Unintentionally Funny, Must-Watch Hollywood Movies: Sex & The City 2

Before I start, I think I should make a couple of things clear. Having an elder sister meant that, growing up, I had absolutely no control over the remote. What this, in essence, meant was that I either had to watch what she did, or grow up a nerd in the pursuit of a meaningful career not dictated by stick figures. This, for better or for worse, has given me a fairly high tolerance for “chick flicks”, as they call it. I’ve seen everything from ‘The Bold & The Beautiful’ (If someone could tell me if Brooke’s slept with every character on the show yet, I would be much grateful) to ‘Santa Barbara’ to, yes, almost every episode of Sex & The City.

The point being that this post has nothing to do with me being an alpha-male intolerant of girliness. Oh no! Sex & The City 2 is a movie so mind-numbingly crappy, it ranks right up there with some of the mind-numbingly crappiest Bollywood movies I’ve reviewed… And you guys know I’ve reviewed some major-league crappy ones!

For the uninitiated, this one slide should get you up to speed with the main protagonists of this series.

Now that you’re caught up, presenting the Sex & The City 2 comic, for your consideration.


Rating 4.71 out of 5

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145 Responses to “Unintentionally Funny, Must-Watch Hollywood Movies: Sex & The City 2”

  1. Mirjam says:

    Despite being a big Sex & The City fan, I think I won’t watch the movie, especially after this hilarious spoof. It can only disappoint 🙁 Thanks for posting another brilliant one, I always look forward to your new postings!

  2. mala says:

    LOL. BTW, Brooke hasn’t quite slept with all the men on the show, but she’s steadily getting there.

    • Sahil Rizwan says:

      Ha ha! She was about halfway through when I stopped watching the show after they shifted time slots from 3 in the afternoon. =p

    • Sparkle090 says:

      Brooke would have become a grandmother but when her daughter got married, she slept with her (daughter’s) husband….

  3. dev says:

    BAHAHAHAHA…….i just couldn’t stop laughing seeing that horse face, it took me some time to get sober and continue reading, after everytime I saw that horseface stick figure !

  4. Sneha says:

    WoooHooo!! Awesome!! 😀 😀 Hilarious!

  5. RT says:

    1st to comment 🙂 thats hilarious! bitches need to learn a lesson! hanging boobs, horse like face! Pure Prefection!

  6. Vishnu says:

    Sarah Jessica Donkey! EPIC.

  7. Nishtha says:

    hahaha brilliant! having ears for horse face only added to the hilarity!

  8. gagan says:

    lawrence of my labia !!!!!

    priceless !!:D

  9. sona says:

    i think this is the best one i’ve read! sorry for the cliched comment, but this is awesomeness 😀

  10. Laundered Dreams says:

    More than amused, you’re thoroughly pissed off. It shows. Loved how you put yourself in context, though, sibling tyranny and self-butch-ery alike. Carrie’s equine face was perfect, as were Samantha’s gravity-warped teats.

  11. Tania says:

    Hahaha..I like the 5 butch things…tho for the life of me I cant understand how u gathered the courage to watch the 2nd twilight series after the first one!
    BTW like carrie’s goat face! Or is it horse?

  12. Bhuvan Apoorva says:

    As always, brilliant stuff!!…..

    S se Sahil, S se Spain, S se SUPER!!!….:)

  13. Sangeeth says:

    Hey dude,
    After going thru ur site, u do the best when the films are real shitastic!!so i request u to see this film. Man, u will have a field day, just unbelievable….and funny things its not Bollywood…its Hollywood…so hoping u will see it and review it….MEGAPIRANHA(2010).

  14. IdeaSmith says:

    If this were a spoof, it would be remarkably funny. But it was just cartoonizing the film wasn’t it? *Shudder* You went for the film? Part 2? Really?! I wonder at your masochism but you’re da man for having survived with a sense of humour (oh, wait, that’s the only thing that saved you, wasn’t it?). Errm, I’m a woman by the way and the movie was mortifying!!

  15. stuti says:

    @the movie-Drag queens??err..not my type 😐
    Sahil-AWESOME !!

  16. Minerva says:

    Hahhahaha! Once again! Brilliant stuff! Do more Hollywood stuff!

  17. iceman says:

    lawrence of my labia.. lol.. superb.. xD

  18. Plumtart says:

    i watched the movie with a female friend because she wanted to watch it. i paid for all tickets and she treated me like dirt. the movie talks about these 4 american white women that are self centered, arrogant and insensitive to foreign culture. it reinforces my thinking that i have good reasons to hate americans and women.

  19. Vikrant Dev says:

    Dude, this is fucking dope man…you fucking nailed it man!!!!

