says:

    Very glad to have you back after a long time! Really enjoy your style, it’s not the usual funny Bollywood movie review routine. Please continue coming up with such gems more frequently. I am sure Bollywood will continue to provide enough fodder to ruminate on 🙂

  76. lalitha says:

    just stumbled across this page while doing a search for “karan johar is an idiot” or sumthin like that…. haha… too funny…. best movie review i’ve ead in eonsss .. thanks 🙂

  77. Kamal Tripathi says:

    ha ha ha .. OMG …ROFLMFAO … and I guess I didn’t miss a thing. 😀 That was too good.

    Earlier directors stole movie ideas and made shit and ppl with greater exposure to H’wood movies found out about the theft and called them liars.

    Guess KJ is from a new breed, he still re-uses movie idea and makes shit. So now since he buys the ideas he can’t be called a stealers, let’s just call him a shitter !!

    Apart from what are mentioned… meditative locations across New South Wales. Lol … Keep’em coming.

  78. himanshu says:

    The cartoon was fun but so boring and lengthy, I can imagine how the film would be. Perhaps shorter strips would tell the same story, much better too Mr Reviewer.

  79. Ashi says:

    omglmfao: yakult probiotic milk FTW ;P

  80. Flyboy says:

    “Happily ever after” roflmao! 😀

  81. jl says:

    Jio mere raaja… aab jai ke review nikli.

  82. ritsie says:

    Absolutely Lved this… ” I am here what did i miss???”

  83. jun6lee says:

    That kid that keeps asking for group hugs reminds me of me 😉

  84. Shruthi says:

    Whatte waaw! You put horseface on Kareena. Waaw! 🙂

    And then there is the bespectacled, group hug person. I lowe heem! Very cool comics after a long times…

  85. Shvetal says:

    Great job! As someone else said before me, thanks for living 🙂

  86. farhan says:

    not the best one but funny still….keep it coming……

    one ques whoz the guy at the back of each panel??

  87. Barkha says:

    @ farham – i think thts the brother….

    Anyways, dint find it tht funny…i have seen better ones….

  88. richatweets says:

    The censored panel had me laffing maniacally! HOW KaranJohar and Kajol could do that is a question for anthropologists to figure out!! To bear THAT in a movie which already had Arjun Rampal and Kareena to skullf*** your senses…*shudder*..What lengths you go to for your readers Rizzu!!
    Fida hogayi aapki dedication pe! ..but yeah..Sholay reunion was required!

    P.S : Films tht required vigilidiotage-
    IHLS and Aisha..atleast
    and im just curious…would you hate on Dabangg ?

  89. justincase says:

    Firstly – great work Sahil – I think your work is pure comic genius!
    Read a review online:

    Can you believe this guy?!!! xD

  90. Vidooshak says:

    Just have to echo this: thanks for living.
    And this: never go back on sabbatical.

    Loved the panels. Just one question: missed the joke in the last panel. Usually one doesnt need to watch the film, the review itself explains everything. This time, I couldn’t understand what the last panel meant….


  91. Beeb says:

    First, thanks for introducing some colour into the strip this time…you’re getting better.

    Now when’re you gonna do Dabangg and Kites?

  92. kennedy says:

    hey…awefuckinsome… hope it gets u good press… if u read HT, ur blog got covered along with flyufools… great work… touched by group hug*aWWW*

  93. Andy says:

    Sahil, gr8 work here……………i was ROFLOL the whole time while reading this review……..but just a humble request, pls don’t be so inconsiderate and so critical of K Jo’s movies, what if he stops making his style of movies, we’ll be left with very little entertainment in the “Vigil Idiot” reviews…. don’t u think, u owe u’r fame to a large extent to him for u’r reviews of MNIK, Kurbaan and now We are Family…….lol 🙂

    Why don’t u start a section something called as classics, and review some of the pasts so called “super hits”……….. all the movies of SRK can feature in it, like Dil to Pagal hai, Mohabbatein, DDLJ, including our fav K jo’s classics like KKHH, K3G, KANK, am sure u’ll get a lot of juices to write on, these movies are actually tailor made for u’r reviews……….

  94. aralyah says:

    sahil I am so happy that you finally wrote something.. but like a greedy girl.. I want MORE.. plz plz keep continuing..

    waiting very eagerly…

  95. A nice one yet again Rizwan. Been following this ever since. I have tried my hand at strippin movies in stick figure style since I found scope in mockin at south movies too.


    Keep rocking. 🙂

    • Sonia says:

      Sorry to say but it is not even close to this one. And stop calling South. You should strictly call it Tamil

  96. mowgli says:

    Wot mean kthxbai ?

    some ladies are not liking Karina ? are they burning or what ?

  97. Samreth says:

    Hey Sahil. I was travelling this week and saw HUGE crowds in Mumbai and Udaipur outside halls, waiting for this movie and for DABBANNGG! (I love saying that word). I was also on a longish flight where the in-flight movie was (wait for it) PAATHSHAALA, which I have never seen but I remembered your comic about it from ages ago. So, as much as I tried to watch new episodes of Weeds and Mad Men on the laptop I ended up looking up at the screen of the person watching it next to me. No sound but English subtitles for exxxtra hilarity. LIKEFUCKMEDEAD. Longest flight EVERRR!

  98. Manasi says:

    I was just going to post here, “Dude are you dead??”
    This one came after such a huge gap! And I didn’t even get the notification for it..
    Loved the what did i miss part 😀
    Thumbs up!

  99. Amit OZa says:

    Where were u??? So many master pieces went by… 🙁
    Keep the idiot alive..!! 😀

    Great Work man..!!

  100. Mahboob says:

    Not that funny… Losing your touch of late. Cricinfo effect maybe!

  101. Richa says:

    This is hilarious..can u imagine i saw the movie i read after this post…and at every scene i was laughing more than i could have laughed after watching All d best or golmaal…
    i love ur posts…i think u should write more often..and please oh please…need a comic strip on aisha..its like such a must!

  102. Sruthi says:

    I saw the movie after reading this…was LOLing half the time!! 😀 awesome this was…keep it up!

  103. Raksha Raman says:

    It couldn’t have got any better than it already is! I guess this beats the Sex and the City 2 spoof! Great work Sahil! Please treat your readers with more spoofs! You can really make someone’s day with such hilarious stuff and it really makes a difference! My day was not that great but I ended it on a smiley note! Thanks to you! 🙂


  104. Sunny says:

    Fawsome! Much needed break on a mind-numbing afternoon. Not better than sex, but much better than coffee.

  105. Raj says:

    This is as boring and as mundane and as crappy as the movie. On second thought, the movie was better.

  106. Anu Menon says:

    omg… i jus happened to watch ‘shutter'(english) n then ‘click'(hindi) pathetic movies both!

  107. I haven’t seen this movie yet and I don’t intend to but I like your way much better.
    I laaav you!!

    Write more often!!

  108. Tanuj says:

    Hey Sahil , very innovative penning of movie reviews … is there a positivity around your reviews in any of the posts … asking out of curiosity?

    Exceptional Work!!

    Do visit my blog and give your invaluable feedback….



  109. Nakul says:

    Fabulous fun reading it. Bad Hindi Movies (read the whole bollywood) made fun.

  110. Anony says:

    Awesome!! ROFL! ….just saw the movie a few days back!!

  111. anwesha says:

    kthxbai !!! awesome review. havent watched the movie yet.. its on my to-do list now.

  112. Neha says:

    Amazing work…I read around 10 of ur posts in last 2 hrs..am loved all..havent u written anything on delly belly?

  113. sudipto says:

    Advanced stage cervical cancer mans datz a rarity found in rural india not modern australia and secondly if da doctor wuz only giving fer a few dayz to live wy wud der b any hairloss
    man deze cancer patients in bollywud and indian tv makes me want to tear my hair out

  114. This guy says:

    @sudipto chemotherapy can be given in stage 4 cervical ca as palliative care.