  20. n says:

    Hey; Waiting for Kites review!!!

  21. Andy says:

    ROFL ROFL…just undid urself mister……..stupendous…..

  22. Bunty says:

    Something tells me you *liked* Kites. Wasn’t a bad movie IMHO (is not the equivalent of saying it was good)….just not the kind of movie for Indian audience. Awesome review of “Sex and the City”. SJP’s image was inspired by South Park I assume 😉

  23. Atrisa says:

    I saw you making a face but I didn’t know you hated it so much! Next, I hate luv storys? 😛

  24. Kaitlyn says:

    You know what’s sad? It’s 2 and a half hours long, and they probably didn’t even have an intermission.

    WTF man, that’s just… wrong.

    I took my dad to his first Bollywood movie and he liked the intermission, though he was like “how long ARE these movies?” “Um, I forgot to check…”

  25. prathap says:


  26. Asha Tampa says:

    LOVED Sarah Jessica Horsey! ROTFL, I like Sex and the City, but after reading this methinks am gonna give it a miss. Whyyyy did they bungle it like this, is anyone’s guess 😐

  27. Aarti says:

    Whoaaa… awewsome stuff!!errr, cant resist..how many times did u watch SATC? by the look u’ve observed every single detail… and i saw it only ONCE!! 😀

  28. Jason Thomas says:

    So freaking hilarious! I just love your comics 🙂

  29. Parikshit says:

    horsey horsey horsey!!! another killer man 🙂

  30. Shruthi says:

    For the record, us elder sisters don’t control the remote ok! I haven’t watched decent TV in years because my idiot brother watches late night football… OK!

    As for this movie… doesn’t deserve an effing review… all that money they wasted… could have solved the food crisis in some mini country! GOD!

  31. Hitesh says:

    thanks for the departure to hollywood….that junk deserves your midas touch,,,

  32. krudebox says:

    But all episodes of Sex and the City, seriously??
    Gah, my condolences!

  33. MegaBOX says:

    Pure awesomeness dude you Raak ! Sahil… this is really one of the best

  34. Mohini says:

    LOL! I think you captured the essence of the film. As a lover of the series, Ive heard soooo much shit about this one. Sigh.. Lawrence of my Labia \m/ hahahah!

  35. aralyah says:

    dude.. why doesn’t anyone pays you for this?? take this as a full time job and you would be a millionnaire very soon.. you are awesome!! 😀

  36. Debjani says:

    Awesome!!! Had so much fun reading this one!

  37. Shashi says:

    That was super awesome. Esp the part where Sarah Jessica Parker = horse face. So very fuckin accurate

    Total WIN/ RESPECT

  38. Anu Menon says:

    i love the horse faced sarah MG… And i think u made Samantha’s u know what too big… i always tht she was flat chested… planned on watching this online but thkz neway 😉

  39. Ramya says:

    Horse-face is great! So is the ‘turning the manliest sport to gay!’


  40. smriti says:

    Hahaha. So entertaining and so spot ON!

  41. Sahil Rizwan says:

    Thank you all muchly! =D

  42. suresh says:

    fucking brilliant!! i bet you went on an all night bender after watching this one, just to get back to normal 🙂

  43. renu says:

    Brilliant!! Kudos for you. I am a woman and even I dont want to see SATC2. Not even Mr. Big *sigh* can draw me to the theater after I saw SATC1 and had one of the most horrible experiences in my life. Indeed they are so puntastic…how could Carrie’s book not flop! 🙂

  44. Ridhi says:

    “watched twilight
    both the parts”

  45. Anuj says:

    I have never watched any episode of SATC on the TV and didn’t watch either of the movies but I used to always wonder what is the whole big deal about this series and thank you for your review or else my curiosity would’ve gotten better of me and I would’ve been tricked into spending my money and more importantly my brain cells into watching this apparent piece of trash. Thank you so much Sahil coz you really are a life saver.

    And oh have been following your work for some time now and you are really good. I hope you keep on doing this forever coz you are pretty damn amazing at your art.

    PS: Watched Twilight (both parts) myself and guess will be sucked into watching the third one as well unless your review comes out first ;o)

  46. Leia says:

    I wondered why they even bothered making a second movie after the disaster of the first one. But I got no complaints after seeing what amazing material it is for your blog 🙂

    Did you review the first one too? I’m gonna have to read the Twilight bits now… the oh-so-straight-white-faced-i’m-a-vampire mode! Lolz.

    Looking forward to more posts.

  47. Radhika says:

    Sahil, I haven’t laughed this much in ages…. You are awesomely talented!! But yeah, the SATC series on TV wasn’t as bad as the movies..

  48. Pablo says:

    When I was fifteen-ish sixteen-ish, I used to watch Sex and The City on TV hoping that it would be a festival of boning, I mean the title had ‘SEX” in it!!!!! And all I could see was 4 not so attractive women drinking and talking and drinking and talking and shopping and…u get the idea
    So I thank you Sahil for exposing what Sex and The City really is.

  49. Sambuddha says:

    You’re simply awesome at this. May the fun continue forever.

  50. SLCPunk says:

    Man, this is Awwwsuuum!!!
    Splly the 2 WTF moments…Classic
    Just cant get enough of ur reviews…keep up the good work

  51. Oddnari says:

    Very well done. This was pure gold. The sheer self-entitlement of these bitchy women has always been mind-boggling. Must say I am and always was a Samantha fan. Great jokes.

  52. Saya says:

    Hey Sahil, What’s with the sharing a bed with another guy for 3 yrs? You’re kidding right? Don’t leave us hanging.. what’s the punchline? Were you a baby sleeping in your parents’ bed? Was there a shortage of beds? What’s wot, what.

    • Sahil Rizwan says:

      No punchline, unfortunately. We were in college, & we either had to rent the shit-expensive apartment with no furniture, or the one which was just within our budget, but came with the queen-sized bed. Not that hard a choice, really. =p

  53. saha says:

    gosh!! i thot i had come up wid sarah jessica parker horse face joke.. hehehhee.. anyways gud work as always!! keep it up….

  54. Ankita says:

    You had me at SJP looking like a horse 😛
    HAHAHA! This thing was hilarious! I actually had to sit through the movie and I’m so glad someone shares my pain 😀

  55. Karishma says:

    Funnay! 😀 I love how Carrie looks. I was waiting for the “Why the long face?”-joke on her, though 🙁 But hilarious, nonetheless 🙂
    PS. The arabs DO wear Louis Vuitton and such under their burkhas out here 😛

  56. Prithvi says:

    what I liked best was how you have drawn those stilletoes on the stick figures feet this time – that little detail 🙂
    will remain a fan always

  57. Shruti says:

    lol! never really seen sex in the city..but this was funny…and who is the guy???
    queen sized bed and all!! *wink wink*

  58. aditya says:

    OMG ,i haven’t laughed so hard in ages.!!!
    My gf made me watch sum episodes of satc and i hated it to the core.!
    That horse face is perfect.! SJP is sooooo fugly.!

    Wish the producers of the movie can see this.

  59. rachna says:

    i bow to you for having sat through the movie!

  60. MJ says:

    is it my comp or the text is flowing out of the box i nthe comments section?? btw, as always , great job….. i loved the identity establishing part very much… vis a vis the arab women clothes , are the louis vittons so shapeless and flowy?? on a more personal note, really a quilt?? (he he)

  61. Zire says:

    awesome comics… nice job!

  62. Prithvi says:

    which one is next? i hate luv stories?

  63. Nanking says:

    Sahil when is the next comic coming out?? Great job with the site bro….discovered this goldmine from your Page 2 comics….read all your comics in 2 days….You have some priceless stuff down man…

  64. aadharshna says:

    Love the heels… u shared a bed with a guy? and a queen-sized one at that? for 3 years? seriously?

  65. JD says:

    hilarious, as usual.
    What is spooking me is that the ‘expression’ on Miranda’s stick figure face seems uncannily similar to her actual expression throughout the series.

  66. Xtreeeme says:

    Start working man… where is “I hate luv storys” review?

  67. Kunal Singh says:

    Update, BIATCH!

  68. causticsarky says:


    Superb, as usual. Even made my headache go away..
    Loved the South Park reference too (The Bastards).

  69. Sugandha says:

    3 weeks. 3 WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEKSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS !!!!!!!!! If I die of boredom, it will totally be your fault.

  70. abhishake says:

    Hi Sahil,

    Must confess that i have been having too much fun reading your ‘takes’ on movies for quite a while now.
    Somehow, a comment always eluded. But not today. I love the reviews, i love the tonality, i like the art. But what i love most is the way the strips have been written. Really really funny.
    Hope to see more of the same geniousness soon 🙂


  71. ispeakmymind says:

    been following ur reviews thru updates from a friend on FB….ur posts are awesome….lets drink!! LOL 🙂
    are u getting paid for this?

    please reply!

  72. Nishant Jain says:

    I’m waiting for the review on I Hate Luv Storys… 😀

  73. Vigil Idiot update please!

  74. Arpit says:

    No updates???? Seems like you got a job 🙂

  75. Nayan says:

    Dude.. this is first time here and I can’t stop laughing. You have my vote =D
    You’re genius! =)

  76. Waiting says:

    Hey Man, we are waiting here. When is the next blockbuster coming….

  77. jl says:

    Sahil bhai.. almost a month has passed since your last post. Dying of boredom.

  78. Surya says:

    Oh… but the Arab women, at least the affluent ones, do wear all top designer brands. Most of the time they do not wear the abaya over it and prefer to show off their designer threads, but, I have seen some who wear the latest designer wear and cover it with the abaya in public. And this comes from my experience in Kuwait… so am guessing, UAE being more liberal it can be possible that the rich Arab women there wear designer threads too. 🙂

  79. Surya says:

    Oops… did I forget to mention that you do a great job of tearing apart movies. Watching crappy movies is fun and then reading your unique way of dissecting them is funnier. Though, sadly me being stuck in Kuwait means that I get to watch the movies with some unique censorship! 😀 Heheheh… they did not show ‘Gone in 60 seconds’ in Kuwait ‘coz they felt it might encourage young Kuwaiti kids to pull a GTA! 😀 Though, they had no issues showing a crappy movie like SATC2! 🙂

  80. What a spoof, man. I was on floor laughing my heart out 😀 .. your take on the film is brilliant!

  81. Arun says:

    UPDATE!!!! I am dying for the next one-Inception maybe? or Kites?

  82. mark says:

    I liked your cartoon until you implied at the end that wearing a kilt is something other than extremely masculine. Being a Scotsman I resent this slur and feel like killing you. Slowly.

  83. Rags says:

    I hit upon your movereviewgenius a coupla days back and gave up food and sleep to read EVERYTHING. EVERY WORD ON THIS SITE.

    You must now count me as onna your loyal minions.

    Having said that, I have a request. “Drona”. I promise you, it *will* rape your skull.


  84. Nitin says:

    I really like your comics, but at times you tend to be overcritical. This felt like overkill.

    I saw SATC 2 yesterday night..

    The “Jude Law” joke was actually funny and topical for once… I mean at times you do need to identify something good in a big mess..

    I just wonder. Do you enjoy any of these movies you trash? If you don’t, that is rather sad..

    Can there be a good, bad movie in your eyes?

    I love your work though.. Are you on hiatus or have you just stopped working? It would be nice if you said cause I don’t want to come to your website periodically to see nothing new.


  85. Ishani says:

    Why are you sleeping?? I miss you already…

    Inception? A-Team? Udaan? Kahan hain sab?

  86. Ashwathy says:

    hahah…dude!!! thats like the funniest shit i’ve ever read in recent times….awesome job!!! 😀 😀 😀

  87. ramnamsathai says:

    Dude…where r u??
    missing your reviews for the crap that is being churned out and still going on to make crores of rupees..somebody needs to open the misguided folks’ eyes…!!!

  88. ayyorama says:

    Dude, where have u been???? It has been more than a month!! I have put on hold, buying movie tickets so I can read your reviews and then decide! Aisha, Inception, Khatta Meetha, Lamha, Udaan, Once upon a time in Mumbaai… there’s so much fodder on a platter!

    Please please give us a review soon… cant wait anymore!

  89. Alf says:

    What happened bud, no new reviews in a long while now. Hope you are working on multiple reviews 🙂

  90. Sugandha says:

    Duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuude. Totally uncool. Except if you’re sick or something, in which case, get the hell better !!!! If you’ve just been lazing off, well, the crowd is getting mutinuous. I will be leading the front.

  91. IMran khan says:

    Jeeezzz, no wonder you’re unemployed; what a pile of shit

  92. jl says:

    You raak’ing review start. You no raak anymore. You got sold to cricinfo. I see your comic strip every week on cricinfo but you no post here since ages. You no raak! sigh!.

  93. xyz says:

    Are you gonna come back from your freakin’ hiatus?????? this guy Kunal is going to steal all your fans..

  94. Dudhead says:

    Hey Sahil, Its been a month already…awaiting the next one…. 😀 Lot of crappier movies in the market and more rip offs from other movies on the platter…enough to keep going for a loooong time…

  95. reewa says:

    Nothing new ???? What happend ? Dont tell me Bollywood has stopped making crap movies ?!

  96. jl says:

    Guys.. no point in visiting here anymore. This guy is wring strips for cricinfo every week.. I mean every week, haven’t seen him miss one week. He is probably getting paid there or he think he has a better prospect there so i do not see reviews coming anytime soon.

    • Dudhead says:

      Wha??? No more……Damn!! Looks like Cricket is all what the country craves for and also get paid more…. 😀 Maybe education is useless afterall 😉

    • Sahil Rizwan says:

      Haha! It is obviously for the money that I *have* to give preference to other projects over this. You guys do realize that I make absolutely no money from this site, right? Nada, zilch! I’d starve if all I worked on was these comics. =p

      Having said that, I could never leave this gig behind for long. I’m only on break for a month or so. Hehe, so unless one of you decides to feel very generous and makes a charitable contribution to the ‘Make The Vigil Idiot A Sustainable Source Of Monthly Income For The Author’ fund, I would kindly request you to hang on for a bit. And pliss to be joining the Facebook page for updates. =)

      • Dudhead says:

        Not a problem at all……regarding the “waiting” part i.e 😀 ….will probably join the facebook page now, for further updates…and regarding the fund………….. 😐

      • jl says:

        hahah.. nice to know you are now employed. And i am glad to see your response as it shows that you still visit your website. hehehe… Hoping to see something coming after a dry spell.

  97. Barkha says:

    when is next post coming up huh? am dead tired of getting disappointed!

  98. Carpe Diem! says:


    I am sorry but I only agree with the second half of the criticism. The film is VERY VERY bad. Especially, if you’ve been a SATC series fan, then both the films are major disappointments. And this film totally abused and disrespected a country’s culture and traditions and portrayed it as either this exotic, generous, hosting country or a wildly orthodox and steeped in tradition country whereas America is great and LV rules even under the burqas, which is totally and completely stupid.

    But, dude! The first part, you did over-criticize and you were really unfair! They are not really that bad! Charlotte doesn’t have “nothing to do all day but still can’t take care of the kids.” It is NOT easy to take care of 2 kids under the age of 4 and plan a party and also have to worry about a superhot nanny in the house (and btw, just like you can’t tell someone who works for you that his balls are too long and he should probably wear underwear and loose trousers, you can’t tell a woman who works for you that she needs to wear a bra!) Samantha is going through Menopause, which is a very difficult time in any woman’s life. And she is not taking the pills to stop this “perfectly natual phase in a woman’s life” but doing it so that she gets through this phase smoother than what generally women go through. Miranda is not a bitch who never has time for her family. She tries very hard to balance both her lives and is perfectly entitled to a holiday for a few days. Anyway, its her choice. All these problems may sound frivolous to you. But really, one does not need to be starving or homeless or stuck in a flood/ earthquake for one’s problem to be a “real” problem. Just because the world has bigger problems doesn’t make these women’s concerns any less problematic in their own lives.

    You do have a brilliant site here. But I’m sorry, this criticism sounded so biased. I wish you had identified the real issues.

  99. Prithvi says:

    where on cricinfo is sahil’s stuff? someone please help.

  100. Maria says:



  101. Minerva says:

    Write (draw) something!

  102. Prithvi says:

    thanks maria.
    can’t say i coul relate to it much. hope to see sahil back on vigilidiot soon.

  103. Rokhan says:

    If u were a girl, I would marry you .. 😀

  104. subroto says:

    Excellent! Now feel no need to watch the movie, it cant possibly match your version.

  105. Maria says:

    Sigh. I actually saw the movie – despite the shitty story line and bitchiness, i at least enjoyed watching designer dresses and shoes :D. And where the hell does “Hanji” spell anything in Arabic! Massive dumbfuckery.

  106. soumyendu says:

    Brilliant! Came across this absolutely gem of a site only after HT wrote about it today and will have to go through it all, there’s no way out!

  107. Deepti says:

    Horse Face ..wow you are funny.

  108. lamia says:

    i really wonder if the women of new york think that way….after reading ur review im really feeling proud that i do have some real problems….by the by despite having a bad script sex and the city 1 did have a good cinematography but the 2nd one is a total waste…..

  109. Divya says:

    This piece is simply fabulous dude….. you entertain me bigtime…… bravo 😀

  110. anonymouse says:

    haha the horseface is awesome!

  111. shax says:

    You bastard.. this review compelled me to check out the trailer of the movie…

    Note to self.. MUST NOT WATCH THE MOVIEee…

  112. Maitreyee says:

    OMG! thats how i felt during the movie, this review was awesome 🙂

  113. Aadishpa says:

    And i thought i was the only one who thought she looked horsey 😀 hahahahahahahahahahahahahhaahhaha!!!!!!!

  114. DBD says:

    So.. After all that snide remarking on stereotypes and sexism, you do a strip the highlight of which is making fun of the way a woman’s face looks?

    Stay classy man. Stay classy.

  115. Akhila says:

    You killed SATC for me. Damn you, vigil boy. But I liked it nevertheless.